Do Lip Injections Ruin Your Lips?

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Plumped up lips and pouty lips is a trend that’s gonna live as long as the selfie rage fires on. Sparrow pout, fish gape pout, duck pout and all other kind of selfie pouts can make your selfies cute and adorable. Fuller lips can add so much oomph to pouts and selfies. A lot of women with thin lips opt for lip injections to add fullness to their lips. Lip augmentation with dermal filler injection is also a good way to get plump lips and is performed by a plastic surgeon. From Katrina Kaif to Mouni Roy to Aashka Goradia, we can see a lot of celebs getting lip fillers and injections and flaunting full lips. Lip augmentation/lip injections is gaining a lot of popularity even among common people, but there is a lot of concern too regarding lip injections. From temporary bruising to permanent tissue death, there are risk factors associated with this outpatient procedure too. So, before you consider going for a pouty look, read on to know the possible side effects of lip augmentation and to find out if lip injections ruin your lips?

Lip Injections Ruin Your Lips

Cosmetic surgeons try their best to give you the effects that you desire and to make your lips look naturally plump, but sometimes, they end up looking fake and unnatural because of the following reasons:

  • Tissue Damage: In general, whenever you inject a foreign substance into your body, there is a risk involved because the immune system of the body fights back aggressively to get rid of the foreign body. In case of lip injections involving dermal fillers, immune reaction can cause tissue damage which would look very unsightly if intervention is delayed.
  • Swollen lips: The effects of lip injection are instant and it can make your lips look swollen, unnatural and fake, but it will last just for a few days and the inflammation will subside by the fourth day.
  • Flat cupid’s bow: Natural lips have a V-shape at the top edge of upper lip called cupid’s bow, but most women who opt for lip job, end up with a flat cupid’s bow.
  • Duck lips: Duck lips are the result of the incorrect placement of the filler and it won’t happen with everyone who undergoes lip injection. With long upper lip, there’s a high chance of getting duck lips because the upper lip will appear longer from the dermal filler injected.
  • Bumps on the lips: Natural lips don’t have any bumps. Certain people develop bumps on the lips because of dermal fillers. If you look at the celebs, a lot of them have bumpy lower edge on their upper lips which looks very unnatural.

The good thing about lip injections is that most of the side effects are temporary and if you eventually decide to stop getting injections, your lips will return to their original state and will not turn saggy or wrinkle up. So to conclude, when done by an expert and a certified doctor, lip injections would hardly disappoint or ruin your lips. It’s crucial to find a board-certified doctor who would discuss all possible side effects and results with you. At all costs, avoid quacks who can do more damage than good. Other alternatives to lip injections are – creating an illusion of thick lips by drawing outline with lip liner and lipstick, using pluming lipsticks and lip products, and also trying your hand at lip suctioning gadgets which can temporarily pucker up  your lips. You can also try this homemade cinnamon lip pack for fuller lips.


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