Everything You Need to Know About Lip Injections

How are you all doing? Has anyone of you ever tried lip injections? Today we would be speaking about lip injections. Just after Anushka Sharma went for a lip surgery, she gave us the worst example of lip injections and how tricky they are actually. So to know about complete details related to lip injections, risks, methods, cost etc, keep reading.

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About Lip Injections:

Lip Augmentation

The method is actually known as lip augmentation that helps to get fuller and plumper lips. This is a surgical method that helps to increase the size of your lips as well as add fullness through inserting enlargement filters around your mouth. The dermal fillers injected in your mouth differ from doctor to doctor, and on his choice to operate you.

However, the easiest way to increase the size of your lips is injections. Other common method to get more plump lips is by using hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body. It helps to increase the volume in your lips and these types of dermal fillers are sometimes called “hyaluronic acid fillers” too.

Uses Hyaluronic Acids:

Hyaluronic acid is basically a natural substance found in the body which helps to improve the shape of your lips, add some volume and also to give a proper structure. There are various other hyaluronic fillers that help to get the same benefits and effects. Other products include Restylane, Restylane-L, Restylane Silk, Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Belotero Balance. HylaForm , Elevess , Prevelle Silk, Captique. So if you doctor names your filler something from the above list, you don’t need to worry about it.

Benefits of Using Hyaluronic Acid:

a. It gives a long lasting results
No lip injection or lip augmentation surgery can actually give you permanent results. Using hyaluronic acid as fillers over mouth can help you get long lasting results, which means for 5-8 years. But, this truly depends on other factors also.

b. It helps to control over lip volume
The amount of substance injected can be controlled, so the doctor has better control over how much lip volume is created. This is one of the greatest advantages of using hyaluronic acid.

c. Less bruising
After various test and researches it was proved that there is less bruising and swelling when hyaluronic acid is used. Also there are less chances of allergy. But if you are allergic to lidocaine, tell your doctor before being treated.

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Non-Surgical Alternatives:

Lip plumper
Lip plumper is a cosmetic product used to make lips appear fuller. These products work by irritating the skin of the lips with ingredients such as capsaicin. This makes the lips swell slightly and temporarily creating the appearance of fuller lips.

Suction pumps
Suction pumps are special devices for lips. They use vacuum pumping to increase the blood pressure in each lip and to pull them out a bit, making it quite an instrument to adjust proper lip length and value in a slow, determinate step-by-step way.

About The Procedure:

Before the injections, a topical or local numbing agent may be applied to ease discomfort. Sometimes, nerve block injections can be given before the treatment to completely numb the lips.  You don’t need to worry about this; this is something very similar and close to anaesthesia which you get while treating your teeth. After carefully marking the areas to be injected, very fine needles are used to inject the substance into your lips.

You would be given bucket full of ice to ease the discomfort, but also make sure nothing firm should be pressed against your lips, it will increase the pain as well as swelling. You would be able to notice the difference immediately and any lip product should be avoided for at least a month after surgery.

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Risks and Side Effects:

There are side effects to every surgery and here are few among them!

• Bleeding from the injection sites
• Swelling and bruising
• Redness and tenderness at the site of the injection
Note:  If you experience any severe pain or side effects after the surgery, consult your expert as soon as possible.


It completely depends upon your doctor and his experience. Also what kind of alternative he is using for the lip surgery. The rate differs from place to place, so you may consult the experts from different zones to know the difference. Generally it goes somewhere around INR 5000-10,000 in India.

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  1. I am not really scared of regular injections, but these filler loaded ones scare the hell out of me. I love my lips as they are and even if I didn’t I would not have gone for this treatment. I think it looks great on Kylie and even Anushka does not look as bad now. 😛

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