Lissome Lipstick in Barely Brown-Review

Lissome Lipstick in Barely Brown

Hi lovely IMBBians…..

Today’s review is about a lip product that is very close to my heart.It is about a lipstick from the brand Lissome. I know this brand is not something everyone would reach out for but still it has been there on the makeup counters for quite some time now.

Lissome Lipstick Barely Brown

And as strange as it might sound, this was my first ever purchase for a lipstick. Yes!!!… You read it right. I still remember myself as such a naive little girl who knew nothing about makeup at all but just walked up to the cosmetic counter and showed the guts to ask the SA for a few lipstick swatches while all the adult ladies just stared at me as though I had asked for a bottle of Vodka or something.

Lissome Lipstick in Barely Brown (3)

It was about some 12 -15 years back when I got my first lippy and way back then I was not so much in to makeup to know about various brands and stuff, and anyways neither did we have so many brands around, especially in my city where makeup was only meant for TV/film actresses.

Lissome Lipstick in Barely Brown (2)

And…no!!!! Stop before you even start thinking that this lippy is 15 years old….Not at all….It is my third purchase for the same shade. Way back then when I walked in to a super mart and headed towards the cosmetics counter, little did I know that I would end up buying this… I got this at Rs.55, yeah it sounds dead cheap now but was a big deal for me then as I got it from my hard-saved pocket money. 😉

About the lippy & shade:

It is a very pretty pinkish-brown and is very sheer. The packaging is kind of similar to lipsticks from StreetWear or Avon Simply Pretty range. The packaging and the bullet are quite sturdy and thus travel-friendly.
Lissome Lipstick in Barely Brown (1)


95INR now.

My experience with Lissome Lipstick in Barely Brown:

I loved this lipstick as soon as I swatched it on my hand because as I was buying the first ever lippy of my life, I was not bold enough to experiment with pigmented lipsticks and liked sheer ones. So this definitely sold itself to me as it was sheer and the right amount of pink and brown in combination.
So I kind of used this lippy all the while and eventually finished this up and when I rushed back to get another one of this, to my horror the brand had completely disappeared from the market. I felt heart-broken and was so sad as this suited my “then lightly pigmented lips” so well that all my friends constantly complemented me when I wore it on my lips.

So gradually I got over it and moved on….but then a year back, heavens fell upon me when I suddenly bumped in to this brand and I quickly asked the SA to give me the same shade (yes, I still remembered the shade number and name of the lippy so well even after so many years). I got two of these, yeah…silly me…did not want to take the risk of losing it again.

Lissome Lipstick in Barely Brown swatch

But to my dismay this time I realized that after all that usage of lip products, my lips had become very pigmented now and this lippy was of no use to me at all, and it just looks like a sheer lip balm on my lips.

But it is still special for me for the fact that this was the first ever lippy I fell in love with. So I just use it on casual days when I don’t feel the need to dress up much. Just trying to get done with the two of them. (Now I curse my self for having bought two)

Pros of Lissome Lipstick in Barely Brown:

1. Beautiful pinkish-brown shade for people who don’t like heavily pigmented shades.
2. Feels light on the lips.
3. Very pocket friendly for college crowd.
4. Good quality from a less-known brand.
5. Has a good fragrance which is not over-powering.
nude lips

Cons of Lissome Lipstick in Barely Brown:

1. Useless for pigmented lips.
2. Availability fading gradually.

Would I recommend Lissome Lipstick in Barely Brown  to a friend?

Hmm….Yes if you have lightly pigmented lips, Not at all if you have pigmented lips.

IMBB Rating:

3/5 (-2 for the heartache it gave me even though I was so faithful to it after so many years)

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  1. Awwwww.. well written article Shagufta… i have so many lissome lipsticks.. u still get them here in Mumbai… they are well pigmented for the price… i don’t have this one.. the color won’t show as i have pigmented lips too bt ill chk it out though … do try the 307- Barbie brown .. its a pretty shade…. 🙂 good review!!!

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