Makeup with Wet n Wild Eyeshadow and Blush

wet n wild eyeshadow
Hi Friends, over the weekend, I wanted to do silver-Grey eye makeup and wanted to share it with IMBB viewers. I love this palette from Wet n Wild. It’s a trio called “Don’t Steal my Thunder” #385B. I have used this multiple times, once at work and often during the weekend nights out. I won’t get into many details except that I did exactly what the palette asked me to- silver on all over the eyelid, grey color with shimmer in the “V” end of the eyelid and a bit on crease and white highlighter on the brow bone. I really had to blend them well, as I was afraid of the white highlighter, but I think the trio effect was good. what do you think? Here is the swatch of all the colors and how it looks on eyes.

wet n wild eyeshadow swatch

wet n wild eyeshadow look
And here is my favorite blush from Wet n Wild. It’s Pink with shimmer, fine gold particles I think. I have swatched the blush in the above picture on the wrist. It’s very subtle pink.
wet n wild blush
Here is the final look! I love the Blush the best. It gives like a glow on the cheeks without being too over the top! I hope you like it too!
Usually I do put on concealer if I am going out, but since this was just small get-together at home, I didn’t use it. I had applied the base (primer, foundation and powder from MAC) in the morning and this eye makeup and blush was done in the evening. I did line my upper lids with my 24/7 Urban Decay glide-on eye pencil in Black. And then finished with two coats of Mascara (Avon Super Shock). There is nothing on lower eye lids. I had invited my relatives to dinner, and wanted to keep it elegant. I don’t recall the lipstick color very well, but could be MAC Stay-In Touch. I was so concentrated on showing the eye shadows and the blush off, that I forgot about lip color! Sorry girls!!!

Thank you!!! By the way, the Wet n Wild Blush stays on much longer than my MAC Coppertone Blush. And the eye shadows had no fall out when lightly tapped the excess. So I really love them. And for $3.99 each, it’s quite a steal with stunning colors!

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37 thoughts on “Makeup with Wet n Wild Eyeshadow and Blush

    1. Yes, thats the beauty of Wet n Wild. At low prices, they give out great products. Couple of times I have seen, they are dupes of MAC eyeshadows….when that was case, I gladly returned the MAC. Even the Blush has excellent staying power.

  1. I’ll def try this version Nia.. Silver on lid- grey in crease and white highlighter.. so wearable.. Lovedd.. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    You looking cute in piccy. I like the naughty smile. 😉

    1. Hey Rati…IMBB is my great inspiration to try different looks. I try to go with what suits me and then play around it.

      Thanks Rati! My smile is because I am glad this Silver palette suits me!!!!!
      This one has shimmer…although it looks quite shimmery from up close, its still wearable…..

      1. aww!! that’s sweet. :))

        I can imagine. It feels great when something experimental suits . I dont play with silver too much but I really really inspired now. :))

        1. Are….I have seen in so many articles, we -(with fair-med to med-dark) can carry off greys,blues,silvers,browns,black on eyes really well……it can never really go wrong unless you have overdone it or havent blended well.

  2. i hav thoz creamy e/s pencils from wet n wild n a blush…. thy arent bad at all for thr price….
    n i like ur eye makeup 🙂 :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

    1. I haven’t tried those yet…except I have one, which is similar to highlighter…..yeah works good enough.
      I am glad I do eye makeup now adays. It just takes my personality to whole different level.

  3. I love that they tell you what to put where. perfect for makeup dummies like me. lovely colours too. not available in india?

    1. No dear…..but these are available in Walgreens, CVS drugstores here in US…if someone you know stays in US, its a very easy buy.

    1. :puchhi: Thank you Anks!!!! Somehow….I love Blushes…..I stumbled upon it late…….but now I adore them!!!!

  4. Yeah they are….relative to prices, they have great quality, good staying power and wearable colors!!! And also excellent pigmentation.

  5. You’re looking so pretty Nia 🙂 Love the coordination of the eye lip and cheek makeup. Love the lip color..subtle yet not completely nude :waytogo:

  6. I love your impish smile Nia… You always have that “I just did something i shouldn’t look” on your face!!! I find it very very cute!!! Loved the products and your FOTD!!! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

  7. Nia you looking so pretty. The make-up suits you perfect. And love that blushing cheek color. Nice review!! :))

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