Livon Shake and Spray Serum Review

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Usually during winters, I often skip washing my hair frequently and stick to using dry shampoos. Before using dry shampoo, I love to fix my hair with a hydrating spray that would make my hair manageable. In this post, I am sharing my views on Livon Shake and Spray Serum which claims to provide salon-like finish.

Livon Shake and Spray Serum

Product Description:
Livon Shake and Spray Serum product description
INR 175/- for 50 ml.

My Experience with Livon Shake and Spray Serum:

Livon Shake and Spray Serum comes in a pretty funky box packaging with details and information about the hair serum on it. The serum comes housed in a clear bottle with a spray nozzle that dispenses a good amount of product each time you press the nozzle. It’s small, easy to carry around, and easy to use as well. I love to carry it in my handbag so that I can use it anytime that I want to set my hair. The price is quite affordable too.

Livon Shake and Spray Serum packaging

As the name of the product suggests, its a shape and spray serum, which means it’s a bi-phase product with a layer of clear liquid as well as some pink oily serum. You need to shake it before spraying it on to hair so that both the layers mix well together, and the serum turns into a pure pink liquid. The texture comes out a as a fine mist and it’s lightweight, non-sticky, and a non-oily serum that blends super quickly on the hair without much effort. It gets absorbed really quickly too. It does not feel greasy on the hair. I just need to spray it over my dry hair and then massage it for a min to blend it and yeah, I’m ready to go. It also carries a light fresh fragrance, which feels good too.

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Livon Shake and Spray Serum full

Now, talking about what this serum does, it claims to provide salon-like, smooth, frizz-free finish with high shine, but honestly, it’s basically an instant hair fixing spray that provides soft and smooth texture to dry, rough hair and makes hair quite smooth. It also freshens up dull and unwashed hair, adds a healthy shine. It also keeps hair frizz free for a good amount of time. It can detangle hair and smooth out coarse hair. I like the instant effect it has on my hair. I prefer to use it on unwashed hair – first, I prefer to fix my hair with this spray and then use a dry shampoo. This is my daily routine these days and the combination of dry shampoo and Livon Spray Serum gives me fresh and smooth hairstyle. But these effects are not long lasting. Initially, my hair looks good for around 5 hours, but after that, it starts to look frizzy again and I sometimes require reapplication, which I can easily do though.

Livon Shake and Spray Serum liquid

Livon Shake and Spray Serum bottle

Livon Shake and Spray Serum is good for normal hair like mine, but I can’t call it a daily-use or hair repairing serum. If you have extremely dry and frizzy hair, then it’s not too hydrating for you. It’s a very lightweight serum, so works well for me, and also keeps my hair bouncy, does not weigh down hair. But this is not a nourishing or damage-repairing hair serum. It’s also an average hair spray when it comes to moisturizing hair. Also, I haven’t noticed salon-like shine on my hair.

Livon Shake and Spray Serum texture

Overall, it’s a good instant hair fixing serum and I like this new concept. Usually, I prefer to use spray conditioner to fix my rough hair, now I am happy with it. I only wish the results last better and controls frizz more.

Pros of Livon Shake and Spray Serum:

  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Affordable, comes in various sizes.
  • Nice, fresh fragrance.
  • Gets absorbed quickly.
  • Lightweight, non-sticky, non-oily formula.
  • Provides an instant freshness to hair.
  • Makes hair soft and smooth.
  • Reduce frizz, and makes hair manageable.
  • Helps to detangle hair.
  • Perfect for normal and limp hair.
  • Doesn’t weigh down hair.

Cons of Livon Shake and Spray Serum:

  • Does not provide rich nourishment to hair.
  • Haven’t noticed salon-like shine.
  • Short-time effects.
  • Not good enough for extremely dry and frizzy hair.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Livon Shake and Spray Serum?
I might repurchase when I am traveling as it gives instant results and good for normal hair. If you have extremely frizzy hair, I don’t think it will work that well for you.
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