Livon Silky Potion Review

Livon Silky Potion

I remember when Livon Silky Potion was launched in India in the early 2000’s it was met with much curiosity. I wasn’t oil, and yet it you put it on after you wash your hair. It made you hair silky, without the chip-chip pan (stickyness). And it guaranteed to give you soft, detangled, manageable hair.

I am sure it got a lot of people curious, but whether the product took off immediately or not, I am not sure. But what it did manage to do is introduce the concept of hair serums to every Indian household. Today there is a variety of both Indian and imported hair serums available in India. I picked up Livon Silky Potion (aka I LOVE MY HAIR- Detangling Fluid) and some thing is an green package with Bipasha’s photo on it. Of course the one in the green bottle didn’t impress me, that is why I don’t remember it. But I recently ran out of the hair serum that I currently use and picked up my Livon. Livon SIlky Potion ParasPharma.Com

According to the manufacturer Paras Pharma:

  • “Almost every woman has to put up with frizzy, tangled, dry or dull hair. That’s why every girl needs Livon. Enriched with Vitamin E and a unique CutiSoft formula, Livon is perfect for everyone who wants perfect hair.
  • It gently detangles hair and reduces breakage, leaving behind a shiny, protective sheath that keeps your hair soft, shiny and beautiful.
  • No matter what your hair type, Livon can set it free from almost every problem. So don’t let hair problems tear you and your hair apart. Fall in love with your hair again with Livon Silky Potion.”

What I say about Livon Silky Potion: Livon is a hair serum, that means it’s not quite a cream nor an oil. It’s consistency can best be described as a slightly viscous oil, that gets absorbed completely upon application to hair/skin. Now I used the word “absorb” cause it disappears and doesn’t leave any sticky-ness or wet-ness behind. But what the product is really doing is coating your skin/hair. The “CutiSoft” thing sounds to me like Silicon. A lot of hair products contain Silicon, that makes a coating over the hair and makes them less dry and frizzy. Is Silicon bad for you? I’m on the fence with this one. While I’ve pretty much blacklisted Sulphates, I haven’t reached a verdict on Silicone and use hair products that contain it.

THE PRICE: The product is available in a couple of sizes. I have the 20ml tiny-tiny bottle that I paid Rs.50 for. Taking the amount into consideration the cost averages out to as much as I pay for my CHI and John Frieda serums. Livon SIlky Potion I’ve used the product about three or four times! It’s a smalllll bottle!

USE: I apply the product mostly to the ends of my hair and then comb through my hair to ensure that the products gets spread around evenly. I then let my hair air-dry. The product has a very faint almost indiscernible smell, which I cannot smell at all as my shampoo and conditioner have pretty strong smells. Ok, here is what works and what does not.

PROS of Livon Silky Potion:

  • It makes my hair smooth. Now I haven’t tried this product on without conditioner, but having used my shampoo and conditioner without a serum, I can tell the difference. This definitely adds smoothness and further pushes my cuticles down = less visible splitends.
  • It detangles my hair. I lose a lot of hair when I try to comb it after I wash it (even with a shampoo comb) so I just put this on and let my hair dry. And Voila! There are no tangles, I can run my hands through my hair without it getting stuck half way.
  • This is what the website claims it does:

Livon SIlky Potion ParasPharma.Com

  • I’m not sure what does yellow and red things are…but it sure does live up to its claim!
  • It’s pretty decently priced. The bottle should last me about two weeks, which means Rs. 100 a month! I’ve used the product about 3-4 times and have quite some of my tiny bottle left, which leads me to the next point…
  • A little of this products packs a lot of punch. You don’t need a LOT of it at all. Just a few tiny drops are enough to coat you hair.


  • I’m one of those weird people that like for my products to smell good, so I’m kind of disappointed that this doesn’t smell amazing. On the upside, a weak smell might mean it doesn’t have that many strong chemicals.
  • My bottle is too small. I’m gonna out pretty soon. Ok, I understand this isn’t a product drawback, but rather my fault! I really don’t have anything else to add here!

VERDICT: Compared to other serums I’ve used, this fares better than John Frieda, Citre Shine, that Bipasha one, Garnier Fructis, and some others I don’t remember. It works as well as L’Oreal, CHI and Biosilk, which is another way to say…IT’S AWESOME.

This product gets: Rating Mail.Colonial.Net (Haha! Get it…Milky Way…a galaxy of stars… 😉 )

Anyway since I can’t award the product 200 billion stars…it gets: Stars ActiveRain.Com


34 thoughts on “Livon Silky Potion Review

  1. I remember trying this looong back…liked it din love it so, i din repurchase it…Currently I am using L’oreal and John frieda’s frizz ease Original formula 🙂 I switch b/w these two 🙂

    1. Hey Appu.
      I find L’Oreal’s serums to work like a a dream, I use John Frieda’s original formula cause it gives my hair great body, but doesn’t work that well to control my frizzies!
      I was VERY impressed by Livon (lol as you can see…) but I really have to read up on how much silicon they’re putting in this thing….

  2. That’s the most amusing review on IMBB. he he I am sure most of us would be intrigued by the review. I don’t use any serums as such even though sometimes my hair get all frizzy. But really I can’t believe that this is so good.

    Guess I would have some strength to try serum for my hair.

    Garnier Fructis shampoo was so crappy. I have used only one or two pouches of it for trial purposes and I used to feel that I have got bird’s nest on my head. :rotfl:

    1. thanks rati…. :-)) but im really serious about how well it works. actually i bought another serum with this and the other one (please tell me the name) it was biolage (from matrix)…much pricier than this one, but applying that was like applying tel to my hair!
      It’s really the fact that this performs better than most salon stuff i’ve used that impressed me most!

  3. Rati, I think Garnier fructis as such is pure crap…i’ve tried their shampoos as well…they don’t work and the smell is overly fruity 😉

  4. I’ve used Livon few yrs back when it was launched and quite liked it…I used to use it whenever my hair got frizzy and it worked quite well…then for some reason I just stopped repurchasing it

    1. hi devika,

      i too used it sometimes during its launch period.mine is a mixed raction neither too good nor too bad just so so… although it didn’t cause any chip chip but it seems like putting oil… :-/
      happy it worked for u… :kissed: :blush:

    1. Lol… yeah…any excuse to throw some chocolate in there 😛

      Yes, Livon manufactures conditioners too, I don’t think they have shampoos though

  5. Since i have straightest straight hair that are limp i never ever use anything on them.. but your review has actually made me curious.. i must pick it up soon..!!

    1. Shilpa,
      I wouldn’t really recommend this for straight, limp hair. It does a great job at “controlling” the hair’s body, wouldn’t do so much for adding volume 🙁
      But if you want to go ahead, I’d say buy the tiniest bottle and give it a shot! :-))

  6. i have got a 20ml bottle of LIVON since 6 months! don’t use it unless i’m having a real bad hair day…. other than that my pet-serum is that of Javed Habibs… a 50 ml (or something like that) bottle costs 140 bucks….! it works wonders for my hair!!! Great one! :-))

  7. hey… i stumbled on IMBB while googling….a week back…n have to say…hooked on to it 😀 ever since..its panacea to all ma doubts…i mean i dont have to ask a question..answers already thr…such a blessing for a lazy person like me…he he..

    coming back to livon.. using stuff tat have silicon for long leads to damage n hair fall n livon is no exception…however..silicone is an excellent heat protectant…all heat protecting serums use silicone or something similar..check it out..

  8. This review helped me a ton! :victory2: I have pathetically dry and frizzzy hair, so was wondering which hair serum to go with. ?:) Thanks so much for the review. It answered all my questions and I am going out to buy a tiny bottle and check! :waytogo: Bingo! Btw I loved your language! O:) :heart:

  9. Hey everyone ! I have been using Livon for the past 6 -7 years. My mane has not fallen off….rather it is soft and manageable, that too without making a dent in my pocket. I would say it is one of those Made in India products that suits our conditions very well. Be it pollution, humidity, heat…..Livon works !!

  10. I have extremely dry n frizzy hair n livon makes my hair look smooth but does nothing much for the frizz. I need more like a leave in cream, something that actually weighs my rebellious hair down. Any suggestions.?

  11. hey is livon silky potion a serum or JUST a fluid for detangeling hair ? i have never used a serum before so i’m curious. please help.

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