Lorac Unzipped Palette Review

Lorac Unzipped Palette Review

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If I could, I would sing and dance throwing praises at how much I have started loving makeup and writing, being with IMBB and how many lovely people I have met here.  I wish I was that good with words but because I’m not, I would just like to give everyone a very tight hug! muahhh!


I always had my eyes on the ever famous Naked 1 palette and when Naked 3 came I was even more excited, but for some reason, I could never bring myself to buying them. I read a ton of bloggers talk about the Lorac Unzipped being so close to the Nakeds that I started paying attention and when IMBB gave me the opportunity to pick it up, was I going to say no?

Product Description:

It was created by Carol Shaw who is Hollywood makeup Royalty. I am always fascinated by products created by makeup/hair artists and when I swatched the shadows on my hand, I was sure of it!



Available at Ulta, Kohls and online.


My Take on Lorac Unzipped Palette:

I went three times for this palette to Ulta and then finally found it online. It is already a cult favorite just after the Nakeds. It has 10 neutral shades without being boring, four of them are matte and the rest are shimmery. They are housed in a sleek cardboard box with a big nice mirror, but it does not have a hinge, so the lid does not stand on its own. I am so amazed by the pigmentation and quality of these shadows, I am definitely buying more from them. Also, isn’t it quirky, all the names start with “un”

The shades in this palette are:

Undercover:  A matte, cream nude, not extremely pigmented – the lightest of the bunch. I will be using it as a brow bone highlight shade or an all over wash of color.


Unbelievable:  A metallic rose gold. Extremely pigmented. Lovely for crease & lid.

Unattainable:  A metallic copper, more on the bronze side.  My other favourite from the bunch. Even this one has great depth.

Unconditional:  A matte rosey mauve. This is one of the more creamy mattes in the palette. My absolute favourite. It will be a great transition color in my opinion.  This one looks fab even without a primer. One of the most unique shades.

Unbridled:  A matte rusty plum. I think of filter coffee when I see this shade. Mostly will be great for crease and outer lid.


Undiscovered:  A metallic pale gold, very shimmery.  Not my favorite shade, but will make a good inner corner highlight. This one has a teeny bit of fallout!

Unreal:  A metallic pale rose gold. If Unbelievable and Undiscovered mated, this would be their child 😛 It looks very cute with the mauvey Unconditional.


Uncensored:  A metallic bronze. Very dark and lovely pigmentation. Also, very soft and semi matte.

Unspoken:  A matte cocoa brown. For me, it would work perfectly as a crease and contour color.


Untamed:  A metallic plummy brown. Very dark, very difficult to work with. Although darker complexions might like it!

Primer:  This palette has a small sample sized Lorac primer who no one talks about because it is bad.  I want to use a very colorful word here. It creased on my eyes in 15 minutes and didn’t even give me 2 hours of wear time.  With these shadows, it stayed well because the shadows are that good, but with other shadows, it just did not work, maybe it might work on dry eyelids.


Summing it up:

Pros of Lorac Unzipped Palette:

  • Lovely selection of shades.
  • Totally a dupe of Naked 3.
  • The shades have lovely pigmentation. Even without a primer, they looked quite dense.
  • 10 good sized shades for $40, a pretty good deal I would say.
  • They work better than some of my MAC shadows, some (I am still a MAC loyalist).
  • The pigmentation is just too good.

Cons of Lorac Unzipped Palette:

  • Just like the UD palettes, it is just a tad difficult to get.
  • The primer is just bad.
  • The cardboard packaging won’t last long, it will either fall apart with age or if accidentally gets wet, it would tear.


I didn’t want to buy a palette because I would use a few shades and I would still go back to my MAC singles, but not this time. This palette has really been given a lot of thought in the making and I see myself picking this up so much! This is a quick eye-do I came up with. Hope you like it! I have more ideas and if you would like me to present more looks, just let me know in the comments :))



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24 thoughts on “Lorac Unzipped Palette Review

  1. awesome beeni.. *clap* superb pick, superb review and gorgeous demonstration with super pretty swatches.. *clap* loved it on ur eyes.. *clap* *clap*

  2. If Unbelievable and Undiscovered mated, this would be their child rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl that’s the funniest line I have heard rofl rofl

    Awesome eye look Bee…..Perfect *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho*

    1. Jomolayy hain naa….. that’s what I thought… hope you all liked it!
      it was so much fun swatching and doing shhhtuff

      *hifive* *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi*

  3. such a well written review girl. excellent *clap* naked hmmm only naked 3 is drool worthy for ne because of rosy shades. so I loved this palette totally.

  4. Awesome pallette. Such nice colors which anyone can wear, anyday, anytime. I have the urban decay naked 1 palette and I love it to bits

  5. it is suchhhh a stunning palette beeno. It’s like a must have. I loved the shade unreal and and unbelievable the most. they are quite true to their names. Lovvveed the eye makeup look. *puchhi* *puchhi*

  6. loved you EOTD bee….and thanks for the self explanatory collage….thanks for the effort B! enjoy the gift from IMBB! we are spoilt by IMBB I tell ya! *happydance*

  7. Ohhh my goshhhhh *woot* *woot* *woot* this palette is amazingggg *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* i have totally fallen for it *happy dance* *happy dance* what superb shades yaaaa *woot* i hope i find it somewhere *happydance* *happydance* amazingg eotddd *hifive* *hifive* *hifive*

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