Loreal Blush Minerals-50 Soft Rosewood

Loreal Blush Minerals-50 Soft Rosewood

Hello dolls!

We all love blushes and I am no different. Sometime back the craze for mineral makeup was viral and “crazy me” went hunting for mineral makeup. Makeup and cosmetics do damage our precious skin but mineral makeup kind of does less damage. I mostly buy pink blushes and I asked the SA for another pink blush in this range and she said “we have only this shade left in this range” which is obviously the shade I am reviewing today.

loreal blush minerals soft rosewood

What the company claims about the product:

L’Oreal mineral blush in the shade Soft Rosewood 50, natural healthy looking cheek colour that is safe for sensitive skin and wont clog pores.


INR 740( I got this baby when it just hit the market, now I am sure it is available at a discounted price)
loreal blush minerals soft rosewood

My experience with Loreal Blush Minerals-50 Soft Rosewood:

This is the most travel friendly blush I have. I like to take it along in my bag because it is very tiny, has a tight cap and a cute blush applicator which, if used properly does a good job and anyways this blush doesn’t require blending, that’s the best part. Even if I apply heaps of this blush it never looks clownish and blends like a dream. The shade is also very lovely and subtle which matches any kind of makeup and gives a little lift to my cheeks. It will prove to be very good for people with sensitive skin as the ingredients are skin friendly. This blush was my first experienced with mineral makeup and I agree that mineral makeup does make considerable difference to the way our skin looks and feel. I am also enjoying my “Bourjois mineral matte mousse”.
loreal blush minerals soft rosewood (5)
I would suggest everyone to invest in mineral makeup. You might end up spending a little extra but your skin will thank you in the long run. You can notice an immediate difference in the texture, blending ability, lasting power and overall makeup. As far as this blush is concerned I cherish it a lot as this is the only mineral blush I own. The quantity of this is also a lot I have been using it for good two years now, well not everyday but still a lot of it is left.
loreal blush minerals soft rosewood (6)

Highz of Loreal Blush Minerals-50 Soft Rosewood:

  • Mineral makeup.
  • Stays for 8 hrs.
  • Lovely everyday shade.
  • Blends like a dream.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Good for skin.
  • loreal blush minerals soft rosewood (3)

    loreal blush minerals soft rosewood (2)

    Lowz of Loreal Blush Minerals-50 Soft Rosewood:

    No.. low points ladies, for me this one is a clear winner!! 🙂

    IMBB Rating:


    Will I repurchase Loreal Blush Minerals-50 Soft Rosewood?

    Yes, I will definitely repurchase this mineral blush and will definitely try other good mineral makeup range and will encourage you all to do your skin a favor by applying mineral makeup.

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    10 thoughts on “Loreal Blush Minerals-50 Soft Rosewood

    1. Mineral makeup is good for skin. I had L’oreal mineral blush which I stopped using, it has fantastic pigmentation and staying power 🙂 Must try girls !

    2. looks like the products really delivers what it claims nidhi! So glad it worked for you and the shade is also pretty nice, very wearable!

    3. i have golden brown mineral blush from max factor… n that is equally pretty.. both these shades are perfect for every outfit.. shall review it soon… 🙂

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