L’oreal Lucent MagiqueSkin Illuminating BB Cream Review

 L’oreal Lucent MagiqueSkin Illuminating BB Cream

“AH” I can almost hear the collective groan of all you lovely ladies – yet another BB cream. We have seen a plethora of BB creams come and go –From high end Bobbi Brown to more budget friendly Garnier and Ponds. Most of them are tinted mositurizers, some are pretty much grease pots. The search for the HG BB cream continues. And yes, we have one more contender for the spot – Loreal Lucent Magique BB Cream – launched by Loreal in the Asia market – Yet to reach India. I picked this up sometime back in Bangkok but never did get around to reviewing it.

Loreal Lucent MagiqueSkin Illuminating BB Cream

Before I started trying high-end brands, I was a Loreal addict – exclusively using their products with the exception of Chambor kaajal sticks. I bought makeup, skincare, daily face wash – everything from them. Some products became HG, some were just total blah. I had not experienced IMBB then, else could have saved some money.

Loreal Lucent MagiqueSkin Illuminating BB Cream6

So lets find out how this new BB cream fares…

The Product Details (from the website):

The first LOreal skin luminating BB cream with intuitive BB capsules that magically transforms skin for an enlivened lit-from-within complexion. The innovative self-evolving texture debuts as a moist milky-white cream, infused with intuitive BB capsules that encapsulates exclusive skin-perfecting pigments, upon blending with the skin. The fresh cream intuitively evolves into a naturally lucent skin tone coverage specific for asian skin tones.

– A new generation of BB end-look
– Skin is magically enlivened, transformed, diffusing a lit-from-within complexion
– Use as last step to skincare or layer before foundation.
Loreal Lucent MagiqueSkin Illuminating BB Cream5


INR 675 (post conversion) for 30ml product

Loreal Lucent MagiqueSkin Illuminating BB Cream2


The product comes in a standard white tube with a nice looking golden-bronze cap. Looks really nice – that’s probably what caught my attention.

The tube comes packaged in a cardboard outer cover.

Loreal Lucent MagiqueSkin Illuminating BB Cream3

My experience with L’oreal Lucent MagiqueSkin Illuminating BB Cream

Color: Unlike other BB creams – this one is white in colour. Yes, you read that write – “white”. There are no shades to chose from, so no testing whether there is shade match. Nothing.

Texture: The texture is more like a milky paste. The texture is difficult to blend because it starts becoming dry fairly quickly. Over time, the product has become drier in the tube – Im talking 4-5months, not years.

Visibility on Skin: The colour goes stark white on application on the skin. It makes the skin look paisley instead of feeling illuminated. Makes you look like a ghost. You have to keep blending – which itself is a little difficult with the product’s consistency. However, blending does make it settle alttle but not enough to make the white cask go away.

The only good thing about the product seems to be the matte finish it provides to the face. However, this means that you are unable to apply a darker compact to colour correct – because your face is already too matte!The face pics will show you the white cask it creates.

The face pics will show you the white cask it creates.

Loreal Lucent MagiqueSkin Illuminating BB Cream (7)

Coverage: Sheer – does not cover blemishes or pigmentation. Can be used under the foundation (as mentioned in the product description) but I kind of feel that it totally beats the purpose of using a BB cream.

Lasting power:The product lasts about 4-4.5hours on my oily skin.

To sum this up for you:

Pros of L’oreal Lucent MagiqueSkin Illuminating BB Cream

1. Matte finish
2. Decent packaging
3. Did not break me out
4. Does not accentuate pores
5. Did not break me out
6. Has SPF 20 PA+++

Cons of L’oreal Lucent MagiqueSkin Illuminating BB Cream

1. Difficult to blend
2. Create a white cask on the face.
3. Available only in 1 colour – white
4. Over a period of 5 months, the cream became drier in the tube.

IMBB Rating:

Yes, a 2/5 product.

The product did not excite me so wasn’t reviewed till now. However, in view of the fact that it has been flooded in the Asian market and you may be tempted to try it – head’s up – it ain’t worth it!! So another BB cream joins the others on the shelf while the search for the HG BB cream continues!

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18 thoughts on “L’oreal Lucent MagiqueSkin Illuminating BB Cream Review

  1. I normally finish a tube in two months *hihi* *hihi* so this can be worked out… but that white fairness is something that does not look good… *headbang* *headbang* but your skin looks great *haan ji* *haan ji* i never knew about this one *secret*

    1. Good…U dedicated use one product and finish it in 2 months?!! I have a plethora of half used or barely used bb creams lying around! *hunterwali* *hunterwali*

      This one is launched in Asia – probably yet to reach India..

    1. Actually, its quite unlike a Korean BB cream Dhara. They are thicker, provide medium to full coverage, have higher spf plus skincare benefits. This does not check any of these boxes.

  2. what a dud product, kulpreet. And I hate using these white looking products that clim suitable for all skin tones. they never work *hunterwali* *hunterwali* *hunterwali* and aren’t bb creams supposed to be illuminating and dewy. thanks for the heads up. would totally steer clear of this *chudail*

    1. I wholeheartedly agree Rati! one colour for all – in case of BB cream, just beats the purpose. Anyways, most of th eBB creams are nothing but tinted creams…cant even call them proper moisturisers. I really wanna try Missha….heard so much about it!

      I finally found the mother of all BB creams, an absolutely fab product. Unfortunately available in only 2 colours, lighter one is pink toned and the medium one is tad too dark. Bummer!!! So loved the product!

  3. Ohh gosh, thankfully bb, cc tms never attracted me may be cause of my oily acne prone skin, which hardly stands any make up except lipsticks n eye make up.. *headbang* *nonono*
    I ws fond of trying foundation earlier but finally gave up as I am really lazy bum wen it comes to ctm routine, It ws such a pain to clear off skin or wake up with bumpy red skin next day.. *headbang* To my surprise i never noticed this new edition in stores here.. *shock* *nababana*
    I wud definitely warn others for this hit or miss goodie!! as usual a very detailed and specific work kk.. *clap* *clap*

    1. Glad you liked the review Neetu! I feel a good BB cream would really take care of a lot of things and take off 3 steps in the makeup routine in 1 go – moisturization, sunscreen and foundation. However, yet to come across something good. *waaa* *waaa*

      I know what you mean….sometimes i dont feel like putting on makeup coz im mentally exhausted and the thought of taking it off makeup later just tires me out!! *hihi* *hihi*

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