L’Oréal Paris Luminizer Brown Eyes Super Liner Review

Hey All,
After a long time I am here with a review. Today I am going to review an eye makeup product from L’Oréal Paris. The name of the beauty is ‘L’Oréal Paris luminizer Brown eyes super liner’. Let’s see my experience with this beautiful eye liner.


My Experience with L’Oréal Paris Luminizer Brown Eyes Super Liner:

As I had mentioned in some of my earlier reviews, I am a big eye makeup freak. I love experimenting with new products. This particular one is a gift from my beautiful manager. She knows me well. 😉 She said there was some problem with the stock. She is very fond of this range; so when she found this in shop without second thought, she picked one for her and one for me.


This eye liner comes in a sturdy plastic tube. This is tiny and doesn’t take much space in your hand bag/clutch. The tube is black and golden in color. Double colored shade makes it look royal.
This liner is brownish black. It has sparkles also. I loved the shade and the sparkles in it. Even though this is a liquid eye liner, it is not runny. I am mentioning this because I have used some runny liquid eye liner during my initial days of eye makeup. I had some horrible time with these runny liquid liners. Texture is soft and one stroke will give you a brownish look, two strokes will give you an amazing sparkling dark brown line. Little amount is enough. It didn’t smudge on my eye lids for quite long time. Let me tell you I have oily eye lids. Usually eye liners smudge, but this stayed for good amount of time. I found it value for money. I am pointing out its features for those who prefer a quick glance of this product.


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Applicator – It is thin and useful to draw thinner line over the eye lids.
Texture – It is a liquid liner but not runny. Its texture is soft and easy to apply.
Shade – Brownish shade in black. (I am trying best to describe the color. Since it is more on brownish shade of black). It also has sparkles.
Price – 695 INR
Quantity – 6 ml
Shelf life – 3 years
Ingredients – not mentioned.


Pros of L’Oréal Paris Luminizer Brown Eyes Super Liner:

  • Nice shade.
  • Sparkling texture is added benefit.
  • Not runny.
  • The nice thin applicator makes the application very easy.
  • Staying power is good. Stayed for 6-7 hours.

Cons of L’Oréal Paris Luminizer Brown Eyes Super Liner:

  • Availability.
  • Some might find it pricey.
  • Ingredients not mentioned.


Will I Repurchase L’Oréal Paris Luminizer Brown Eyes Super Liner?
Yes. I have oily eye lids and this beauty has impressed me with its staying power. Yes I will be happy to re purchase it.

Will I recommend this to my dear IMBBians?
Yes, it is a must try product. I loved it and I am pretty sure even you will.

Until next time, keep celebrating the life.

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