L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner in Carbon Black Review

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner in Carbon Black

Hello Gals..:)

Hope all of you are doing fine! Today I am here to share another black eye liner from my favorite drugstore brand L’Oreal Paris. You all know my love and obsession for L’Oreal lipsticks and now I vouch for their eye liners as well! I love using decent eye makeup which includes mascaras, eye liners and eye shadows sometimes! Recently I noticed this infallible eye liner in store and I could not resist myself from trying it 😛 Moreover, all my black eye liners are either wooden chubby pencils or are not suitable for waterline and hence I wanted a decent waterline safe and preferably retractable eye liner for my sensitive eyes. I am glad to declare that this loreal infallible carbon black fulfills nearly all my expectations, it is waterline safe black liner which comes in retractable packaging hence no mess of sharpening or even regular touch ups. So please read on further to know more about my love for this L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner in Carbon Black.

Loreal ParisInfallible Never Fail Eyeliner, Carbon Black

Price: $ 7-$9 for 0.008 Oz (240 mg), price may vary store to store

Packaging: This intense black liner comes in retractable plastic pen packaging with inbuilt sharpener and smudger safely placed inside cap. Over all it is quite user friendly and travel friendly packaging.

My take on L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner in Carbon Black:

It is quiet intense thick black eye liner in my stash I feel. I love it more than my Bobbi Brown kohl eye liner for the fact that it stays for good 6-8 hours on my waterline even without transferring or smudging unlike former bobbi brown eye liner. It is nowhere written though that it can be safely worn on waterline but I always wear it on my waterline or close to waterline and it never irritated or hurt my eyes. However, I feel their 16 hours never fail eyeliner claims are slight exaggerated because it starts fading after 10-12 hours from my lower lash line as well as waterline. Though it stays for good 8+ hours without smudging, transferring a bit on my oily eye lids thankfully but it’s anyways less than 16 hours!

Loreal Paris Infallible Never FailEyeliner, Carbon Black

The creamy soft texture of this eye liner is another pleasant surprise for me, which easily glides on my skin without tugging or pulling a bit! I just need one gentle stroke to line my eyes and I am all set to go with intense black eyes. Even if it fades away after good hours I can see smoky kohled eyes for good hours which look pretty fine. I took it all the way long on my vacations along with other black eye liners though my other black liners were safely placed inside luggage. I used to keep this liner handy everywhere and it took all my attention and love in these 1-2 weeks.

I also love it for the fact that it is waterproof and smudge free liner, we experienced sudden rainfall during our trip and there came a time when I was completely drenched in rain and I was expecting intense raccoon eyes by the time we managed to reach home but it was really impressive to notice that my face was all clear! Moreover, it slides like semi-creamy liner on my eyes but dries onto thick smudge liner within a minute which does not fade or smudge easily unless we use make up remover or rub our eyes.

Loreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner, Carbon Black

Believe me I just use 1-2 strokes to line my waterline as well as upper/lower lash. And this is my most preferred liner above all high end/drugstore goodies for its long lasting power and intense precision. I would love to get it again and again over Bobbi Brown black liner honestly! I whole heartedly recommend this intense black liner to everyone, it is really gentle on waterline hence it will serve us both as kohl and eye liner to be frank! I just can’t imagine my day without this liner these days!

Loreal Paris Infallible Never Fail EyelinerCarbon Black

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner in Carbon Black:

• An easy to use retractable black eye liner suitable for everyone
• It is intense and creamy at the same time which easily lines and defines my eyes without any hussle bussle
• It comes with inbuilt sharpener and smudger which make it ideal pick while travelling
• It serves all my purpose of defining eyes like a kohl as well as lining precisely like any eye liner
• It stays put for good 8+ hours on my waterline and oily eye lids
• It is safe enough to be used on waterline as I use it mostly on my waterline and it never gave me burning eyes
• It glides like butter on my eyes there by drying onto thick line which does not fades or smudges easily
• It is waterproof liner which will give you clean & clear eyes even if you are drenched in heavy rains personally tried by me
• It nearly costs fraction of my high end black eye liners but works almost above average than many of them which is quite impressive
• We need a good eye makeup remover to remove it off at the end which makes it ideal for night out parties or weddings or long trips
• A pretty travel friendly and user friendly packaging over all

Loreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner, CarbonBlack

Cons of L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner in Carbon Black:

• Even though it stays for really long hours on my eyes but still its 16 hours never fail claims are slight exaggerated I feel
• It might feel slight uncomfortable on waterline initially though it’s very mild and hardly bothering once we are habitual of using it regularly

Well I used it regularly during my trip and noticed that it hardly requires touch ups even. I used to leave my sis home by sharp 8’0 clock in morning and by the time I used to come back (after almost 12-14 hours) my face used to look dull & pale but my eyes never looked dull or pale! I am really happy with this amazing stuff and I would whole heartedly recommend this black liner to everyone especially those who love to travel a lot, this infallible never fail liner is undoubtedly not going to fail even after 12-14 hours of trekking, hiking or trips believe me, it will give you thick, intense bright eyes throughout your trip! I would give it 4.9/5!

Loreal Paris Infallible NeverFail Eyeliner, Carbon Black

Please don’t mind my dull eotd, I am still recovering from tedious trips and exhaustive flight apart from unpacking my stuffs and cleaning home ewwwwww.. 😛

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  1. Wowww this is one jet black *woot* *woot* even lakme absolute claims 16 hrs *hihi* *hihi* i wish this comes to india soon as even absolute failed to b smudge proof on me.. *cry* nice review 😀 it looks fresh and beautiful on ur eyes 🙂

  2. Must have product. My Maybelline colossal finished last week. Thinking what’s next and here I am. Nice review Neethu. i am sold on this. *woot* *hihi* *happy dance*

    1. it is devie.. *woot* *woot* dnt ask me abt unpacking.. *headbang* still working on luggage.. *headbang* gosh I get goosebumps just by thinking of another long trip..

    1. hi sravanthi.. *happydance* yeah u knw I have’nt slept well since a week.. *yawn* *yawn* i need a sound sleep now..
      n yeah get it, its a steal at such price n for wonderful results.. *preen*

  3. *happydance* finally !! better eye liner from loreal..!!! will buy it soon.. *haan ji* thank u Neetu

    1. loreal is gud in liners melissa but yeah the staying power ws always an issue naa.. *hifive* this is gud in every aspect.. *happydance* am glad u liked it..

  4. Wow neetu… Loved the liner as soon as i saw the first swatch… It is indeed jet black… And ur eyes look so pretty… Good review.. Hope this one comes to india soon

  5. This looks sooooo good on your eyes neetu and it is quite impressive!!! :)) Good review and BIG HUGS for you to get back in your cheerful self! :))

    1. not to forget I owe my cheerful energy n happiness to IMBB for giving me friends like jomol apart from giving me such healthy, energetic and blissful environment.. *happydance* *puchhi* U totally made my day again.. *happydance* *happydance*

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