Lotus Ecostay Nail Enamel Coral Flush, Love n Blush, Nude Peach, Ruby Desire Review

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I have loved the Lotus Herbals nail enamels in the past. They offer amazing quality at a good price. Remember those long bottles with a long brush? These ones from Ecostay are slightly different and the ones I picked are pastels and light colors of pink and corals. See if you like such colors below.

Lotus Ecostay Nail Enamel Coral Flush Love n Blush Nude Peach Ruby Desire Review

Product Description:
Lotus Makeup Ecostay(TM) Nail Enamel is 100% vegetarian and free from the harmful effects of DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde. This innovative nail enamel is 7 days chip resistant, long-lasting and highly pigmented. This trendy Nail Enamel comes with a flat brush for smooth and perfect application, helping to achieve the salon finish. It consist of 24 luxurious colors your nails will be obsessed with!!!

Lotus Ecostay Nail Enamel Coral Flush Love n Blush Nude Peach Ruby Desire bottle packaging

My Experience with Lotus Ecostay Nail Enamel Coral Flush, Love n Blush, Nude Peach, Ruby Desire:

Coral Flush:  This color is a pastel which is actually a peachy shade, not a coral orange. I find it nice for fair skin and the pigment is good too, one or maximum two coats should be enough for you. I like the brush style which helps with easy application. I also like how this is neither matte nor glossy, it is somewhere in between if you can call it a “crème” finish. The color is beautiful if you love n*de natural shades or want to wear them to office. If you have very dark hands, this may not be the best choice.

Lotus Coral Flush label

Lotus Coral Flush

Candy Love:  Candy Love is my most favourite shade since it is a pretty doll pink and covers up the nails in one coat flat. It looks beautiful on square nails but again very deep skin may or may not like it much. This again has this creamy pastel finish to it and might feel crispy very soon.

Lotus Candy Love

Love n Blush:  This is a classic deep pink with some brown to it. I have noticed most of us own one such colors in our kitty. This is perfect for warm skin tones. Though not a very young color, this is ideal for office wear. I think this is not very intense in one coat, it definitely needs two coats to look more brown, otherwise you can see you nail color under it in one coat. I think my mom too loves such colors, keeping aside age differences. I love it too! The finish is mildly glossy.

Lotus Love and Blush label

Lotus Love and Blush nail paint

Ruby Desire:  This is a bridal or festive color, it is that classic metallic red but mixed with a lot of gold. This is kind of a mature shade in my opinion. I wore it for karwachauth since my saree had red and gold to it, so you can understand. In one coat, this delivers true color. I am happy with the quality  but this color is not favourite. It has a glossy finish.

Lotus Ruby Desire label

Lotus Ruby Desire

N*de Peach:  Nude peach is a pale peach with almost some white tone. It is again ideal for n*de color lovers but if you have very deep skin, this may not be ideal. It has this fairy-like feel to it. I am happy with the intensity in two coats. In more than two coats, this becomes crispy and chances of chipping increase.

Lotus Nude Peach

Lotus Nude Peach label

All of them need two coats to look perfect, none of them are sheer either. One coat can give you a good color too. They have a semi-glossy finish and are ideal for office. Ruby Desire is ideal for Diwali dressing. These nail paints dry super quick, in less then a minute. I do not have a problem with bedsheet marks on these enamels.

Coming to the chipping part, if you layer them on, these nail polishes feel crispy and chances of chipping are high. The pastel colors feel crispy and do chip in two days lightly on the tips only, so the chip-resistant claim is not true for all colors.

Pros of Lotus Ecostay Nail Enamel Coral Flush, Love n Blush, Nude Peach, Ruby Desire:

  • Lovely colors to choose from.
  • Ideal pastel shades for office wear.
  • Festive colors for this season.
  • Brush is good and helps with easy application.
  • Good pigment deposit in one coat.

Cons of Lotus Ecostay Nail Enamel Coral Flush, Love n Blush, Nude Peach, Ruby Desire:

  • Might feel in more than two coats.
  • Pastel colors chip sooner.
  • Chip-resistant claim is not true for all colors.
  • The bottle is bulky glass one.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Lotus Ecostay Nail Enamel Coral Flush, Love n Blush, Nude Peach, Ruby Desire?
Yes definitely. Lotus Makeup has some offbeat colors and I like them when I want a light shade on my nails. I will be checking out reds too in this collection. Remember the crispy feel part on chipping and go ahead and buy some.

IMBB Rating:

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