Lotus Herbals PURESTAY Nourishing Foundations-Bright Angel, Royal Ivory, Hazelnut Star, Almond

Lotus PURESTAY Nourishing Foundations- Bright Angel, Royal Ivory, Hazelnut Star, Almond

Like I said, I am thankful to Rati for having given me the opportunity to review these for IMBB. I had been using these for the past 15 days or so, and now I am ready for sharing my thoughts on this fantastic product.Lotus Herbals Purestay Nourishing foundation

Most of us have used and tries so many drugstore foundations and having had various troubles with them like melting, oxidization and shade mismatch, we just give up or move towards the high-end foundations in some hope. But this foundation that Lotus has come out with, as part of their new range “PureStay”, I am completely blown away. Never in my life have I used a foundation that A. does not melt, B. does not oxidize and C. blends like my second skin. I don’t know what I was doing all this while experimenting with so many other foundations.


About Lotus Herbals PURESTAY Nourishing Foundations:

All day wear, non-oily foundation that gives skin the ultimate weightless coverage.This new luminous formula hydrates skin,diminishes appearance of fine lines without clogging pores, delays ageing and offers broad spectrum UV protection SPF 20.


The foundation claims to be preservative-free, and I am totally convinced about it. It comes in a cute pump-style bottle with a light ( a little flimsy cap when compared to the other products from this range) cap and lid but a direct nozzle to dispense the product. I need two pumps for my face and neck and this blends like a dream.



What I absolutely love about this foundation is that, it feels light when you apply, you can blend it so well that it would be like your second skin. The most amazing part of this foundation is that it sets and never-ever has it oxidized on me. It sets giving you a light feel on the skin like wearing no foundation.


This smells a little lemony-fresh kinds, nothing that bothers me though.


Coming to being oil-free, I think it will fare well in places unlike Chennai. Here, this foundation kept me sweat and oil-free for around three hours considering it very hot and humid here. In non-coastal regions, expect fantastic results.


(Left to right: Bright Angel, Royal Ivory, Hazelnut Star, Almond)

There are four shades of foundations that I received, Bright Angel, Royal Ivory, Hazelnut Star and Almond(essentially in this order, Bright Angel being the lightest) The shade that goes well for me is Hazelnut Star towards a little darker tone, and when I use Royal Ivory, it makes me look a little brighter. So I think Royal Ivory is my night wear for occasions and Hazelnut Star is my everyday wear one. The shades they have come out with have been really thought of. I can see Hazelnut star doing very well for our Indian skin and office goers. Then there are shades like Almond, which is so rare in India. Now our dusky beauties have a great foundation to look forward to in their own shade. Bright Angel is for very fair-skinned girls. I have even tried mixing up Almond and Bright Angel to get my skin tone. The foundation is so good that I am already worried about the day I run out of my shade and hence I am mixing up the lighter and darker shade to see how I can use them as well.



One thing I did not like is that the nozzle is exposed to all the bacteria we fear. Since it might leave a teeny-meeny amount of foundation on the nozzle, I would have loved if we had a little cap to it. Also, the plastic used for the cap is not as good as the amazing packaging they have used throughout the range . these are minor issues which will be overlooked by the foundation you get. Im in love!


Staying power:

To give you little heads-up, I tried this last week at 2.45 PM and I left home with my guests and came back at 9:30 PM. I could no help but check my face even in the lift mirror because the foundation still looked dewy and fresh. A puff of powder would have been enough to make it perfect. I could see a little oil on the surface which was still under control. Again I wore it next day from 3:00 PM to 7:30 PM, it did not budge! This, is what will make this foundation a dream for oily-skinned girls and for all skin types I suppose because it does not give you a very matte but it rather it gives a fresh natural glow-y finish if you skip powder.


Coming to the coverage, it is somewhere between medium to heavy, but it is build-able. When I wish, I keep it light, when I want to go heavier, I layer it one and hides blemishes and pores. With powder, it does a great job and otherwise, its dewy, not matte, at least in the weather and skin type I am in.It does not leave any whitish-cast or ghost-like image in your photgraphs because it blends so well, when you use your right shade.


I used a flat foundation brush from Lakme and Faces and also, the stippling brush from BH cosmetics on different days. Usually, I would think, I love the stippling brush, since it gives me a natural coverage. I do go for a little cream concealer under my eyes though. But when I used the flat brush, it blended the foundation so well, unlike what I thought, would result in a cake-y finish. Even clean fingers should do very well.

Price point: (Rs. 595 for 30ml)

The price point is little on the higher side but, for the details mentioned above, I am convinced it is fair enough for being preservative-free and delivering more than I thought any foundation would, in fact, this very fact that it does not darken over time and oxidize is very new to me and hence im bowled over.

Skin compatibility:

So far, I don’t see any new break-outs, just the usual off and on ones, and I am confident, this is a preservative and oil-free product and would be faring well on that front as well. I think all skin types would like this medium-complete coverage foundation. Keep your fingers off the nozzle to avoid bacteria deposits.


A foundation that:
• Does not melt or smudge.
• Does not oxidize. (how cool is that?)
• Keeps you oil-free.
• Keeps you sweat-free.
• Has a shade for everyone to choose from.
• Blends like a dream.
• Great for office.
• Cute pink pump-dispenser nozzle bottle.

When I and Rati got discussing about this product, we had almost similar thoughts on it, especially on the oxidization and the smudge-proof factor. So, pick up your shade now.

IMBB Rating:

4.9 /5 (deserves every point for being smudge-proof and not oxidizing at all!) If you think your foundations smudge, melt and oxidize, then this preservative-free foundation is your answer. It will surprise you.

Coming up tomorrow: Lotus PURESTAY Lipsticks.

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60 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals PURESTAY Nourishing Foundations-Bright Angel, Royal Ivory, Hazelnut Star, Almond

  1. Wow…Neha….a foundation that does not oxidize…..let me see if I can find my match in here….I want this one 🙂

  2. thank u for ur review Neha……..i am a big fan of lotus……used almost all their products.
    The tip left open probably shud b a big concern(hygiene issues)……but im surely gonna try this one…Thx:)

  3. Quite tempting…
    @Rati: You were supposed to let us know the Kolkata outlets where this range will b available.. am eagerly waiting..

  4. hi neha..loved the review but the shade selection saddens me;((((am dusky but not as dusky as the darkest shade..i cant see any shade that will suit me;(((

        1. ummm…thats a good suggestion,but i am a newbie at make up so not so sure about mix n match part…

          Btw this is the best review on a foundation i have ever read(trust me,i have read my fair share).the way you have touched upon so many points its just amazing 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. one of the best reviews on a foundation i’ve read! luvd how u covered the imp points! 🙂
    so tempted to get this! will surely check it out 🙂

  6. Wow Neha!!.. need to get this one… By the way.. does this photograph well?? ..SPF 20 is good but would it look ghostly in pics??

  7. Wow Neha, what a nice review….I shd have picked up the foundation instead of the compact. Which shade would suit me you think from the foundations?

  8. OMG Neha thank you so much for that lovely review! I have been using Oriflame peach me perfect for like FOREVERRRR and I need a new one! This is it for sure 🙂
    I just hope its available in Pune.

    Neha when you say it covers blemishes and pores, does it mean one can avoid concealers totally? (assuming one has no acne scars and very light under-eye dark circles)…

  9. Neha thank you sooo much, I was waiting with bated breath for this review…I am gonna pick this up as soon as I can get out of bed 🙂

  10. OMG….i think this is the answers to all my prayers…thanks neha for reviewing this so well…i was so keenly waiting for this one 🙂

  11. thanks neha… wanted to buy a good foundation for months… but didnt want to waste money again… hazelnut star looks perfect for me…

  12. Fantastic job on the reviews, Neha! I’m so looking forward to your take on the lipsticks 😀 I think I’ll give this foundation a try! Any idea where they’re available in Bangalore?

  13. Hi Neha is this better than the Maybelline Dream foundation? From your review, I’m quite in love with this but can’t decide on the shade. Maybe the second shade will suit me, me being yellow toned and all. Then again, my complexion lightens a lot in winters so I’m quite confused. And the fact that I’v never used foundation doesn’t help.

  14. Shades r very limited…i swatched it once in a store..but was confused to buy or not..thinking of trying my luck with hazelnut star..:)

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