Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick: Red Rose Review

Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick: Red Rose Review

Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick Red Rose Review


Rs. 240

Long ago, I fell head-over-heels over two shades from this range from Lotus Herbals, Peach Creme and Pink Blush.  I still have them and love them a lot.  Then again, I picked up another one called “Carnation,” which is a light peachy carrot shade which looks great in the tube, but horrid on the lips and makes me look dull and dark 😛 So, I got rid of it and tried not to look at the brand Lotus Herbals anymore. Somehow, I don’t find Lotus Herbals very attractive enough to buy and the packing is also not very inviting. I would any day put my money in Revlon’s classic gold and black packing from the “Super Lustrous” range, but with respect to Lotus Herbals, a shade has to really call me out to be purchased.

Red Rose 1

For a very long time, I wanted this colour in “Red Rose,” but I always thought it will be a very deep red, maybe with maroon undertones like the name suggests. So, I refrained from ordering it online, but last week, I visited “Beauty Center” in Pune, and I saw this and this was the only shade that appealed enough to me. I realized it was a very offbeat red and had to pick it up 😛

This is a carroty-pinkish-red and not so deep.  The texture again is lighter and not thick or creamy, but light, soft, and moisturizing, something most of us would wear any day. The color again, is lovely, a soft pinkish red which is rare to find. Most of us shy away from wearing reds every day, but I can bet most of us would wear this kind of soft red any time of the week.

Red Rose 2

I like the soft moisture finish this has.  It goes on thick and creamy, but not as thick to deposit a layer on the lips. It also doesn’t dry out much and stays glossy for two hours.  After two hours, I think it turns into a matte red. After meals as is obvious, it gets accumulated towards the lip liner only and nothing remains. So, don’t expect much staying power because it’s a soft and moisturizing lipstick and not a long wear one.  Dry lips would love it too 🙂  The lipstick smells a little floral, but nothing that I dislike.

Red Rose 3

These were initially Rs. 200 each and then Rs. 225 and now they are Rs. 240, so these are in close competition to Maybelline Moisture Extreme, Color Velvet Matte, and Streetwear Satin Smooth lipsticks since most “everyday lipsticks” range from Rs. 200 to 250 these days.

Red Rose 4

This shade reminds me of Fiery Orange by Faces and Cha Cha Cherry by Revlon Super Lustrous, both of which have been reviewed, but ofcourse, those are darker than this one.

Pink Lips

Last Word on Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick:  Red Rose

This is a soft pinky red that most of us would like with a soft glossy finish.  I really like this shade and I also want to suggest top five shades from Lotus Herbals Pure Colors range, which are Peach Creme, Pink Blush, Rose Wood, Carnation, and Red Rose.  Do try one for sure!

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45 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick: Red Rose Review

  1. they look lovely and i have an array of shades to choose from but how much do they last for?are they better over krylon lipstcisk which am planing to buy next.any reader has any comments?

  2. lippie gal…..ati sundar :* neha pata hai i got thrilling pink from colorbar velvette matte range, i loved the colour so much but after 2 hours it turned bright fuschia pink n the way it stained my lips…..god! i had to use lip make up remover to get rid of it.

  3. looks gorgeous on your lips Neha. I knew this post was from you. i always associate Lipstick and eye liner posts with you, Nail polishes with Jomol, Expensive products typically with Rati, FOTD from Rati, Sahar; Interestng and unique articles from Surabhi and JW, Homemade DIY from Somreeta. Parita, ERA and gang also put some wonderful stuff..:)

  4. I loooove this shade…and you are bang on when you list those shades as their 5 best lippies…I am personally using Carnation a lot, love it.
    I think I will pick this one up too, love it on your lips.

  5. this color is looking gorgeous on u neha… loveeee ur LOTDs 🙂 🙂 u have the perfect lips.. u seem to make lippies look sooo good 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. neha your lips swatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can never have enough of them! And each time i see them i rush to buy the products online! You know what lippie companies should pay you incentives for doing lip swatches of their products! They are so convincing!

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