Love Spell EDT by Victoria’s Secret Review

Love Spell EDT by Victoria’s Secret

Hello ladies!!!

How are the summer days going? Yeah I know it has been very hot these days and more is come with the month of June arriving in just few days. Well best of luck with heat friends hihihi…. Today I am going to do review on love spell EDT by Victoria’s secret. And yes Victoria’s secret again….yeaiiiiiii. I know I am just obsessed with this brand fragrances. Actually I had love spell body mist earlier and I liked it so much that I decided to buy EDT of it. Since the body mist of love spell have already been reviewed. I thought of reviewing the EDT version of this particular fragrance. So let’s get started the review guys…..


What Does the Product Says: Love spell EDT with cherry blossom and peach is seductive and alluring. The perfect finishing touch. Spray on for the scent that lingers.

PRICE: $12


My Experience with Love Spell EDT by Victoria’s Secret:

Love spell EDT by Victoria’s secret comes in a violet colored rectangular packaging. The color is very vibrant. It’s a 30 ml cylindrical bottle with the gold cap. The cap is very tight and the spraying nozzle is also quite nice and effective. The bottle is transparent with very light purple colored potion inside it. I just loved the packaging. It’s pretty and cute.


This fragrance is from their VS fantasies collection. Love spell is a typical Victoria secret kind of fragrance. The fragrance is a perfect combination of floral and fruitiness. There is lot of cherry blossom and peach in it, one can smell it very easily. It smells like fruit juice. The fragrance is little bit sweet and kind of flirty. Close your eyes while smelling it and you will feel like you are in a garden full of flowers and fruits especially the peaches, and you’ll thank this brand for producing such a great fragrances.

I feel so calm and confident after applying it that I can’t resist myself from using it every day. The name of the fragrance is very apt. the liquid inside the bottle is really a magical potion or kind of spell which will make your someone special fall in love with you. I just love this fragrance. I have received many compliments for it. One of friend literally said ye fruity-fruity khushboo kha se aa rhi hai. And there I was smiling and telling her that it’s me-it’s me with my Love Spell EDT from VS. So now I think you can imagine how great this fragrance is. It’s a fragrance which I think everyone will love. You should definitely try this one. Yes, ones who don’t like to smell fruity may not like it.


It doesn’t cause any kind of irritation or rash on my skin. The fragrance lasts for almost for the entire day. For the first 7-8 hours quite significantly and later it becomes lighter but you can smell it all day. The product is very handy and travel friendly. It easily fits into my purse. It is a very classy piece which is worth giving a try. So go for it IMBB’ians.

Pros of Love Spell EDT by Victoria’s Secret:

1. Classy packaging
2. Fragrance is fantastic
3. Perfect for summers
4. Very handy
5. Travel friendly
6. Staying power


Cons of Love Spell EDT by Victoria’s Secret:

I don’t think there is any. It’s a very nice fragrance and I am in complete love with it.

WILL I REPURCHASE IT? Yes, I will surely do. I already had it in mist and now I have this in EDT and will buy another one as soon as I am done with this one.


I hope you liked the review. See you next time. Have a nice day lovesss.

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6 thoughts on “Love Spell EDT by Victoria’s Secret Review

  1. I think i have sniffed this once but dont remember completely *cry* But your 5/5 will make this sniff again *drool*

  2. Anyone knows where it is available in India. Really want to get this but only fragrance mists are available online *pan*

    1. Aruna, if u r in delhi, u can try at Kunchal’s in GK market…they keep it but they charge u a bomb….i got VS stuff from US much cheaper…

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