Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Candy Baby Double Mist Review

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Candy Baby Double Mist Review

Victoria's Secret Candy Baby Body Double Mist Review

Product Claim:
A doubly sweet hydration sensation! Two layers of skin conditioners and fragrance mix things up for soft, scented skin. Shake well, spritz it on, and sugarcoat it with Candy, Baby scent—an indulgent duo of spun sugar and warm vanilla.

It’s part of the Beauty Rush line and the regular price of this 250ml or 8 fl oz bottle is $12. Bought from sellers here in Manila for 500 pesos or approximately Rs 500.

Okay, this is cute and pink and that’s what made me notice it. The bottle has two layers- what looks like pink liquid at the top and a clear oil at the bottom. Its advised to shake it well before use, and after shaking, it becomes a lighter, even pink color all over.

Bottle after shaking:

Bottle After Shaking


The scent smells pretty much as cute as the bottle looks. Candy, Baby smells to me like a nice cross between cotton candy and a strawberry lollipop. It’s sweet, yes, but this product is very lightly scented. The candy sweet scent is actually soft and doesn’t make my nose hurt with its sweetness. I tend to spray this six to seven times on each arm and leg, and even after applying that much, the scent still remains light, and not overpowering, even to my mom who dislikes sweet, candyish scents.

It’s a body double mist and is different from the typical Victoria’s Secret body mists because it provides mild moisturization to the skin and feels like a very light dry oil. It’s not greasy and doesn’t leave a sheen, even. It dries off in a matter of seconds and just leaves my skin softer.

• Provides light moisturization to the skin.
• It’s easy to spread all over since it’s sprayed on and has a lightweight, dry oil consistency.
• It dries off quickly and does not make me feel greasy at all, not even my hands after I’ve finished putting this all over.
• It has simple, sturdy, but cute packaging- pink due to the liquid inside. The cap isn’t flimsy and stays put.
• It’s very mildly scented and isn’t strong at all. You’ll probably only be able to smell it if you stood very, very close to me. Lovely to use after a shower, for added moisture and a soft, sweet scent.
• I’m surprised, but I like the scent of this. I thought I had outgrown candyish scents, but this isn’t strong or annoyingly sweet at all. I find it quite pleasant and cheerful.

• If used daily on the arms and legs, one bottle will probably last just one month, which would be a bit expensive (for me) since each bottle costs $12.
• Not for those looking for a highly scented, long-lasting body mist. This is only mildly scented, as I’ve kept mentioning, and the scent only lingers for a couple of hours.
• May not be available in all countries aside from the USA.

Overall, I’m enjoying using the Victoria’s Secret Candy Baby Double Mist. If you prefer light, gentle, and sweet scents and don’t mind if they don’t last the whole day, I highly recommend this product! It’s a nice bonus too that this is moisturizing, though it’s geared towards those with normal skin and not dry skin, since it just provides light moisturization. I have rather dry skin and I still follow this up with lotion. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a body mist that will stick around the whole day and which everyone in the same room as you will be able to smell, this might not be for you. For me this was a nice buy and I’m digging it.

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27 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Candy Baby Double Mist Review

  1. Candy? Sweet? Lollipop?! GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!
    :woot: :woot: :woot:
    I love candy so much that I’ve already had one root canal treatment. :hihi:
    I think I’ll resume my search for sweet scents once more. 😀

      1. I’m sure I will,considering the fact that my favourite body mist right now is the Natural wonders tempting apple. :preen:

    1. It’s pretty good Rati. :)) Naw, not really, the consistency of this is more like a cross between a body mist and a dry oil. :))

  2. used it.loved it.was my hg for 5 months 3 years back:)gud one ida and its super to buy br products in the vs offers nah.15 for 3 ones 🙂

  3. this one seems really fun..and some perfumes, sprays, body lotons even if you dont use them they just look so fab on the dressing mirror so its worth buying it anyways..:)

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