Victoria’s Secret Moisture Luxe Body Mist with Shea Essence Review

Victoria’s Secret Moisture Luxe Body Mist with Shea Essence Review

Hi IMBBians,

How are you doing?  I have always been crazy about fragrances. I have a huge collection of perfumes, scented lotions, etc.  This time,I wanted to buy body mists. What else than Victoria’s Secret would have been my choice? So, I bought Victoria’s Secrete Luxe Body Mist  with Shea Essence – Warm Embrace.  It took me not more than two minutes to pick up this one and I love having this in my collection.



I got it for Rs 750 for 250 ml.

Product Description:

Experience the luxury of shea. Indulgent formula is infused with nourishing shea essence and conditioning aloe vera. Spray on for a touch of sensual scent.

Body Mist 2

My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Moisture Luxe Body Mist with Shea Essence:


Body Mist 3

It is a transparent bottle with purple-colored mist liquid which appears very attractive and girly. The name is printed in dark purple. (matching matching). The spray nozzle is green colored with a transparent cap.


The fragrance is just awwwwwesome. It is a very likeable kind of fragrance which I am sure most of you will like. It contains notes of vanilla and Mongolia blossom. The fragrance is neither so strong making it wearable for both day and night, nor is it very dim making it noticeable too.

Body Mist 4

It does not contain any shimmer, so it can be used on a daily basis. It also does moisturise according to its claim, not as much as a moisturiser, but it does. So that means it is a perfect combination. The amount is also fairly good at this price.

Body Mist 5

Now, the best part is, while I applied it once in the morning after shower, I was able to smell it even when I woke up the next day (just imagine). May be in summers, I will have to use it twice a day, but even that is fair enough for me.

Body Mist 6

So, from now on, I will indulge more in body mists. 😉

Body Mist 7

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Moisture Luxe Body Mist with Shea Essence:

  • Very nice fragrance, which is neither too light nor too strong.
  • Moisturizes.
  • Remains for a fairly long time.
  • Contains shea and aloe vera essence.
  • Cute packaging, which makes one pick it up real soon.
  • Apt amount at this price.
  • As we know, Victoria’s Secret mist bottles are made of plastic which makes it unbreakable.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Moisture Luxe Body Mist with Shea Essence:

  • None for me.

Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase Victoria’s Secret Moisture Luxe Body Mist with Shea Essence?

Yes, I think everyone should give it a try. I will buy other variants of Victoria’s Secret body mists as well.

IMBB Rating:


Until next time, stay in style.

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12 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Moisture Luxe Body Mist with Shea Essence Review

  1. i am not hue on the shea fragrance bit I am pretty addicted to body mists myself. 😀 Loving the TBS range these days. 🙂 this sounds nice. 🙂

    1. try this one rati di, it’ll be a change from TBS range but it is really nice. 🙂 🙂 me getting addicted too… 🙂 😉

  2. i myself is an addict to body mists and I prefer to pair it with the same body lotion for a long lasting fragrance…BTW where do we get Victoria secret in India?…is bath and body works also available here? I am not sure, please help

    1. hey saloni… bath and body works and victoria’s secret both are available online… i have bought this from rajauri market in delhi… 🙂

  3. ohh really??…i have ordered these online many times but never knew if we have them available in stores here…Thanks for letting me know Sahiba 🙂

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