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Chanel Base Lumiere is my holy grail primer. I am almost done with the previous bottle so bought a new one. Full review HERE
chanel base lumiere

My love and hate relationship with MAC Pro Palettes but you know, they are a home to my lovely blush collection. So gotta love them. 🙂

mac blush pelette

I have been so obsessed with oversize grey tees of late. the left one is super old from f 21. And right one I picked up from Zara man’s section. Should have just shopped from Sanjeev’s closet of gazillion grey tees. MEN!!  😛 But I wanted a perfect one for myself. hihhih

grey tees

8 out of 10 times I try to eat healthy but sometimes I let go. And coffee with a piece of cake is my favourite thing in the world! 😀

rati beauty ad

Coffee and cake


33 thoughts on “Currently Loving

  1. I love oversized tees *hifive* *happydance* they are comfortable than any other clothing *haan ji* i have sooo many still at times i pick some from my bro’s closet *hihi* and i am having coffee right now *hifive* same pinch *hifive* ut i don’t have a cake lol *waaa*

  2. Saloni i hav prepard dat same cake.. Tutti frutti one wud u lik to hav it.. As m sum1 who prepares cake bt i dont hav it lol..

      1. ohhh y dont you eat it ?? *shock* i love tutti frutti *pompom* i am the opposite like eating but get bored making it lol rofl

  3. Hey Rati..!! same pinch..I bought a grey tee myself yesterday only….. *hifive* also a huge cake from my flatmate’s b’day which we finished yesterday..!! *happy dance* *happydance* *happydance* *happydance*

  4. Missing coffee with cake *cry* *cry*
    Daily me and my bf uff fiance used to go for coffee in our office premises..
    Now he has moved to some other city, so missing my coffee treat..
    Even i have purchased boyfriend Tshirt and will come up with OOTD soon 🙂 🙂

  5. I love light gray tees! Only problem is you can’t really wear them on an outdoor excursion because they tend to show up sweat really well 😛 But otherwise, they rock!
    And coffee with cake 🙁 Why oh why? 😛 I love coffee and anything. 😀 😀

  6. Coffee with cake/ muffins is my absolute fav fav *drool* *drool*

    I’m wearing a grey tee right now.. Love them 😀

    1. reminds me I havent had muffin since a while now. 😛 😛 me too wearing another grey tee.. it has lauren and hardy printed on it rofl

  7. Eeee… the grey tshirts.. like even for outing i want to wear them… *happy dance*
    n ya cake with coffee.. n doughnut with coffee too from MOD… i had it yesterday… *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* (I hope Nidhi is not seeing this *secret* *secret* )

  8. Yummmmmmmmy cake with coffee…nahin tea I want…..its raining here……I want cake now *waaa* *waaa* *waaa* *waaa* *waaa*

  9. Coffee and cake… ahh now I wish to go to a café all the more.. been pestering my hubby for an hour or so, but he is hell bent on watching the match first and then considering a cappuccino sometime in the evening… Men, I tell ya! *waaa*

  10. Rati,

    after reading your Chanel Primer wala review I purchased it here before going to India.
    My skin type is damn dry. I applied moisturiser then primer then foundation. but even then end result was flaky skin at the wedding. How do you use this primer??????????
    And suggest me ways not to look so dry even with makeup

  11. wooooooooo.. coffe wid cake.. we just had same brunch today.. *happydance* *happy dance*
    Chanel is still beyond my reach.. *cry*
    so cute and happening blushes.. *powder* I got to know abt different blushes thru imbb.. a big thanx to imbb.. *jai ho*
    a, slo rushing to store to get grey tees now.. *shy* *puchhi* ultimate pics *jai ho*

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