Lush Brazened Honey Mask Review

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Lush Brazened honey mask

Lush Brazened honey is a “fresh” face mask from Lush made from natural ingredients and no/ very less preservatives. I’ve used this quite a number of times now and I think it’s ok to review it.

What does Lush claim this face mask does:

A powerhouse of effective ingredients for all tired skins. Refreshing herbs and fruit juice are blended with warming Ayurvedic herbs and spices. With almonds to polish and moisturizing honey, this blend leaves the skin vibrant and reinvigorated. Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave for five to ten minutes, then rinse with warm water massaging gently. Keep chilled.

Price: Rs 620 for 100 gms/ $7.95 for 2.6 oz.

What I think about this:

The mask was tempting enough to try since it contained all the ingredients that are essential for healthy, glowing skin.
The concept of fresh face masks from Lush is really nice. The only gripe is that it expires fast and needs extra care with storage. Not just with this one, but with most products from lush, Storage is the key. If we leave it outside of the fridge, the shelf life reduces drastically.

Also, if you live in the US, these are available in-stores only and not online because by the time they arrive they would have reached the expiration date! Other Lush stores ship them though. 🙁

Almonds to polish, Moisturizing honey, Turmeric and ginger as antiseptics and lime are the key ingredients :).What’s not to like? Everything is natural and safe. But does this work? Read on.

A look at the Mask. It’s the usual black lush jar; I find the packaging to be rather attractive although it’s a bit unhygienic.

Lush Fresh Face Mask

The mask is yellow in colour, pretty thick and chunky in places. This makes it a bit difficult to spread. Sometimes it makes a mess by chunks of mask falling off the face until dry.

Lush Brazened honey mask

Some water/rose water can be mixed if it gets too thick. I apply it everywhere except eye area. I think it’s safe to use it there also since it doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients (I smell mostly turmeric, almonds and honey and all these are good to be used on the under eye area). I haven’t tried it though. 🙂

Lush Brazened honey mask

I am not too sure if this really helped my skin that much. They say it perks up tired, dull skin, detoxifies, exfoliates n all that. To me, it just moisturizes very well that’s all. Cleanses skin to an extent. As a result of moisturizing, skin feels really soft. I did not see much of a perk up with this one.
We can make a similar DIY pack at home and I am pretty sure it will give fab results.IMBB already has some of the Lush one’s . 🙂 Agreed that some masks from Lush are really worth it, with this one I am pretty sure we have all the ingredients in our kitchen to make it. 🙂

What I like about this mask:

  • Quality Ingredients
  • Moisturizes well
  • Smells decent. Smells of a usual homemade mask with a hell lot of turmeric . 🙂

What I dislike about this mask:

  • Price is too high. Considering we have to store it in the fridge and take extra care since it expires within a couple of weeks.
  • Wastage of product due to a short shelf life . 🙁  Even if I use it twice a week, there is still some wastage.
  • Just to show you the size of the mask. The minuscule amount that we get for the price paid .

Will I Repurchase this one? Probably, No. I am glad that it did not break me out. But neither did it do much. If you want something that moisturizes well and softens, then this is worth a shot. Like me, if you are going to think this may do a bit of skin brightening (I read this at the Lush UK site), then I am not sure.

I would definitely like to try other fresh face masks available from Lush. The Catastrophe cosmetic is the best fresh face mask I have tried so far (will review that sometime).

Lush usually doesn’t disappoint that much. As far as this one is concerned, I wouldn’t say it is a total let down. It’s good, but nothing special.

IMBB Rating : :-* :-*:-*+0.5

Have you tried Fresh Face Masks from lush? Do you like Brazened honey?

Share your thoughts.


18 thoughts on “Lush Brazened Honey Mask Review

  1. Oh I know Appu…because we can probably ground almond and add honey and turmeric….nothing exotic about that….waiting for your review on the Catastrophe………….

  2. You know, the only reason i don’t pick up most of their stuff is because it gets expired so soon. 🙁 I wish they decrease both their price and quantity , it would be a win-win situation for all.

    But this looks so exotic. 😛

    Glad you did the review. Some more money saved for MAC. :rotfl:

    1. Haha yeah…but u know wat the catastrophe cosmetic lasted more than a month. I thought it would expire in a couple of weeks and stopped using it beyond the specified date…and then a week later i opened it and was still fine 🙂

      1. By the way Rati, I got angels on bare skin and i am lovin’ it so far 🙂 its bloody expensive..i paid $11 for the smallest size 😀

        1. I think I must repurchase it now. he he. It was awesome. I really don’t get time to make stuff at home. I end up not doing it at all. Atleast if something is handy, I can always use it. 🙂

          My angels on the bare skin was also fine even after the expiry date. I stored it in the fridge. 🙂

          1. Yeah…u must re-purchase 🙂 …I already decided I am gonna get the second one 🙂 After using this I don’t feel like using any other cleanser 😉

  3. Nice review Appu, I love face masks too but Lush is one brand I am yet to try yet, as Rati said the prices and shelflife of the pdt kinda puts me off..but lets see :-)) , will wait for ur catastrophe rev

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