Banjara’s Herbals Hibiscus Powder Review

Banjara’s Herbals Hibiscus Powder

Hello Everyone

Hope you all remember my DIY on hibiscus hair mask for hairfall. I love using hibiscus powder and especially the flower powder but sometimes it is difficult to find flowers to make powder. So I decided to order one pack of Banjara’s Herbals Hibiscus Powder for myself. And after using it for 2 weeks, here I am reviewing it for you guys.


Product Info: Hibiscus is used to prevent hair fall, thickening of hair & helps in treating baldness. Hibiscus is most effective and has been found in clinical trials that it not only stimulates glands but also increases the growth of hair.

Regular use of Hibiscus powder keeps hair soft and manageable. It is also useful in cooling along with hair growth. It has property of imparting dark color to hair. It is also useful in recurrent dandruff and scalp irritation.

Price: INR 95 for 100 gm


My Experience with Banjara’s Herbals Hibiscus Powder

We all know the benefits of Hibiscus powder for hair growth. For the hair, hibiscus is a gentle cleanser (slightly on the acidic side of neutral), and a conditioning herb that helps decrease hair shedding by strengthening and conditioning the roots, increases shine, creates volume, adds a reddish tint to the hair (more prominent on lighter hair), promotes hair growth, and helps with scalp disorders. It is also great as a gentle scalp scrub. Hibiscus increases the growth of hair by stimulating the glands.

The powder comes in a thick polythene cover packed in a cardboard box. I will transfer the powder into an airtight container as otherwise it is difficult to store it. The colour powder is slight reddish and becomes dark red when mixed with rose water/water. It is recommended to use this powder with rose water but I use it with curd (as in my DIY post). It gives great results, not only conditions my hair and also adds a nice shine to my hair.

Other ways of using the hibiscus powder include infusing it with essential oils and using it with vinegar as a final rinse.


Pros of Banjara’s Herbals Hibiscus Powder

• Herbal product.
• Very effective.
• For the quality and quantity the price is affordable.
• Makes hair soft and shiny with less effort.
• Definitely helps reducing the hairfall


Cons of Banjara’s Herbals Hibiscus Powder

• Complete ingredients list is missing
• Packaging should have been better
• Availability

Last Word: This is an excellent alternative to pure hibiscus flower powder. I would continue buying it. I just love how hibiscus benefits in such great ways. By the way has anyone of you tried Hibiscus Passion Tea at Starbucks…. 😛 😛 ?? Try it…it is very refreshing!!

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13 thoughts on “Banjara’s Herbals Hibiscus Powder Review

    1. Neha, Banjara produces good products *pompom* , no need to worry .. just read the review ones, I love their multanni mitti.. 🙂 🙂

  1. Ohhh it imparts dark colour to your hair… *shock* i always colour my hair to make them look light.. *haan ji* so this would have an opposite effect.. *cry*

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