MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil Dynamo Review, Swatch


Claims : A new generation of longwearing lip pencil technology. Glides on fluidly and adheres instantly. Defines the lips with an instant release of rich, saturated colour. Pro-longs the hours between re-application. Transfer proof.

Price : Rs 1,800 for 1.2 gm

My Experience : 

I am always using lip pencils on and off. But of late I have been more regular than before. I picked up this Prolongwear lip pencil in Dynamo last month. I have used quite a bit so that is why the pencil looks a bit shorter. I bought this lip pencil mainly for the color. Although I had read the cons in Rashmita’s review of Staunchly Stylish Lip Pencil. The color dynamo was too irresistible to pick.

Dynamo is a gorgeous neon coral pink shade. It’s almost a shocking pink color and totally not for the weak hearted. Plus the color stays put as bright throughout. So it’s not the kind of shade that you would wear bright and would settle to a softer version of it. It stays the shocking pink that it is from the beginning to the end.

  • The lip pencil is creamy and glides of easily. But it is not very creamy. It’s almost like a crayon creamy kinds.
  • It is super pigmented.
  • It makes a great base for your orange and deep coral lip colors.
  • It does not have any taste or smell to it.
  • It goes on evenly. But boy! if you have dry lips, it would look so bad. Especially with a color as bright as this, it is almost unforgivable if you use it on dry or chapped lips. So use it only on good lips days or exfoliate and moisturise well. OR apply a lipstick or lip balm on top of it.
  • It makes a comfortable wear but sometimes I do find it a bit drying. So I mostly apply a lip balm on top of it because I absolutely adore the lip color.
  • The finish is matte and looks gorgeous when your lips are in good condition.
  • I love that it comes in a sharpen-able form. Although there is a bit of product wastage every time you sharpen the pencil but I like working with a fresh sharp tip every time.
  • It is transfer proof.
  • The staying power is crazy awesome. It survives full meals like no other lip pencil would. I always have to remove it with a makeup remover to get rid of last traces of lip pencil from my lips.
  • One more con I would like to write is that it gets used up pretty fast. I mean after 1-2 usages only I have to sharpen it to get the sharp tip back.

Overall, I like the original MAC lip pencils  more than the pro longwear ones. I feel the original pencils are creamier and more comfortable on lips than this one. I would only repurchase these ones for a particular shade such as Dynamo. I am obsessed with this color. I am sure I’d finish up the pencil pretty soon! 😀

Rating : 3.9/5

MAC Prolongwear lip pencil dynamo

MAC Pro longwear lip pencil dynamo

MAC Prolongwear lip pencil dynamo 1

MAC Pro longwear lip pencil dynamo review, swatch

Swatch :

MAC Pro longwear lip pencil dynamo swatch

FOTD : mac-dynamo

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12 thoughts on “MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil Dynamo Review, Swatch

  1. Hey! Long time! U had mentioned this one in some post, so I went ahead n bought it a couple of weeks back – along with Heroine. Just to update everyone, the Prolongwear lip pencils now cost 1800!!! YES!! 1800!!

    I totally agree with you – the colour is fantastic. But I had another issue with it, the tip kept breaking – which is extremely annoying coz of the wastage. 🙁 And at that cost!!

    1. Hey, how are you? 🙂

      Wow! have been trying to get hands on heroine for a while. Are you liking it? 🙂

      I’d just update the price. Oh! Thankfully i did not face the breaking problem. Totally hate it when that happens! Enjoy while it lasts! 🙂

      1. Hey! Still struggling with CTS – doctors suggesting operation but I’m trying to avoid. Just started with Homeo treatment – let’s hope it works.

        I was trying to get Heroine lippy – my store had only piece but their scanner wasn’t working – kept following up for whole week. Finally picked it from INDIA duty free mac – they were better stocked! LOVE LOVE LOVE the shade. I wanted the pencil too. Couldn’t find it anywhere here or in Singapore. Was picking up Dynamo at my store n the SA offered to give me HEROINE too n I was surprised. Apparently, somebody reserved it but didn’t buy it. Lucky me! Haven’t tried it yet though. Hope to review the lippy soon. I’m sure you’ll love the colour.

  2. That’s a gorgeous colour. 🙂 I am not much into lip liner but would love to have a similar color lipstick. Can you suggest me a similar colored lipstick which is available in India?

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