MAC Brick Lip Pencil Review

MAC Brick Lip Pencil

A pencil designed for shaping, lining or filling in the lip. Lip Pencils have a smooth, creamy texture that is perfect for lining the lips or filling them in. They are long-lasting and available in a wide selection of colors that each work well with many different lipstick shades.

MAC Lip Pencil Brick
Mac describes this as intense golden red..

I finally got my first MAC lip liner, I know these cost as much as the lipstick, sigh, but you need one so you get one and you pay for the brand,I have no complaints about the liner any way. I love brick reds and this one is no exception.

MAC Lip Pencil Brick (5)
The liner comes in a nice box and the grey-black pencil looks so pretty.The cap goes on vacuum on the pencil so no scope of dryness if left. The pencil is pretty long and due to the cap going in securely, you can carry it around or may be use the box for that it comes in.
MAC Lip Pencil Brick (3)
I love the pencil, its a true red, ( I wonder if it could be orangey brick red because the name says brick) well no so orange-y in tones but still I like this red,the pencil feels very soft and creamy and glides on well, no signs of dryness whatsoever and still it is not that thick like the Colorbar ones that it would leave no thick lines, it looks smooth after application.
MAC Lip Pencil Brick (4)
The pencil is long enough and will last you quite a while, it does not crumble or break but yet it feels creamy enough,it does not set on application like some pencils do, it stays soft and you can actually smudge it as well. It is superbly pigmented and the color stays on for two hours and then it leaves behind a stain of soft red that lasts you another three hours easily.
MAC Lip Pencil Brick (9)
This is what I love about this liner, the soft faded shade stays with you for a long time, so your lips dont look so nude you know.I think it also helps to keep your lipsticks from bleeding but since it does not set and is smudge-able after application, dont count on it too much to help prevent bleeding.
MAC Lip Pencil Brick (11)
As a base to a gloss too it works fine for three hours after that the creaminess tends to melt away with the gloss, as a lipstick, it might be too dry for some but I dont have dry lips so I cant comment on that.
MAC Lip Pencil Brick (6)
The shade is an awesome matte red for whole lip application, looks great and works very well as a matte lipstick. As a lipstick it would transfer easily and stays for three or less hours but again it leave a very nice hint of red behind.
MAC Lip Pencil Brick Swatch
Honestly, it would be like all other soft lip liners you might have tried, just that this is the brand you are paying for, but that does not make me find faults with a good product. I know it is too much to pay one grand on a lip pencil, apart from that the pencil is really nice, no doubt you can find other similar soft pencils around.
MAC Lip Pencil Brick (2)
Overall no complaints, just that many of us would like to get a lipstick instead of a liner from MAC 😛 well but we always need lip liners.
MAC Lip Pencil Brick Swatch (2)

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  1. Queen of lippies *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* this is a superb shade… and lovely lotd *happy dance* *happy dance* i would love to try these lip liners *drool*

  2. Soooo pretty *drool* *drool* .. I think u bring the best of every shade neha.. This color is just sooooo tempting to try it … *woot* *waaa* *waaa* I want it now

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