MAC Wipes Review and Experiment

MAC Wipes Review

This was one of the best gifts I got for my birthday this year. This was a surprise, though Priya promised me to give a gift that I would love. I really wanted to buy these wipes myself when the MUA at MAC used it to wipe my makeup, but the price made me hesitate a bit. Almost everyday from then I used to tell my friends how much I loved it and I should have got one for myself. Priya took a note of it and gave this awesome gift when she herself doesnโ€™t own one. Thanks a lot Priya : )

MAC Wipes
MAC Claims

Swipes away makeup, smudges, dirt and grime, pronto! Oversized, luxurious, super-saturated with special MAC cleanser infused with protective vitamin E. Hydrates and nourishes highly efficiently. Extremely refreshing. Totally addictive. Slickly packed, re-sealable, ready to go!

MAC Wipes Lid

These wipes are available in small and big variants where the small one has 45 sheets and costs Rs.1000 and the big one has 100 sheets that costs Rs.1500. I know these are pretty expensive ๐Ÿ™

I got the one with 45 sheets and I am so excited that I posses one. I treasure these wipes not only because of the price but also the way it works on me. I have used other wipes and none has ever been so good on my skin and on top of all that the fragrance is just mesmerizing. It also moisturizes my skin while I remove my make up and I can just sleep with it not to worry about my skin anymore.

What I like about MAC wipes?

  • These wipes just wipes off every single bit of makeup from my skin including waterproof mascaras. Also my eye gets completely cleansed from the eye make up and leaves a fresh glowing skin.
  • I love the way these wipes smell and it leaves the fragrance on my cleansed skin as well. I just love sleeping with this smell on me. It is very mild and hence not at all disturbing.
  • The sheets are very moisturizing [note that they have Vitamin E]. After I have wiped my make up the skin looks glowing as if I have applied some moisturizer. It never leaves my skin dry and that is another major reason I love these wipes compared to other ones available in the market.
  • The packaging is neat and perfect with the lid being intact. The lid doesnโ€™t allow the wipes to dry out and hence this can be used for a pretty long period of time. The re-sealable packaging is an added advantage.
  • As MAC claims these sheets are completely addictive. Given a discount or sale I am all set to get the 100 sheets pack. This is one product which I donโ€™t mind stocking up.
  • Though these wipes are moisturizing they have never caused me any breakouts.
  • Easily available in all MAC stores.
  • I have even used it to alter or adjust my makeup during application.
  • It is really refreshing while I swipe it on my face. How much ever my face is clean after wiping it with a sheet like this I wonโ€™t get satisfied until I splash some water before I go to bed but with this one I am satisfied just with the swipes.
  • While swiped in and around the eye area does not cause any irritation in my eyes, even when I take off my mascara.
  • These wipes donโ€™t dry very quickly. I need not rush up while removing the dirt, dust or makeup and I take my own time concentrating on each part one by one.
  • Sometimes when I look very dull or tired I just wipe my face with these sheets and it gives a refreshed look in few seconds. Just cleansing my skin does make a difference.
Maybelline lipstick 3 swipes and eyeliner
Maybelline lipstick 3 swipes and eyeliner
After the 1st swipe
MAC Wipes
After the 2nd swipe

What I donโ€™t like about MAC wipes?

  • The price is the only disadvantage according to me. It is too high for just a wipe. Though it does an awesome job I donโ€™t think it is justified for the price. I would use these wipes more frequently if at all the price is not this high!!!!
  • I am not sure whether this will suit people with extremely oily skin as the moisturizer does a great job on my combination skin. I will suggest people with oily skin to try it once before they buy it.
  • A travel size pack would really be helpful. I really canโ€™t carry these 45 sheets with me every time. Given a travel size pack I would even grab more from their stores and I think everyone would love one in that size. Wonโ€™t you?

My Rating โ€“ :-* :-* :-*:-* + 0.5

Would I Repurchase MAC Wipes? โ€“ Yes for sure. Might be in bulk ๐Ÿ˜‰


43 thoughts on “MAC Wipes Review and Experiment

  1. I love makeup wipes…am using Olay right now. I think with oilier skins, we don’t need another moisturizer after wiping because these are moisturizing enough.

    1. I love these wipes so much that I don’t even want to try anything else. :inlove: :inlove: As you say Radhika people with oily skin have other choices too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I remember the first time I went to MAC store, the SA removed my makeup with this sheet. From then on I have an eye on this. I was raving about it to everyone. It’s absolutely refreshing and the instant glow to my face… Reading about this product brings a huuuuuuuuuge smile on my face

    OMG… i can just go on and on about this product. Probably I should include this in my “list” :evilgrin:

    Awesome review…

  3. They do seem to work really well :yes: but yeah pretty expensive for wipes na….but i really like carrying a pack of wet wipes while travelling, they come very handy!!

    BTW so you and Priya are friends ha??

  4. Great! the much coveted one ๐Ÿ™‚ and can i borrow ur friend pls before my budday he he!) been eyeing this for a few yrs now , my friend’s first pick from MAC was this and she had introduced me to it! :$; I always left it for the price which i want to put into cosmetics (luckily nuthing on my face that necessitates special care ๐Ÿ˜‰ i may just use it for luxury)
    Clearly u r in love with it, and now tempting me :p
    y not we all here order in bulk and demand some discount LOL!
    .-= Gaea´s last blog ..MAC and Disney present Venomous Villians =-.

  5. Hi Aarti, ur lucky u have such thoughtful friends that give you such gifts.. MAC wipes are something I too wldnt probably buy for myself (the guilt of spending so much to wipe my face :D) but wld be a very thoughtful and loving gift idea especially for someone who lusting for them I guess :D. Ya but I agree, a travel pack would be an excellent can do buy for me too :yes:

  6. Wow!!! They sound so refereshing and relaxing….

    Gawd.. I had once proposed an idea to Rati, that i am gonna create a separate MAC account… But looking at the list I’ll need an FD!!!!

  7. I somehow never liked this when I tried it at the store..It always left a slimy layer on my skin and I felt as though my skin couldn’t breathe. I for one will never be able to get over washing my makeup away..ahh that clean feel ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. i use johnsons baby wipes and they work really well. remove about half of my waterproof mascara too. what made me pick them up was that they contain moisturisers and no alcohol. the logic goes that if they’re safe enough for a baby’s bottom, they’re safe enough for my face. ๐Ÿ˜›
    i personally love the mac wipes but would use them only if they’re gifted to me. too expensive for the measly number of sheets!

  9. These are so expensive. No doubt when I do swatches and ask for wet wipes they are always reluctant to give it to me. lolll!!!

    but these are lovely. I us himalaya wipes, would pick up Johnson’s next. Let’s see inka number kab aayega. Siggh!!

  10. arey nahi to….my mac store at noida is very generous with wet wipes,though i never knew that they were so expensive….and may be i visit that store quite less as compared to dear rati…:-P
    and yes i wud go with johnsons wipes like reema…comparatively inexpensive and may be safer too

  11. Lovely review…..gosh, I didn’t know these were so expensive. I also didn’t know they could be used as make up remover wipes. I have seen this packet of wipes so often at MAC, and thought they were just wet wipes! Enlightened now. BTW, just out of curiosity, that Maybelline lipstick you have on your hand looks so nice & shiny…..which shade is it?

    1. Hi Sabrina. I know it is pretty expensive, but just to get the feel walk in to their store, try some of their products and ask for their wipes ๐Ÿ˜‰

      And I am not a lipstick person so all I’ve got with me would be 2-5 lipsticks max and this Maybelline one I got long back. Will chk out the shade and update you tmw ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hey it is Maybelline Wet Shine Fusion-No 40-Shade: Glossy Grape. Actually the shade looks better directly.
      Really sorry Sabrina. Was held up with my baby shower preps and completely forgot to chk out the shade. Sorry for the delay ๐Ÿ™‚

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