Mahabhringraj Oil for Hair Review

Mahabhringraj Oil

mahabhringraj oil bottle
I just realized the need to change my hair oil. I went to an Ayurvedic shop and the person suggested me Mahabhringraj Oil- a Shriji Herbal product which cost Rs 115 for 200ml. The pack is also available in 100ml.

First Look:

It comes in a box yellowish green in colour and the oil is dark green colour contained n a glass bottle. It is a herbal product. At first look you may find it very old fashioned to use such a contained given that in today’s world we have such attractively packed products.
mahabhringraj oil
Colour and Texture
The oil is very thick, sticky and darkish green in colour.

Key Ingredients:

It is made up of several herbs. Fresh juice extracted from bhringraj and other pure herbs like Padmakastha,Lodhra, Bala, Haridra, DaruHaridra, NagKesar, Priyangu, Yashtimadhu, Anantmool are crushed and prepared in pure sesame (til) oil.

Mahabhringraj Oil Explains

Mahabhringraj oil is traditionally made from pure herbs like Bhringraj, Manjisth, Sariva, Hibiscus, Nagkeshar and other effective herbs.
mahabhringraj oil description
Stops hair fall, promotes hair growth, stops Premature greying of hair. Reduces headache and ensures good sleep.
The formula of the oil is based on age old Ayurvedic script Bhaishayjaratnavali. Nowadays youth and most of the people are suffering from greying and falling of hair. Mahabhringraj oil nourishes the hair roots preventing the above. Als hair fall activated in many diseases like fever, surgical procedures,delivery etc. stops by using this oil. Regular us of this oil strengthens hair, blackens it, removes dandruff and roughness of scalp skin and provides smoothness. Above all this oil is useful in headache, burning sensation of eyes, earache and beneficial for nostrils if oil put into it by drops. Incase of troticoils oil massage and fomentation to neck is beneficial.

Directions for use:

Take oil in palm and massage gently at the hair root level with fingertips. In burning sensation put a few drops of water in scalp and apply the oil. Oil must be put twice a week after a hair wash.

For external use only.

My Experience with Mahabhringraj Oil

When I started using the oil I found it very sticky and the packing very difficult to handle. It did not have a nozzle for the oil to flow. But it did remove all the dandruff and scalp skin roughness even providing a shine to my hair. Additionally it also prevented my hair fall. I was just overjoyed with the texture of my hair after applying this oil. You will see instant results.

Pros of Mahabhringraj Oil

1. It comes in 100ml, 200ml bottles and has its expiry date 4 years from the date of manufacture.
2. It is available an almost all chemist shops.
3. It is cost effective way to remove dandruff and prevent hair fall rather than most of other products and parlour treatments.

Cons of Mahabhringraj Oil

1. It is very sticky and make sure you wash your comb after you have used it on application of the oil. It did attract the ants when I kept my comb for an hour or so near the wash basin.
2. It does not have a nozzle hence remove it in a container and then apply it.
3. It has no visual appeal to attract the youngsters attention and looks like a product directly taken from “dadima ke nuskhe”.

My Rating: 4.75/5(Minus 0.25)

Will I buy Again: Ofcourse Yes!

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56 thoughts on “Mahabhringraj Oil for Hair Review

  1. dis bottle luks cheap..m nt lyking it :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: i guess d idiom..shakal pe mat jao..cmes true here.. :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  2. :shocked: Green Oil?! Sticky?! Just not the thing for me then. :nono:
    I already have sticky-sticky and oily scalp so I’ll probably just use it once and then make a :sick: face and move back to my almond oil. :lol2:

    1. Hi Pragnyadeepta,
      even I have an oily scalp and above it an oily skin..hence I just apply the oil overnight and wash it the next day…infact when I have used other oils I have got boils immediately but not this one…you can give it a try as our hair just not only needs almond oil as nutirition which is ofcourse good for our hair…but also other herbs which
      can be provided by this oil….you can get a smaller bottle…and give it a try…

  3. WELCOME TI IMBB–SIS…. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: ……gr8 review….n will surely get hold of this one…you ve been raving about off records also…. 😀

  4. have heard a lot abt this oil from my grandmom. i may try this sometime soon. I’m trying hard to grow my hair!! :preen:
    Good review!! :thanks:

    1. Haan! My Naani used this for a while and made me use it too…it was so odd… Now everytime I see some ayurvedic hair oils,I feel like beating some one up. :pan:
      My hair becomes full chipku like some 5th class champu. :lol2:

      1. yeah it was super chipku and smell toh :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: par daadi toh used to wash hair and then apply oil again. pata nee wash hi kyon karti thi hair . :headbang:

        1. I know na??! :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:
          I used to go :ghost2: everytime my Amma or Naani tried to oil my hair with it. :hunterwali:
          It felt like I had applied wax or some weird honey like thing on my hair. And sometime if it was even a liitle bit extra,it would make my forehead also chipku. 😐

          1. yeah bt my daddi had such long ahir. even my nanai has such lovley hair. bt they keep oiling and oiling and oiling. :pigtail: :pigtail:

            1. I know…my Amma had loong hair…almost till her thighs…but then she cut it off…now it’s only till her abdomen. :smug: :smug: :smug:
              But she keeps slopping oil on. 😐
              Now,I only use oil when my hair starts frizzing horribly or something…varna poora flat and champu type ho jata hai. :yuck:

              1. Hi Pragnyadeepta,
                you must oil your hair..atleast once a week if not twice….and as Rati has mentioned this is a very old product…and has worked for many people….the quality of my hair has definitley improved and my hair fall arrested…oils are supposed to be sticky….I don’t think you can give this as an excuse…..some are more stickier than the others thats it…and the lighter ones may not help you hair too much in the longer run…hey leave all you inhibitions and give it a try….

  5. I may try this but m confused…you have mentioned we need to put oil twice a week after hair wash?? So I cant put the oil in my hair in the night and wash it the next morning? ?:)

      1. parita dimpi’s right…i think gone are the days where our parents and grandparents used to keep their hair oiled the whole day….I also keep the hair overnight and wash it off the next morning…

      1. you can use it in small quantities first and give it a try…I have faced no such problems as I make sure of washing my hair well including the scalp..

    1. hi …hey that’s what I am trying to put the focus too….such a great product packed in a such a simple way…and well the name: here’s what I have found for you
      Ecllpta alba known as Bhrlngaraj has a Keshya effect, meaning that it directly nourishes and improves the hair. Our bhringaraj hair oil has ability to balance and Improve hair color from within…hence the name mahabhringaraj…..

      also tell me there are so many products packed so beautifully….but do the give you the desired results……..”NO”….

  6. all hair probs uddan-chooo :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:
    can buy this then… i just apply hair oil b washing only so no such cons for me… i’ll try to find this 1 :)) :yahoo:

  7. We get this in kerala ayurvedic tooo….name “Mahabringadi” or something like that….used a lot when i was young….then the bhoot was that hair has to become jet black (from existent brown)…..and it did work….i had reall long hair… now have only 10% of volume and colored in all possible shades :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: ….

  8. I have used Mahabhringaraja oil long time back, not this brand though. Heard so much about it but it didn’t do much for my hair. I was having dandruff and hair fall and that time and a simple homeopathy medicine worked much better for me!

    1. do any of the ayurvedic products suit you…? If not then this could be one reason why it didn;t suit you…waiting for your reply..

  9. ladies i would like to tell you that non sticky oils have petroleum(mineral) oil in them along with regular oil in definite proportion… petroleum oil doesn’t have any side effects on body neither it nourishes in any way… so applying oily hair oil is ‘faide ka sauda’ as nutrition wise it’s good… :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: as all of us shampoo very next day so treating hair with more nutrient is wat i prefer :worship:

  10. my cousin has been using baidyanath ka mahabhringraj since years..its dark brown almost black in colour though..her hair are great thick straight and shiny. I tried her potion once, but couldnt take the smell :yikes:

  11. I used the Baidyanath Mahabhringraj oil. Trust me its horrible. The oil claims to prevent hairfall n so i bought it. But the funny part is, whenever I apply the oil , i feel like i’ve applied Veet on my hair. Healthy strands comeout like whooosshhhh!! Horrible horrible n disastrous!!

  12. Hey normally is it enough to keep oil overnight and wash it off because some people say you should keep your hair oily means whenever you shampoo next day you should oil your hair immediately

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