Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes 18 L Burgundy Review, Photos, Swatches

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes 18 L Burgundy Review, Photos, Swatches

Price : Rs 887

18 L Burgundy is a true to it’s name. it’s a burgundy plum colour with very fine silver shimmer to it.

MUFE Aqua Eyes
MUFE Aqua Eyes

The finish of Aqua eyes is quite matte. It’s not glossy or shiny.

What I love about Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes:

  • Aqua eyes are amazingly waterproof.
  • They stay on and on when you apply them on upper or lower lash line.
  • Aqua Eyes don’t smudge and travel all around your eyes even after hours of application. Even the colour doesn’t fade.
  • I love this burgundy colour. I don’t have anything like this in my collection.
  • The packaging is quite nice. They have a transparent cap and the tip of the pencil is coloured so it’s easier to store and locate them.
  • They can be applied on waterline. I didn’t feel any irritation or discomfort when I apply them.
  • They sharpen quite well.
MUFE Aqua Eyes
MUFE Aqua Eyes

What I don’t like about Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes:

  • The pencil tugs my eyes. I think the fact that these are so amazingly waterproof, they are not creamy enough to glide on your lids. I especially feel quite uncomfortable when I apply it on my lower lash line because there the skin is even thinner. IMHO Colorbar I Glide Pencils go on much smoother and they literally glide on your lids.
  • They can be applied on waterline but after 40-45 minutes, you can see nothing on your waterline. It fades away.
  • I didn’t find this particular shade ( burgundy) very pigmented. I have to go over the liner 2-3 time to bring in the intensity.
MUFE Aqua Eyes
MUFE Aqua Eyes

Here is the swatch , which is swiped 2-3 times.

MUFE Aqua Eyes
MUFE Aqua Eyes

Here is the Aqua Eye 18 L Burgundy on my eyes. The colour is swiped 2-3 times but on waterline you’d see that the shade doesn’t look vibrant.

MUFE Aqua Eyes
MUFE Aqua Eyes

Overall I would say that these are good pencils if you are looking for extremely waterproof option and don’t mind a little tugging of your lids.

I would want to give the Black MUFE Aqua Eyes a try but not any other shade.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : :-* :-*:-* + 0.5

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86 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes 18 L Burgundy Review, Photos, Swatches

    1. hey Rati, me planning to order something from that Do they deliver safely? Actually, while registering I couldn’t find any Indian state in the billing address. I’ve however entered my correct address in shipping address. Please lemme know if it is ok to place order with them!! πŸ™‚

      1. I’ve ordered from them cali and it reached me… however, being in delhi, I always order confidently. It may be a little different if you stay in a small place!

      1. TOOOOTORIALLLLL??????????????????? :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :pain: :pain: :pain: 😐 😐 😐 errr….noooo..I use them but really I lack the talent that people have no not Rati..other people on IMBB..heheheheee. I post pics so when bf takes you to the counter you know what to get…errr..or not get..but the point is..I like these products, and I don’t want you to not buy them after seeing my pic…but πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I could post a tutorial on how to use Lakme sindoor since you so politely asked πŸ˜€

        1. Cali she is a bugger, I tell you.. :-X i was asking her to post her eye pics using her chanel eyeshadow (the khaki one) but she would just not agree. :secret: She has such pretty eyes also. :secret:
          Don’t tell her okay. Just pester her to post the piccys. πŸ˜›

          1. I snooped around on your blog…searching for a pic..I want to copy it and paste it in my blog and say thats my pic…never mind…I shall go buy Chanel Taupe Gris now…because that’s the only picture I found useful here. You think anybody would notice ?:-) ?:-)

            :devil: :devil: :devil: Okay Cali…I shall be doing a tutorial on Chanel Taupe Gris eyeshadow..I am telllling is going to be tooo good :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

                1. No copy!! and me no phattu… :teeth: If you do a chanel tut, I promise to tell chanel people to have a look at your blog and your tutorial while buying my stuff!! he he πŸ˜€

                  1. Get your own “About” I spent a lot of time and effort on my own obnoxious “About” sigh at least I managed to ruffle a few feathers with it πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ so totally worth it πŸ˜€

                    1. I will twist the words and copy. Won’t even tell you and then I’ll flaunt and preen about my “about”.

                      :devil: :devil: :devil:

            1. This is one distorted pic… I have hard time finding proper dimensions of your eyes, nose and other facial features!! ….. Do a tutorial na..that way we would be more tempted to buy Chanel and I’ll tell the Chanel people that Rads did a tutorial and I read her blog for review because of which I came to buy this product..They’ll send you free products for reco then!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜› ….I know you are pretty!! :beauty: :beauty: :beauty: Why so serious? πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

                1. Know what..I completely forgot to tell you…I made Poornima wicked… :victory: :victory: She left a wicked wicked comment calling me a copy cat and some song about eating a dirty rat :victory: 😐 😐 err…i said I am out of ideas for posts and will be copying her post 😐 :devil:

                  1. :smug: :smug: PLEASE :smug: :smug: why would I want to get anything free :smug: I love buying it myself…spending hard-earned money which could probably be used for better purposes…who likes getting free stuff :smug: :smug: Oh I hope Poornima doesn’t come up with a song about the Fox and grapes now!!! I think I created a monster 😐

  1. I’ve tried the black one at the outlet and my main purpose of trying this was the hope of a eyeliner that wud stay on the waterline for long…but it doesnt….it did stay put on the lower lash line till I actually took it off but not on the waterline so I was disappointed in that sense…

    1. HD same here, it doesn’t stay put on waterline for long. And you know i don’t have very watery eyes. Even kajals don’t smudge madly on my eyes and stay for decent 2-3 hours. I think i was expecting way too much from Aqua eyes. :((

      And nwo after what you said I am having second thoughts about trying the black one as well… πŸ˜•

    1. Smiths,

      Actually when you swipe pencil on your wrist you don’t feel any tugging or pulling even if you apply a little more pressure. But when you apply the same pencil on eyes you are careful about tugging or poking your eyes with the pencil so you automatically apply less pressure while applying. Also the pencil is not very vibrant na. I have to go over the line 2-3 times to bring that kind of colour. :((

      1. ohhh but still the colour that finally came out on ur skin is aweeeeesome…..
        thanks rads… is ‘smits’ official now πŸ˜›

        1. :announce: Attention all IMBB nutcases…Smitha T has been nutcased and is now Smits :curse: sprinkle sprinkle…btw…a word of advice for the newbie nutcase: If Jomol ever does :curse: and sprinkle sprinkle…you better run..and :doctor: won’t be pleasant :devil:

                1. You haven’t met Jolmol yet???????????? Ya she has been shy shy and not turning up on IMBB for past 2-3 days..:-(( Wonder when she will get the time to come here..even I am kind of missing her fights :-((

                  1. aww she should come on for both of us now !
                    not seen hello in the sense, have not messaged her directly.. so dunno much about her…

  2. The color looks great on you Rati, seriouly…but for me a total eye liner virgin…you think i should we give the Lotus one a go first?

  3. I lovvved the shade Rati..

    But i gotta say- It makes me really proud that i-glides are creamier.. That is a gr8 product from Colorbar!!

    1. yeah M, I also liked the shade. It’s quite different from the regular blacks and browns. πŸ™‚

      i glide pencils are any day creamier than this. :yes: :yes:

  4. Such a pretty shade Rati..Too sad it tugs and not much of colour payoff too..

    I was planning on MUFE pencils after seeing them in Lipglossiping..They looked so creamy n nice. such a greenie that she polished me with her wickedness..grr

    Sanjeev Bhai : please add some foxy and grape smileys..can be used occasionally for some people here..ahem ahem

    1. Poornima,

      I am not wowed by these pencils. I mean I would like my pencils to glide on smoothly without any tugging. Infact I read a few more reviews where people mentioned that these tugged. πŸ™ As it is these days I am loving gel liners more than the pencils. Don’t want to get wrinkles soon. :giggle: :giggle: Regarding pigmentation I am not sure how other colours are but this one I have to apply it 2-3 time to bring this kinda colour.

      Greeney is really spreading her wickedness around. OMGG!! 😯

  5. Oh don’t make me say it like out in public Smits…but okay..since you are newbie and hope Jomol doesnt see this..cos then I can just die of shame: Jomol is actually very sweet and nice..but she wants to act mean and she makes fun of everyone and tries to sound bad..and we pretend she is bad and we don’t like her. And we have fights so all of us are happy. But she is actually a very sweet person..and I miss her loads when she is not on IMBB.

    There I might as well go jump off a bridge or something..GOD..please don’t let Jomo read this ever..oh goodness..

    1. lol thanks for that info ya… being a newbie has its benefits na.. u get things explained to u in such a sweet manner… ok i willl pray that jomol doesn’t read this for ur sake .. :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: but if she does, remember we’re in this together… hand in hand , we’ll face it all (ok prolly not hand in hand!)

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