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This is some of the new stuff I have got in my makeup collection. I have bought them over past two months or so but forgot to show you all.

VOV Palette No 4: (Rs 1250)

I purchased this palette mainly for the practise purposes. The eyeshadows in themselves are not that great. They have fall out, they don’t stay on for long and some of these are very chalky. You would see a lot of professional makeup artists using this because they are cheap and they are pigmented. You have to have a very good base to make them work. Not that I regret buying it but seriously, I cannot use VOV eyeshadows for personal purpose. VOV Palette

Urban Decay Blush – Quickie :

This was gifted by Ki. 🙂 It’s one of the prettiest in my collection. It is a barbie pink kind of colour, it’s super smooth and it gives the most natural flush ever. It looks like a cool colour in the pan but once on the cheeks, it gives the prettiest flush ever. Urban Decay Blush Quickie

Thank you, Ki. 🙂

Urban Decay Quickie

Inglot Eyeshadow AMC Shine 31 (Rs 300)

I wouldn’t have even bothered to look at this colour had I not seen it on the SA’s eyes. It is goldeny taupy colour . I am in love with it. It’s one of the shades I can wear every single day.

Inglot Eyeshadow AMC Shine 31

I am getting obsessed with it. 😛

Inglot AMC Shine 31

Inglot M3 Eyeshadow – Rs 620

Every day neutrals. It’s all shimmery, sometimes I mix and match it with matte colours. Super pigmented, fine, non chalky and blend in like a dream.

Inglot Eyeshadow M3Swatches

Inglot Es swatches

Lakme Glide on Eye Colour : Heena Gold

The colour is true to its name – it’s a heena colour with gold undertones. Lakme Glide On Eye Pencil Heena Gold

Will do the swatches and review in a day or two. 🙂

Lakme I Glide Pencil heena Gold 1

MAC Eye Brushes – MAC 217 and MAC 219

I have waited for these brushes for 7 months. MAC Delhi was out of stock of them since January.  They have restocked them a day or two back only. I had bugged the MAC MUAs so much all these months asking for these brushes that they called me up especially to tell me that the brushes have arrived. loll!! So yay!! I am so happy to have them now. 🙂

MAC Brushes

MAC Eye Makeup

MAC 217 (Rs 1100) – It’s a multi purpose brush. It applies eyeshadow and it blends as well. You can do your full eye makeup with a single brush.

MAC 217

It’s tapered at the end and fluffy on the top. I bought two MAC 217. 😛

MAC 217 brush

MAC 219 (Rs 1400): It’s a pencil brush. You may use it to smudge your eye liners, apply eyeshadow on your lower lash line, inner corner or even in crease. It’s pretty dense so it picks up the colour really well. 🙂

MAC 219

What’s new in your makeup collection? 🙂

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37 thoughts on “Makeup and Beauty Shopping

  1. WOOWWW thats some neat addition!!!

    I have a VOV pallette of arnd 8-9 colours but oc the quantity is much lesser…I am finding it quite Okay…OC when I compare it to say the maybelline quad it cannot matchup but its good for a startup

    The Inglot M3 looks very nice…all the colors

    1. HD,

      Actually VOV palette is nothing that you could enjoy and that’s why I crib a little about it. 😛 As you said that these are okay for start up. I have so many colours in a palette so I can play with them. 🙂 They have other palettes with different colour variations. This is the most colourful one.

      Inglot eye shadows are excellent. You don’t have to think twice about the quality. 🙂

        1. I am sucker for neutrals and smokey colours. So these pretty colours were lacking in my collection. I want to try these first before purchasing some good ones. These palettes are great for testing and trying. 🙂

      1. Hi Rati,
        I love the products that you review. Do you know where I can lay my hands on Inglot collection in Chennai??? Thanks.

  2. wow that was tempting haul …
    i dont have UD’s blushes but i definatelly love their 24/7 eyeliners i have nearlly 15 of them and their e/s are pretty good too …
    but rati sweetie why 2 – 217 brush hahahah u are making me feel JLO awwwww now i also want 219 and one more 217 hahahah
    no but seriouslly i want 219….
    and i was looking for lakme and was going mad they r always out of stock here haaaaaaaa

    1. Rashmi,

      Honestly I got greedy so got two 217. 😛 The logic that I was trying to give hubby was one was for applying and one for blending. Not that it is a lie but I was greedy. :shame:

      I loved this blush. It stays on pretty long and gives the prettiest flush on cheeks. 🙂

      Yeah, I have also faced the out-of-stock problem with Lakme quite a number of time…

  3. Loving the UD blush!

    I’m planning to pick up the UD palette Naked when I move to the US next month. Very excited about that 😀

  4. wow!!!the blush & the ignot eye shadow are very tempting :inlove: :inlove: .
    n rati kindly do a photo tutorial for applying eyeshodow with those brush…pls 😉

  5. vov never sounded like a promising brand to me!
    the blush is sooooo beautiful!! that’s really sweet of ki!!!!
    the inglot shadows cost only 300 bucks?? what?????????????? should i ditch mac and make a palette using the freedom system? err!!! please do a comparison!!! i want to know the answer asap!
    the 217 is such a dream isn’t it.. i’m not surprised you got two. 😛

    1. Yeah, Ki and I kinda fought with them to give us the palette size shadow. 😛 They give you e/s like this only if you buy a palette, I wasn’t.

      I hve never had any problem with inglot shadows. they go on beautifully and are super pigmented. Will ask ki for the comparison. 🙂

      I know 217 is really a dream brush. 🙂

        1. I told them that I don’t have a palette and I want the shade in pan form only. Initially she said that that don’t sell e/s in that form. Then I asked what if I have a palette and then one of the shade from my palette gets over , what would I do then. Would I buy the whole palette agin for that single shade.

          Now comes the dumbest statement from MUA. 😛

          She said, ” but by now we all know that you don’t have a palette so we can’t sell you e/s in this form. ”

          Ki and I were laughing. I mean she had no idea what she was saying.

          then finially she kinda siad i am giving to this time bla bla as if …

  6. Hi Rati……that UD pink blush is really nice. I was just commenting about pink blushes at Rashmi’s post about Mac blushes. Is VOV available in India?

  7. I think i hv fallen in love with inglot colours! they look absolutely brilliant. Am picking them up for sure!

    The MAC general eye shadow brush is my saviour! cant do my eyes without it!

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