12 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Who doesn’t love to flaunt a flawless, youthful glowing skin forever? One of the prime reasons people opt for makeup is to get a youthful glow and to hide imperfections and flaws. Do you often think makeup is not doing justice to your face, in fact it’s highlighting all major flaws that you would like to conceal. If you see that make makeup turns your face cakey, makes your eyes small, and highlights dry patches and fine lines of your skin, it’s time to sit back and read this article because we are listing down 12 makeup mistakes that make you look older. Learn about the tips and tricks in detail and remember not to repeat them again in future. Here, we go:

1. Wearing Too Much Foundation: Any flawless makeup begins with perfect base and foundation, and here’s when most women commit the biggest mistakes. From picking wrong shades of foundation to not moisturizing ruins the entire look. Other common mistake is layering too much foundation on the face. When you apply a thick layer of foundation, not only does it crease into fine lines easily, it also dulls down complexion. No matter what the formula or the finish of your foundation, the end object is to achieve a glowing, radiant and event-toned skin that is blended properly. Take your foundation on your palm at first, and apply it in small dots on the face. Then, blend it well either with makeup brush or with your fingers. In this way, you run lesser risk of excess application.

2. Choosing the wrong shade of foundation: Here comes another common mistake in any makeup routine – choosing the wrong shade of foundation. While investing in a foundation, the goal should be to buy a shade which is similar to your natural skin tone. Buying one or two shades lighter or darker than the skin tone gives a weird finish upon application as it causes a dissimilarity in the colour of your face and neck. Remember to match the foundation with your undertone as well while buying foundation. During application, do not blend too much during initial application. Just tap the liquid on your jawline and try to find the closest shade to your natural skin tone.

3. Forgetting to use the primer: If you have mature skin with fine lines, then say “hi” to your constant friend, a primer. Fine lines, wrinkles or any sort of skin imperfections are smoothened by application of a primer as it contains plumping ingredients like hyaluronic acid and silicone that fill in your wrinkles and provide a smooth, air-brushed canvas for your foundation. If you want your makeup to turn out youthful-looking, begin makeup application with a primer. This will first ensure that all your problem spots are smoothened. Now, you can start with your concealer and foundation application and this time you are pretty much saved from the chances of getting patchy or creasing into fine lines.

4. Making the finishing powder look cakey: A finishing powder is applied to extend the longevity of your makeup and make your skin look glowing and radiant. But what if you dab excess amount of finishing powder on the entire face? It only amplifies fine lines and wrinkles on your face and gives a very dull and flat complexion. Your face looks patchy making you look older further. In order to avoid this mistake, apply the powder with a light hand only on the oily areas of the face like nose, chin and forehead(T-zone). This will ensure a youthful glow for long.

5. Missing out eyebrows: Having well-groomed and properly-filled eyebrows is the key to look chic and elegant every time. As we start to age, eyebrow growth slows down. So, when you forget to line and fill in your eyebrows, it adds years to your face. Irrespective of the type of occasion, always flaunt well-groomed and defined eyebrows. Also, fill your eyebrows with an eyebrow product a shade lighter than your hair colour. A darker eyebrow color would make you look older.

6. Applying eyeliner only on the lower line: Want to know how you can go wrong with your eye makeup? Most women have a tendency to put eyeliner only on the lower line, but do you this practice may make you look older. Eyeliner when applied on the lower line makes your eyes look smaller. Always try to highlight the beauty of your eyes by applying a white liner on the waterline, using dark shade of liner on the lids, and applying mascara to open up the eyes.

7. Putting too much concealer underneath the eyes: One way to perfect your base makeup is to cover flaws and blend in the concealer properly. How can you go wrong with this? Well, if you apply a thick and heavy layer of concealer underneath your eyes, then all that you do is add years to your current age. A thickly applied layer of concealer magnifies fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet in that area and gives a quite dull look. How to get rid of this? Use fluid-based concealer pens that have a light consistency and contain illuminating particles to brighten your under-eye area.

8. Coating only the bottom lashes with mascara: Mascara definitely gives an instant makeover to your eyelashes, but who said putting thick mascara on the lower lashes will make you stand out? Also, if you only coat your lower lashes, you are doing a big blunder in mascara application. When you coat only your lower lashes, the entire attention shifts to the fine lines underneath your eyes and makes you look older. Instead, try to touch up both the upper and lower lashes subtly to give your gaze that extra expressiveness.

9. Wearing lip colour in a shade that is too dark for your skin tone: A girl can never own too many lipsticks. We do agree that you should be experimental with lip colour choices and choose rich and saturated shades. But that doesn’t give you the liberty to choose too dark colours as per your skin tone. If your lips are naturally thin and you have a fair/medium skin tone, choosing very dark shades can make you look older. Dark colours even make your lips look thinner. The way out is to choose shades as per your skin tone and to overdraw your natural lip line. On your lips, a dark colour makes them look less plump and less highlighted. Make your pout look fuller with bright lipsticks and lip glosses in corals, peaches, pinks, and reds. Also, define your lip lines properly with the help of a lip liner. Start drawing from the centre of the lips and extend towards the end.

10. Applying blush at the wrong spots: Blush can turn you pink like a beautiful flower, but as you age, you have to careful about the kind of blush colours that you choose. Stick to subtle colours like pink and peach. Also, never apply blush at the apples of your cheeks. Our skin goes through many changes when we age, hence never try to highlight the central part of cheeks. Instead, try dabbing rouge on the upper cheekbones, not too close to the nose area. Using mellow and natural tones will make your face look younger and give it a romantic glow. Putting blush, the right way and at the right spot gives your face a sculpted look and makes you look youthful.

11. Applying dark eye shadows the wrong way: Eyeshadows can turn you into a glam doll and at the wrong eyeshadow application can make you look like an old haggard. The right way to use eyeshadows is to dab it on the outer corners of the eyelids. It will amp up the look and enhances your gorgeousness.

12. Applying too much contour: The proverb “too much of anything is bad” can be correctly applied when someone’s contouring goes wrong. Contouring is done to highlight anyone’s best features and give your face a chiseled look. However, things can horribly go wrong with contouring. Too much contouring would highlight fine lines, wrinkles, and imperfections on your face. Harsh lines of contour can totally make anyone look like a clown and would totally defeat the purpose. The key to perfect contouring is to blend properly and highlight your best facial features. Here’s a complete and detailed tutorial on contouring.

Girls, with makeup, less is always more. Never overdo your makeup, stay natural.


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