Makeup Revolution Duel Matte Iconic Pro Lipstick Review

Skin Tone – Fair to Medium

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We all have spotted these new lippies by Makeup revolution and how could we miss out on new launches? I picked one creamy shade and one matte and here I am to review the matte one. There are very limited matte shades in the collection and I really wish they had added more matte because the quality is amazing. So without any further chit-chat, I will get straight to the review of this gorgeous beauty!
Makeup Revolution Duel Matte Iconic Pro Lipstick

Price: 2.49 GBP/Rs 249 (Retails at Rs 600 in India)

Product Description by Makeup Revolution:
Be Bold. Be Iconic. Be Revolutionary. ICONIC Lips are here. Makeup Revolution brings you an outstanding collection of the most desired lipstick shades Super-Intensive coverage and comfortable to wear. Our contemporary packaging is now lacquered to give you the ammunition you need all the time. Be Bold. Be Iconic. Be Revolutionary.
There are 20 shades to choose from.
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My Experience with Makeup Revolution Duel Matte Iconic Pro Lipstick:

There were some 20 shades to choose from but I again ended up picking one red and for a change one orange. But I am really impressed with the shade selection as everyone will find the shades of their liking.

Packaging: The lipstick comes in a basic black box with the shade name and the price. And inside sits the lipstick. The lipstick comes in a pretty packaging in black and rose gold with the colour coding at the bottom along with the shade name, hence they become really easy to spot. A lot of bloggers have compared its packaging to the MAC lipsticks and they actually look the same except for its combination with rose gold. The lipstick is handy and the cap closes with a click, so no worries of the bullet getting chipped off. But the consistency is very creamy and hence we really need to be careful that the entire bullet goes down before closing the cap since if that doesn’t happen, then the bullet might get ripped off.

Shade: The shade “Duel matte” is a super sexy deep cranberry red shade. It looks absolutely very stunning and classy the moment I apply it. This beautiful deep red has the power to change the entire make-up game. It creates a sexy pout and grabs away attention from my face. The lovely shade is suitable for day wear and evening-wear both but looks 10 times better and gorgeous when used during the evening-time. It will compliment all the skin-tones and age groups beautifully. It is not an exact match but this shade is very close to the MAC’s Ruby Woo. So in-case, if you are looking for a similar red, then you should try this one out.

Consistency and Pigmentation: The consistency is creamy but not as creamy as the variants. It does glide smoothly on my lips but with a little stoppage. The finish is ultra matte and I am so sure the matte lovers are going to fall in love with this. And if you don’t like mattes and prefer the creamier ones, then “Duel” is one more shade that you can try from this range. It does not dry out my lips but might cling to certain dry areas since it is totally matte, but it doesn’t bother me since that will be visible only if someone observes it very closely.

Staying Power: The staying power is somewhere around 6-7 hours without food. The colour stays intact but after a meal, it loses its colour intensity. It becomes a bit lighter than what it looked initially. The colour gets ripped off from the middle portion of my lips after 4 hours or so. It transfers a lot on cups and but does not settle in fine lines. It leaves a bright red stain which comes off easily with a make-up remover.

Pros of Makeup Revolution Duel Matte Iconic Pro Lipstick:

• Decent packaging in black and rose gold; the cap closes with a click so very handy.
• Colour coding at the bottom with shade name so easy to identify them.
• Ample of beautiful and pretty shades to choose from.
• The range offers creamy and matte shades both.
• The shade “Duel matte” is a lovely deep cranberry shade which looks absolutely sexy and stunning.
• A great shade for brides, weddings, parties and evening-wear.
• It instantly creates a gorgeous pout and brightens up my complexion.
• Ultra matte finish which looks very classy.
• The colour shows up on my lips in just one swipe.
• It stays intact for 6-7 hours without food.
• It doesn’t dry out my lips nor does it settle in fine lines.
• Suitable for all skin-tones and age-groups.
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Cons of Makeup Revolution Duel Matte Iconic Pro Lipstick:

• The colour loses its intensity after a full meal.
• Transfers a lot.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Makeup Revolution Duel Matte Iconic Pro Lipstick?
Yes I personally loved this shade and wouldn’t mind to get one more of this. Those who love deep reds and matte finish should not miss out on this one.
Conclusion: They have beautiful shades, so go on and try them.

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