How To Exfoliate Lips

In my post on how to get a perfect pout, I had mentioned that exfoliating your lips is important before you apply any makeup on your lips. So, I thought of writing this article to help you know the easy ways on how to exfoliate your lips. Actually, exfoliation of lips should be a part of your regular beauty regimen since this practice makes healthy lips achievable. When lips are exfoliated properly, all the unwanted dead cells are removed effectively and this in turn, helps your lips to retain moisture content.

How To Exfoliate Your Lips Properly?

Are you wondering how you should go about exfoliating your lips? Well, this can very simple since you can either invest in some good readymade lip exfoliants available in the market or make easy homemade recipes with which you can exfoliate your lips at home, but since you do not have too many options as far as readymade lip exfoliants are concerned, it is better that you go for simple DIY recipes of lip scrubs as they are pocket-friendly and do not involve too much of effort.

exfoliate lips

How to Exfoliate Lips with Easy Home-made Recipes?

    • Honey-sugar lip scrub:  Sugar being one of the best natural exfoliants and honey with all its moisturizing ability, can be mixed together to make a wonderful lip scrub. Mix a spoon of honey with two spoons of sugar. Apply it on your lip and stay for sometime. Wipe off with the help of a piece of wet cloth by very gentle circular motions.


  • Olive oil-sugar lip scrub: Combine sugar and olive oil in equal amounts and apply the concoction on your lips. Wait for a couple of minutes and then, wipe it off with wet cloth.
  • Baking soda-water lip exfoliant: Make a thick paste by combining baking soda with water. Apply it on your lips and leave it on for sometime. Wipe off the paste after sometime. Follow up with a nourishing lip balm.
  • Olive oil-coffee scrub: Mix a spoon of olive oil with one spoon of coffee. The components should be mixed well and then massaged slowly on the lips. Leave it on for about three or four minutes and rinse off. Apply a lip balm or a lip moisturizer.

How To Exfoliate Lips with a Toothbrush?

Lips exfoliation

Are you absolutely unwilling to spend time and energy preparing homemade lip balms? In that case, the toothbrush and petroleum jelly can be your savior! Indeed, you heard it right! Take the tub of petroleum jelly you have at your home and apply a thick layer of the same on your lips.  If you do not have petroleum jelly, any thick creamy moisturizer will do! Now, take a toothbrush (preferably a baby toothbrush) and start to brush your lips gently. This is one of the easiest ways of exfoliating your lips. Any excess petroleum jelly can be done away with by using damp cloth.

How To Exfoliate Lips:  Tips and Warnings

How to exfoliate lips

    • Be gentle while exfoliating your lips. If you scrub too hard, your lips would get sore.
    • After exfoliating your lips, try not to skip the moisturizing part. Applying a rich lip balm after exfoliation would help you get the beautiful lips you dream of!
    • Do not end up over-using lip scrubs. This might worsen dry lip conditions.
    • It is always better to exfoliate your lips once a week, or at the most, twice every week, but not more.
    • Homemade lip scrubs work wonderfully well. They have no preservatives and hence, these scrubs are all natural and the shelf life is also very short.
    • Application of lip exfoliant with the help of a cotton swab is a good idea if you do not want to transfer the germs on your fingers into the tub or the scrub container.

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  1. Somreeta, thats a very nice article..thanks for the tips :thanks: :thanks: ..ive a concern, ive read tat exfoliating lips might make it darker in long this true? ?:)

    1. As far as I know,exfoliating your lips causes no such thing. 🙂 In fact,exfoliation also lightens the lips. :specs:

      1. thanks Pragnya for this prompt reply wen i wasnt around :puchhi: :puchhi:
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    2. If you over-exfoliate, then you will cause wounds on your lips, and even after they heal, they could leave ugly marks, and make your lips appear darker. But as Somreeta rightly said, don’t over exfoliate and you should be okay 🙂

          1. Thanks a lot ladies… i tried the toothbrush technology yest and its amazing!!!!!!!!!! thank u somy :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

    1. u can use beetroot apply it on lips it stains ur lips pink… 🙂 🙂 regular scrubbing n using sun-safe lip balm keeps lips pink naturally pink in the long run… :specs: :specs: :specs: :specs:

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