NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil Vs Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Cream Shadow Pencil

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil Vs Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Cream Shadow Pencil

This is my first comparison post here on IMBB. Most of us have used and raved about the very popular NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils at some point or the other. Here, I would be comparing these cream shadow pencils to their lesser known cousins: Wet n Wild (WnW)’s Idol Eyes Cream Shadow Pencils.

Product Description:
Cream Eye Shadow Pencils are versatile products that can be used as eyeshadow bases, eyeliners or eyeshadows on their own.

Let’s get straight to the comparison:

I wish I had similar shades in both to give you a better comparison in terms of pictures, but unfortunately, I have both in different shades. However, rather than commenting on particular shades, this review is on the general textures and other traits of the pencils.

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil Wet Wild Idol Eyes Cream Shadow Pencil

(Top to Bottom: WnW Idol Eyes in Graphite, WnW Idol Eyes in Distress, NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Horseradish, NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Yogurt)

NYx Jumbo pencils and Wet and Wild pencil

(Top to Bottom: WnW Idol Eyes in Graphite, WnW Idol Eyes in Distress, NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Horseradish, NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Yogurt)

1. Shade Selection: This is one area where NYX clearly triumphs over Wet n Wild. NYX comes in 28 shades, ranging from neutral shades such as Milk, Cottage Cheese, Yoghurt, etc. to fun shades in Yellow, Orange, etc. to deeper darker shades such as Dark Brown, Black Bean, etc.

Wet n Wild, on the other hand, comes in just 6 shades, the lightest being Pixie, which is a shimmery champagne color to Graphite, which is a charcoal black shade. The other shades are 2 variations of blue, a green and a purple. There are no other neutral, light or vibrant shades to choose from. I really wish Wet n Wild adds more shades in its collection.

Verdict: NYX: 5, WnW: 3.

2. Pigmentation/Intensity of Color: NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencils are quite vibrant but when compared to a Wet n Wild pencil, they fall a tad short. The latter is slightly more pigmented and have more sheen than the NYX pencils. The difference is not huge though. Both are nicely pigmented, but WnW fares slightly better.

Verdict:  NYX: 4, WnW: 5.

3. As Eyeshadow Bases:  Both fared equally well as eyeshadow bases. The eyeshadows applied on top looked vibrant and intense and the effect lasted a really long time.

Verdict: NYX: 5, WnW: 5.

NYX and wet and wild

(Eyeshadows look exactly the same using these eye pencils. Left: A plum eyeshadow using NYX Horseradish as base, Right: Same eyeshadow using WnW Distress as base).

4. Wearing on their own/Creasing:  Again, both these pencils creased after about an hour of application without using an eyeshadow primer. There was no visible difference in the intensity of creasing. After applying an eyeshadow primer underneath these, the creasing was not too bad. However, with all cream shadows, both did crease after about 3-4 hours.

Verdict: NYX: 3, WnW: 3

5. Texture:  NYX Jumbo pencils are quite creamy, but Wet n Wild idol eyes are definitely creamier. With certain shades of the NYX pencils, I have had to warm the pencils in my hands a bit before application to avoid tugging and pulling. Wet n Wild, on the other hand, goes on much smoother and doesn’t feel dry at all.

Verdict:  WnW: 5, NYX: 3.5.

6. As Eyeliners on the Waterline:  WnW is a tad better as it is slightly creamier than NYX Jumbo pencils. When I hadn’t had a chance to compare these two, NYX were great as liners, but after I laid my hands on these Wet n Wild pencils, I have to admit that these are better, though not by a long margin than the NYX ones. Both pencils do not burn or sting.

Verdict:  NYX: 4.5, WnW: 5.

7. Staying Power:  Both are equally long lasting. With an eyeshadow primer, they last quite long while without a primer, both fade rather quickly and tend to settle in the crease. No clear favorite here.

Verdict: NYX: 3, WnW: 3.

8. Size:  WnW cream shadow pencils are a little more than half the size of a NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil with the same thickness. When I first got them, I could not believe how small these were. You get 0.11 oz. of the Wet n Wild shadow versus 0.18oz. of the NYX jumbo shadow pencil. I find these little WnW pencils incredibly cute and great for travelling. However, when storing, NYX scores over WnW as WnW pencils are too small to put in my eyeliner box where pencils need to stand upright for me to see the colors.

Verdict:  NYX: 5, WnW: 3.

9. Packaging:  Both have similar packaging with the plastic caps, not a fan of both. I have had problems with the caps of both and the color tends to scrape on the sides of the caps.

Verdict:  NYX: 2.5, WnW: 2.5.

10. Price:  Wet n Wild is $1.99 per pencil compared to $4.50 of a NYX jumbo eye shadow pencil. However, most of the times, NYX is on sale and the jumbo pencils are available for around $3. Once or twice, I have seen a BOGO offer on the Wet n Wild pencils as well. However, even though NYX costs almost twice, you are also getting about 2x more product. Wet n Wild scores higher only when it’s on sale at $0.99 apiece.

Verdict:  NYX: 3, WnW: 5

11. Availability:  NYX Jumbo pencils are available in India whereas Wet n Wild are not. Both are available online at nonpareilboutique.com, amazon and ebay but NYX jumbo pencils are also available in India at selected counters, as well as online at urbantouch.com. Definitely scores higher than Wet n Wild because of its accessibility to us residing in India.

Verdict:  NYX: 4, WnW: 2.

Final Result:

Unfortunately, after comparing these on different parameters, I am unable to pick one over the other. Both are pretty much the same. While Wet n Wild scores slightly higher in terms of creaminess, NYX is the clear winner when it comes to shade selection and availability.

No major differences between the two even in the staying power and pigmentation. I just love to have both in my collection. When NYX pencils are not on sale or out of stock, I know I can pick similar shades in Wet n Wild and get a similar effect. It’s also nice to have a near perfect dupe of the NYX jumbo pencils because there are shades such as greens and blues that I don’t use as often and a smaller, cheaper version works better than spending double on the full size pencils.

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