MAC Fluidline Blacktrack vs Wet ‘n’ Wild Eyes Crème Liner Black

The Battle of the Gel Eyeliners: MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack V. Wet ‘n’ Wild Eyes Crème Liner in Black

As a desi woman I am on an indomitable quest to find the perfect black eyeliner. If I was only allowed to carry one makeup item to a deserted island, it would no doubt be a black eyeliner (too bad there won’t be anyone else there to appreciate my perfectly defined eyes)! Kohl, kajal, surma, liquid, pencil and gel- it really doesn’t matter anymore, as long as it works well I’ll be satisfied and repurchase!

Perfect eyeliner? Johnny Depp seems to have found the answer! Wasn’t that what the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were all about? Now was it Curse of the Black Eyeliner or Black Pearl… Johny depp Well back to the review! I recently compared two gel eyeliners to and hoped that I would FINALLY find the *perfect* eyeliner for me (and the rest of us!). I have been using MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack as my go-to eyeliner for the past year and recently got my hands on the Wet ‘n’ Wild Eyes Crème Liner in Black, which too is a gel liner. Do the similarities end there? Who will win this deadly duel and emerge victorious and achieve eternal glory in the eyeliner Hall of Fame? Read below and find out!

Meet the challengers:

According to MAC’s Website, Ultra-smooth, Fluidline’s gel formula provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. Goes on “foolproof” with a brush in an easy dip-and-stroke action. Long-wearing. Smudge-proof.

While, Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Website boasts that it’s product offers the precision of a liquid liner with the ease of a cream application, this velvet-rich eyeliner provides long-lasting definition in a waterproof formula. Easy-to-use brush included. MAC Fluidline Blacktrack Price: MAC Fluidline: $15 or  950 INR WnW Crème Liner: $3.99 or approximately 200 INR Packaging:

  • Both products come in little glass pots with plastic lids. The lids are both meant to be screw-off lids, but somehow the WnW lid just pulls off.
  • You get about 3 grams or .10 oz of product in the Blacktrack pot and 3.8 grams or .13 oz in the WnW Crème Liner pot.
  • With heavier glass and studier plastic, the MAC packaging is sleeker than the WnW. The Wet n Wild  product is a lot lighter though, and if you feel your cosmetic case or handbag is getting to heavy that might be a plus for you.


  • Both eyeliners can be applied with eyeliner brushes. The MA’s at MAC suggest using a firm, flat liner brush for application and WnW gives a similar but shorter handled brush with their product. I personally use a thin eyeliner brush for applying both of the products on my upper lash line and dip a liner pencil in the gels to apply liner on my waterline.
  • Though both are gel eyeliners, WnW is a little more ‘wet’ or ‘liquidy’ than the MAC. This poses a problem while applying it because sometimes it’s harder to control. The MAC a little thicker and doesn’t run at all when being applied.
  • Both products dry fairly quick; within 15 seconds of putting the eyeliner on you can blink, tug etc.

Color Pay Off

  • When it comes to color pay off, the WnW is a lot darker and richer than the MAC. While the MAC can in no way be described as a ‘soft black,” the WnW is noticeable as being a blacker-black.

MAC Fluidline swatches On the left is W ‘n’ W Mega Eyes Crème Eyeliner, right is MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

Note: Product is swatched on MAC NC 40 skintone

Lasting Power

  • When used without an eye primer the Wet ‘n’ Wild eyeliner outlasts my MAC Fluidline. So while I would wear Fluidline for a night out, I would trust Wet ‘n’ Wild to last me all day.
  • On me, Fluidline starts smudging after a few hours. And it’s not a color bleed kind of smudge, but it’s a crumbling kind of smudge. Almost like the eyeliner dries up and starts making it way downward. Sometimes after wearing the liner for 5+ hours, my eyes get itchy and I get the constant urge to rub them. But considering this doesn’t happen every time I wear it, I feel that there might be some other factors at play that contribute to the dryness.
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild on the other hand, seems to last all day and doesn’t budge at all once I make it past the first 15 seconds on application.
  • Both eyeliners stay on even after I wash my face and while it takes about 1-2 swipes of makeup remover to get MAC Blacktrack off, it takes a really long time and lots of remover to get the Wet ‘n’ Wild eyeliner off.

The Bottom Line

  • Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Mega Eyes Crème eyeliner outshines MAC’s Fluidline in terms of Cost, Product Amount, Color Pay Off and Lasting Power.
  • MAC Fluidline on the other hand, wins when it comes to Packaging and Ease of Removal.

The Verdict *DRUMROLL*

For me Wet ‘n’ Wild clearly wins this round. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack is one of the best eyeliners I have used, but WnW is OUTSTANDING. But fellow MAC fans do not be crestfallen! As someone who hates long makeup removing sessions and loves cute packaging, MAC Fluidline will always have a place in my heart or even more important- in my cosmetics case.

Grab any of these two eyeliners to replicate some old Bollywood glamour! Sharmila Tagore MAC Fluidline: :-* :-*:-*:-* + 0.5

Wet nWild Mega Eyes Crème Liner: :-* :-*:-*:-*:-*

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48 thoughts on “MAC Fluidline Blacktrack vs Wet ‘n’ Wild Eyes Crème Liner Black

  1. Oh I have read some great reviews on Wet n Wild for getting that black black line…I am kicking myself here for not being so into blogs when I was on that side of the ocean. Anybody seen WnW here?

    1. Yeah I’ve never seen W’n’W in India either…I never used their products before, but they just revamped their line and have some amazing products. A LOT of MAC dupes in their eyeshadow palettes that work as well if not better than the original.
      If you’re interested in Wet’n’Wild products (or anyone else that’s reading this post…) and live outside the states you can order them online at:

      or on!

      I’m not too sure about the shipping charges as they depend on the weight of your order.

  2. I have not seen wet an wild here so I have got Inglot liner and MAC fluidline to compare.

    1. I have noticed the MAC’s fluidline glides easier than the Inglot’s cream liner.
    2. The pigment of Inglot creamliner is stronger than MAC’s but you can always build up the intensity of MAC’s fluidline.
    3. Both stay on equally well on my eyes but sometimes it gets painful to remove Inglot’s creamliner. Exactly what you stated about ease of removal.
    4. Never felt any itchiness with both of them but I noticed that you might feel a dried effect on your lid with inglot cream liner.
    5. Inglot’s gel liner dries faster than MAC fluidline. That is I guess, because of the strong pigment only.

    Overall, I like both of them but as you say fluidline always makes a special place in your heart and you want to keep going back to it. I have waveline. Will def purchase blacktrack. 🙂

    Try out Clinique cream liners. They are very good and they also have some unusual shades to select from :

    1. Is Inglot considered a bargain brand..? (I’m guessing not…)
      Is the price significantly cheaper then fluidline?

  3. I am a totally eye makeup person and like you said, if I had to carry any one thing, that would be an eye liner. Yet to try MAC and Wet n Wild..MAC has been in my try list.

    But now I guess even Wet n Wild should be given a chance..

    And of course, Coastal Scents, Michael Todd and Bobbi Brown are already featured in ma lust list LOL.

    Thank you for the post Devika 🙂

    1. You should definitely pick up Blacktrack if you’re in India. It’s very versatile and I swear you’ll never go back to a pencil or liquid! Plus it lasts forever….I mean in the bottle…a little goes a really long way and there’s just so much packed into that little jar.

  4. Nice post 🙂 I am gonna try this one 🙂 And 3 bucks? Hell yeah, I am trying this 🙂 I’ve heard rave reviews about this one…

    1. u know rati m so much dying to buy inglot and for the fact its not avail. here in mumbai m soo much desperate…
      tell me what should one look for first 3 things from inglot
      like where to start the journey from
      i rem in one of ur videos u have one palette in ur hand of inglot in which u are looking ur face i mean ofcourse in mirror
      what was that palette ???

      love n lipglosses

      1. That’s a mirror from inglot. 350 bucks. But I suggest that you buy a magnifying mirror. That’s a normal hand mirror. Not an essential because we normally have mirrors in our compacts.

        Three products from Inglot to start with :

        1. Lip Paints
        2. Cream Liners
        3. Eye shadows

        I also love their cream blushes and makeup brushes. 🙂

    2. I had no idea it was a dupe. I mean they’re priced pretty close to be a dupe. Well another addition on my Indian Makeup Wishlist…my relatives are gonna be soooo excited… :heh:

  5. Devika, I am a fan of kohled eyes…they add so much to a women’s appearance…..I so wanna possess these two 🙂

    1. So true…I read in a magazine that men are most attracted to heavily lined eyes and nude lips…but it could be BS as far as know as I know a lot of people that scared of too much eyeliner!

  6. never seen wet n wild around….is it available in India?? I am wanting to try the maybelline gel eyeliner…loving it since the time i’ve swatched it but waiting to finish some black liners I already have before I can buy that

    1. Hey HD, unfortunately it’s not available in India. You can order it online (I’ve listed a website above). Since it is pretty cheap, I’m sure you’ll end up paying a lot more in shipping costs than the product’s actual price. But there’s some other great brands like NYX on the website so you might want to pick a few products and get them shipped together.

      I haven’t tried Maybelline yet, but have heard good things about it. I’ll wait for the brand to go on sale before I try it out!

  7. thanks for the review it is awesome n always good to know…
    i also bought the purple (eggplant) one from W&W but my eyes were so itchy after that , had to return immd. its good walgreens n other stores have return policy
    so i bought loreal hip eyeliner in purple that is awesome n soooo soft never thought cream/gel eyeliners to be so soft they r like dream to work with…
    where as sonia kashuk ones dries out so fast …

    1. You know, Rashmi I want to try Sonia Kashuk stuff . Especially her brushes have really made a mark.. Have you tried any of her brushes?

      1. yes i have quite a few of them …
        bent eyeliner , flat e/s brush ,fluffy crease , blending all in black and white handles… so total i think i have 7
        didnt have their blush brush or so … infact one of her brush was awarded by allure magzine had to google it …
        her travel sets are said to be good but i didnt tried
        pls let me know if u want any n u know its not a favour coz my sis-in-law is there n whole family is visiting her for her second baby delivery …(u want ur visa hahahah you will laugh when u get to know how many r going) so its easy for me to get anything from there
        dont hesitate m like ur elder sis and u can ask anything …
        love n lipglosses

  8. black track is my holy grail black gel liner…..i just love it….i guess when eye makeup is concerned evrything boils down to convenience,cost and availability….

    1. Blacktrack was my HG until a while ago…now it’s…well no points for guessing…WnW!
      You’re spot on about the CCA of eye makeup!

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