Maybelline Baby Lips Glow in Mixed Berry

Maybelline Baby Lips Glow in Mixed Berry

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How many times does it happen that a new product is launched in the market and people go all sorts of crazy about it but we ourselves don’t want to try it or have certain pre-conceived notions about it and then a loooong time later, we try it ourselves and fall completely in love with it? Baby lips by Maybelline have been one such product for me. I bought them almost an year and a half after they were launched in India; but when I did buy them, I only thought to myself why I didn’t buy such cute stuff earlier already? Hehe! The variant in Maybelline Baby Lips I’m reviewing today is Mixed Berry from the Baby Lips Pink Glow collection. This is the first baby lips I bought 😀


How Maybelline describes Baby Lips Pink Glow:

• Love our lips!
• Color blooming technology gives you your perfect lip color, makes lip balm no long basic! Special care for your soft baby lips, giving you deeper repair.



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Product description: WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT :

• High performance repair +8 hour moisturizing
• Color blooming technology
• In 4 weeks, even younger and more delicate than before lips
• 82%more moisturized
• 77%smoother
• 77% more supple
• 38% firmer
• SPF 20
• Botanical repair essence, special care for your soft baby lips, giving you deeper repair.



Product Price: around HKD 28 for 4 gm (INR 238 approx.)

My take on Baby Lips Pink Glow in Mixed Berry:

I’ll begin by saying that this is the first baby lips I ever bought. I saw it at a drugstore when I was on a holiday and I figured these weren’t available in india. Since I’m always on the lookout for different and latest stuff, it was the perfect balm to purchase.

The packaging is just like that of other Baby Lips. Cute and adorable! The cap is a neon pink and the body is silver. I must say it’s one of the cutest looking lip balms out there!

The texture of Pink glow baby lips seems similar to the regular baby lips that we get in India. It Is extremely soft and creamy and glides onto lips very smoothly and instantly moisturizes lips by at least 50%. But the moisture level isn’t upto 8 hours like it claims. Instead, it keeps my lips moisturized for good 4 hours and then I don’t mind reapplying it. it has a very sweet and pleasant scent. When applied, it looks transparent on lips but because of its color blooming technology, it reacts and gives lips a berry pink color a tint a few seconds later. (the reason I haven’t swatched it is because the tint on lips and hand was barely noticeable). Also, it’s not at all sticky/ greasy. All in all, it’s a great product for daily use and makes lips a lot more smoother, fuller and healthy-looking.

Pros of Baby Lips Pink Glow in Mixed Berry:

• Affordable
• Adorable packaging
• Moisturizing
• Makes lips softer and fuller
• Non greasy
• Travel friendly
• Contains SPF

Cons of Baby Lips Pink Glow in Mixed Berry:

• Isn’t as long lasting as it claims to be
• Not available in India yet.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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