Maybelline The Brights Eyeshadow Palette Review

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Hope you are having a wonderful day! Today, I am reviewing a new 12-pan eye shadow palette from Maybelline. This is called “The Brights.”

Maybelline The Brights Eyeshadow Palette

Product Details from the Maybelline Website:

  • Create looks From day to night. Deep to light.
  • 13 looks in one Expert Wear eye shadow palette.
  • Extraordinary Color from our ultra-blendable pigments.
  • Long Wear with sensual finish that lasts up to 12 hours.

1. Color entire eye area with Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Palette. 2. Shade lid. 3. Contour crease. 4. Line around eye.

Directions to use eyeshadow palette

1. Color entire eye area. 2. Shade lid. 3. Contour crease. Duos 1. Shade lid. 2. Contour crease.


CAD $14.99 (Price varies across stores) for 9.6 gm.

Ingredients eyeshadow palette

My Experience with Maybelline The Brights Eyeshadow Palette:

Packaging:  The eyeshadow comes in a 12-pan black plastic case with a transparent lid which closes securely. It is travel friendly and the transparent lid makes it easier to spot the colors of the palette without having to open the lid. There is a slightly longer-than-usual double ended sponge tip applicator included with this palette. There is no mirror.

Bright eyeshadows

The instructions on the back of the palette give some guidance on how to make the most of the palette, which is really useful for eye makeup beginners like me! The colors have been placed in this palette in a manner such that it can be split up as quads, trios or duos.

Bright eyeshadow palette

Color and Finish:  Though this palette is called “The Brights,” the shades are actually quite muted. This is a very good option for people who would like to incorporate colors in their eye makeup, but do not want to go too bright. The finish varies across the colors. It is a mix of matte, satin and shimmer finishes.

Maybelline The Brights Eyeshadow Palette

I have split up the palette in quads and have numbered the shades on the pictures, so that it is easy to reference.

Quad 1:  Shade 1 is a shimmery white. Shade 2 is a shimmery light pink. Shade 3 is a matte deep purple. Shade 4 is a matte black.

Maybelline The Brights Eyeshadow Palette

Quad 2:  Shade 5 is shimmery taupe. Shade 6 is a shimmery lime green. Shade 7 is a satin medium cobalt blue. Shade 8 is a shimmery peach.

Maybelline The Brights Eyeshadow Palette

Quad 3:  Shade 9 is a shimmery gold. Shade 10 is a satin dark pink. Shade 11 is a shimmery light blue. Shade 12 is a satin finish dark brown. This is my most favorite quad! I love the colors in this quad and they combine together to give a very pretty eye look.

Maybelline The Brights Eyeshadow Palette

Texture:  The texture too varies across shades. Most of the shades are soft and have a creamy feel to them. But the two matte shades – purple and black (shades 3 and 4) are very dry and chalky. They are very patchy and difficult to work with.

Pigmentation and Longevity:  The pigmentation again varies with the colors. Most of the shades have good pigmentation. The purple and black do need multiple swipes to show up and even after that they lack in the pigmentation department.

Maybelline The Brights Eyeshadow Palette

A primer is a must for this palette for the colors to show up well and last for a decent amount of time. With a primer, these last on my eyes for 7 to 8 hours before I notice any fading.

Pros of Maybelline The Brights Eyeshadow Palette:

  • Contains beautiful colors for spring/summer eye looks.
  • Colors are muted enough for regular use.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Most shades have a soft silky texture and good pigmentation.
  • Lasts for a decent amount of time on the lids.

Cons of Maybelline The Brights Eyeshadow Palette:

  • A few of the shades are less pigmented.
  • The purple and black are very dry and patchy.

IMBB Rating:

Do I Recommend Maybelline The Brights Eyeshadow Palette?
Overall, it is a decent palette with a few misses. I like this palette much more than I thought I would! It has some very pretty shades which are muted enough for everyday use, along with some helpful guidelines on how to use them. It is worth a try.

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