Makeup Revolution Matte Brights Redemption Palette for Bright Coloured Lovers

Makeup Revolution Matte Brights Redemption Palette Review

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Today I have for you all a bright colored shadow from Makeup Revolution. The brand is famous for making palettes that are just like Urban Decay Naked palettes, but this does also contain many other bright colored palettes too. The product I have today is one such palette, the palette is called ‘Matte Brights Redemption Palette’.

Makeup Revolution Matte Brights

I didn’t purchase any of their neutral palettes as I already have Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay and I was afraid that if any of the palettes is actually a dupe of Naked 3 then I might regret spending so much on my Naked 3 palette. Another major reason of buying such a bright colored palette is that I personally like to have bright lids, but they are not very wearable and so I don’t like spending too much on such bright colors that I might not wear often.


Rs 1200 for 14g. If full price is considered, the palette contains 12 colors and according to the price, each color costs just around Rs 100, but I brought this on 50% discount which makes it just Rs 50 per shadow

Makeup Revolution Matte Brights


The palette is a 12 pan palette in which each of the pans is in a small rectangular shape. The palette itself is black colored with a transparent lid. The packaging is sturdy and is safe to travel with. The palette does not have any mirror but it does come with a dual tip sponge applicator, which is generally not of much use, but can be really helpful in the time of touchups.


Makeup Revolution Matte Brights

Product Description:

Offering an enticing mixture of bright matte shades, ‘Matte Brights Redemption Eye Shadow Palette’ from Makeup Revolution London definitely spoils you for choice. Be it soft, charming eyes or bold, seductive ones, this 12-shade palette is how you will decide what course you want your evening to take.

My Experience with Makeup Revolution Matte Brights Redemption Palette:

Colors: The palette has 12 different colors, majority of which are bright. All the colors are completely matte. The palette has all the bright colors one can think of. It contains a white, a grey, 2 shades of blue (one light and one dark), a bright orange, 2 shades of pink (both of which seem to be similar in the pan, a bright purple, a brightest yellow, a very light peachy pink and 2 shades of green (one light green and a dark green). All the colors in the palette are extremely bright and beautiful and are perfect for a funky bright eye look.

Makeup Revolution Matte Brights

Pigmentation: The colors differ in their pigmentation; some of the colors are highly pigmented while some others are not as pigmented. Orange, yellow and both the greens are some of the most pigmented colors in the palette, whereas grey and the light peachy pink are the least pigmented ones. The pigmentation of the least pigmented colors seems fine when swatched with a finger, but on the eyes it is not so amazing. The colors look beautiful on their own, but when applied over a white colored base, they come out to be even brighter.

Texture: When I first touched some of the colors, they seems to be pretty soft and smooth, but after using all the colors, I can say that some of the colors does come out to be a bit chalky. I especially didn’t like the white and the light blue shade; these two are the chalkiest ones. Apart from this the colors are easy to blend and do not crease much (even on oily lids).

Makeup Revolution Matte Brights

Staying Power: The colors does have a decent staying power, the more pigmented colors does stay for a bit longer as compared to some of the less pigmented ones. Using a good shadow primer does increase the staying power of the colors.

Overall, I am not super impressed with this palette, but it does have some really pigmented colors and some not so easily available colors too and so I do not regret buying this (especially since I brought this on a 50% discount 🙂 ). I know that I can find out ways to use the colors that I like and incorporate the colors that I didn’t like too.

Makeup Revolution Matte Brights

Pros of Makeup Revolution Matte Brights Redemption Palette:

  • If considering the colors and the price, the palette is pretty reasonable
  • A beautiful collection of brightest colors
  • Easy to blend
  • Some colors are highly pigmented
  • Decent staying power
  • Not much fallout or creasing (except the chalky colors, that may have fallout)
  • All matte colors

Con of Makeup Revolution Matte Brights Redemption Palettes:

  • Some colors are too chalky and poorly pigmented
  • Contains parabens

Would I recommend Makeup Revolution Matte Brights Redemption Palettes?

If you like using bright colored shadows on certain occasions, but do not want to spend much, this is a palette to look for, as this palette contains a great combination of bright colors that anyone would need.

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  1. This totally reminds me of the Sleek Matte V1 Palette. Even that lacks in pigmentation but shows up beautifully over a white base like NYX Milk. Great review!

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