Maybelline Ultra Waterproof Liner and Lakme Insta Liner Review

Maybelline Ultra Waterproof Liquid Liner Review

Maybelline Ultra LinerThis is the first waterproof liquid eyeliner I have used. Before this I had used Lakme Insta Liner which claims to be a water resistant but is not. If you cry the liner flows with your tears and you end up having the liner all over your face.

This being the first waterproof liner that I purchased, I was pretty happy with it. It was available in two colors then – Black & Brown. I bought Black. I could hardly make out any difference between black and brown.

Weight: 7.3 ml. I think I bought it for Rs 350 (Indian Rupees).

No Product ingredients mentioned on the bottle.

What I like about Maybelline Ultra Waterproof Liquid Liner:

  1. It is intense black
  2. The color does not fade easily.
  3. It’s waterproof
  4. It is easy to remove
  5. It dries quickly
  6. It can create the look you want easily
  7. It stays on long

Eyeliner Application Tips

  • Keep an ear bud handy while you are applying it, so you can correct mistakes right away before it dries.
  • While applying keep the brush parallel/or at some angle to the eye lid. I find it easier to apply it this way than to have my brush perpendicular to my eyelid.

What I don’t like about Maybelline Ultra Waterproof Liquid Liner:

  1. I wish it had a better sturdy brush. I find the brush a bit flimsy. If it weren’t that flimsy, I would have to focus just on the stroke while applying on my eye. The brush is kind of distracting.
  2. If worn on a hot for long, it tends to flake off.

I have been using Maybelline Ultra Waterproof Liquid Liner for over a year now and it hasn’t dried but it has started to thicken now :(.

I have seen people wear liquid liner on their lower lash line as well. Being a contact lenses wearer I didn’t dare to try that out so I don’t know if this is good for the lower lash line or not. But usually liquid liners are not recommended for lower lash line.

This liner is any day better than the liner I had used before. I have no problems with this liner except for the flimsy brush. As there are many felt tip brush eyeliners now in the market, I would surely want to try them out once this one is over.

I would recommend this product.

My Rating: for Maybelline Ultra Waterproof Liquid Liner4/5

Lakme InstaLiner Review

Lakme Insta LinerThis was the first eyeliner that I purchased. Being a student then, I had a limited budget. Going by the brand presence that Lakme has even today, I blindly purchased this one. I didn’t know the difference between waterproof and non-waterproof liners then. I remember the store assistant showing me two eyeliners one being the Lakme Insta Liner and the other being Lakme High Definition Eyeliner . She said the former one was water resistant and the later waterproof. I could not figure out what the difference between water resistant and waterproof. The only difference I noticed was between the two of them was the price and packaging. I chose Lakme Insta Liner as it was cheaper. I paid Rs 50 for 9 ml bottle. The other one costed Rs 100 then. I don’t know what the current cost is.

The Lakme Instaliner says:

  • Lightweight and comfortable eye make-up for perfect definition.
  • Water resistant formula ensures no smudging and smearing.

My experience with Lakme Insta Liner:

This was my first and worst experience with eyeliner. It was such a disappointment from Lakme.
What I like about this product:

  • Intense black color.
  • It is not pricey

eyeliner-tipsWhat I don’t like about this product:

  • It is not at all water resistant.
  • It takes ages to dry. I need to sit under a fan or fan myself with a book for at least 5 minutes after application. If I open my eyes before I would have some wet liner on my brow bone.
  • It is extremely messy. Smudges like anything.
  • When you try to remove it- with water or cleansing milk, it leaves your entire eye area black. I looked like I had panda eyes :(.
  • You can’t afford to sweat or cry once you have the liner on.
  • It thickens quite quickly.
  • While applying I have to dip it more than once. Could not achieve one stroke in one go. The Extra fine brush is not capable of retaining more liquid on to it.
  • If it gets into your eye, your eyes burn like anything. Not for Contact lenses wearers.

I would never buy this product. I lost my faith in Lakme eyeliners. Lakme seems to be increasing the cost of its products at an exponential rate and the quality is going down at faster rate.

Lakme has introduced many more eyeliners after this in various colors. The Lakme eye artist pen is a favorite amongst people these days. I have heard many good things about it. But I am scared to try my hands on Lakme again. I‘ll probably wait for a review of it before buying it.

I ran out of Black color in my college painting competition, I used this eyeliner instead. I could not find a better way of getting rid of this eyeliner :).
My rating for the Lakme Insta Liner: 1

Image sources: Lakme and Maybelline official websites

By – Anoma

Anoma and Tanveer, will do the eyeartist pen review withn this week. :)-Rati


42 thoughts on “Maybelline Ultra Waterproof Liner and Lakme Insta Liner Review

  1. I think most of us in India can associate our first eyeliner experiences only to lakme isn’t it. Can remember them launching one in brown and blue also. But then again, it was the one and only brand available here. Elle 18, tips and toes etc came later.

    Anyways, I too don’t like this anymore. Its been years since I purchased Lakme eyeliner now that we have so many lovely brands 🙂

  2. Dear Anoma,

    immense pleasure in meeting u 🙂 great review, dear…looks like maybelline brush is kinda challenging when u have to make thin lines, especially for cat eyes…

    lakme brush is very feasible and yes, i hate that its not water-resistant…wish they make a note of it…

    agreed on wat poornima says…first xperience has to be Lakme’ at least myself 🙂 it was lakme…

    1. hey Rati,, I hv wheatish complexion,, cn u plz suggest m some good skin whitening cream,, r thy rly worth buying,, n I hv also heard of face illuminator, bt still hvn’t fnd a gd one frm m,, so wht r d good options!! :drool: :mean:

  3. I have both! & I hate the fact that both seem to dry to matt black finish – well, the maybelline one stays glossy for a little while longer, but it ends up making very thick lines. The lakme one never smudged on me actually – but then I never cried or went in the hot sun with it so..

    1. You know I was laughing when I read the crying part. lol!! I found it cute so I didn’t even ask her to edit it. he he.

      I will do the lakme eye artist pen review for you this week only. 🙂

  4. Hey Anoma, Great reviews..
    You got me all nostalgic… Lakme was my first liner too… And the experience was equally bad… 😆 😆
    Never tried the Maybelline liner.. Their eye pencils are good though…
    I am a fan of Lakme eye artist and Colorbar eye pencils… 😛

    1. I so need to learn how to make all these smileys from you. 😛

      How is the day 5 going? Mine is a little disrupted today but all in all no over eating. 🙂

  5. Are it was fine until 5 pm.. Then I went to a friend’s and had 4-5 potato chips.. But I’ll cover them in the dinner… 😀

  6. Hi everyone,

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome. After writing this article , while I was about to mail it to Rati,I was a bit nervous while pressing the ” Send” button. I am feeling good now :).

    Sorry for the late response, Had some guests at my place so couldn’t log on to the net.

    Yes Lakme does make many people nostalgic because it has been the only market contender for quite some time, Even our Moms swear by lakme.Even today If i go to some other brand counter, she would bring me back to the Lakme counter once at least :).At times I find it hard to convince her that Lakme isnt that good anymore.

    Regarding the Maybelline Liner, every time I try to apply on and when I am just about to finish the stroke and think in my mind – Oh yes ! I got it right in one go..the brush moves and its ruined.You never know when the brush is going to fool you :(. This unpredictable nature of the brush makes it difficult to make thin lines.

    My first post and so many responses, this is so encouraging 🙂

    Thank you Rati for bringing up this blog where we not only shares thoughts and experiences but also interact with new people.I find this better than social networking sites.

    Thank you all once again 🙂

    1. Aww!! thank you Anoma. Infact I feel great that we are going this together. 🙂

      I am trying to get in touch with an expert regarding the lead query that you have brought up. Let me see if I could bring up some proof regarding this. 🙂

    2. even i had the same experience with the liner hen i was in school.i like lakme mascara alot & i still bye it.its a good product.try it

  7. Oh God! I didnt realise I wrote such a long reply… lol!

    I had a query regarding liners/kohl/kajal for the waterline( lower lash line).
    I use Biotique Kajal for my lower lash line. In an hour or so Its all collect at both the corners of my eyes and nothing is left in the middle.My eyes look so messy and puffy.

    Which is a good Black Long lasting kajal/kohl for the waterline?
    I have heard Revlon Colorstay( retractable tips) is pretty long lasting – has anybody tried that?

    I read about the Hashmi kajal in the previous post.But I don’t know If this is true or not.
    Hashmi kajal has been into controversy since quite sometime now and even banned in the US & UK. The reason for its jet black color is the usage of Lead as one of its key Ingredients.
    Lead causes poisoning.As this kajal is primarily worn on the lower lash line, giving direct access for Lead to enter out body thereby casuing lead poisoning.
    Any idea how true this actually is?

  8. Revlon’s Colorstay is actually very good and long lasting. It doesn’t smudge, it’s waterproof and you can even cry with it on.
    (Trust me, I cry at a drop of a hat and most of the time, I’m wearing kajal when I’m crying.)

    Like everyone else, our first eyeliner and kajal experience is of Lakme. It used to smudge but due to our budget constraints in college (30 bucks – I mean… it was a steal), we never switched over to any other brand.

    I’m very particular about my kajal and lipbalm as till date those are the only two things I use for my so called Make-up. I feel incomplete without any one of them.

    And one fine day I tried the Revlon Colorstay and it stayed in my list of must have. Though my room-mate even suggested the the Chambor kohl pencil is equally good. But I still have to try that on.

    I hope this solves your query regarding the Revlon colorstay.

    1. I know Abha all of us have used Lakme during our college days. We just need to force Poo to get rid of Lakme now. She still uses their kajal. Uff!!

      Btw Anoma, Abha is my darling friend. 🙂

  9. Yeah Rati, We do. And the only way to do that is to gift her one…so that she gets addicted to it and never returns to Lakme ever again…

  10. I had a word with puju and guess what she doesn’t use Lakme kajal anymore, She’s switched to revlon. Yay…But you do take her make-up shopping. Now coming to Inglot…hmm…. Which lipper was that again, the one that I wore on Day 1 or Day 2?

  11. Hmm…now I have a list of eyeliners/kajal to check out – Lakme , revlon, Colorbar, Chambor, hashmi, Lotus quite a list isnt it? 😉

    I never figured out are colored liner pencils for the upper eye lid or lower lash line?
    How do I differetiate between waterline and lower lash line?

    Thanks for the review on revlon Abha..have u tried out the other shades as well apart from black?

    1. You are welcome Anoma…

      I did use a shade lighter than the jet black one but as of now I don’t remember what is that shade called but apart from that I’ve not used any other shade.

  12. I recently started to use eyeliner, I’m having so much trouble applying it!
    Hopefully practice makes perfect. I bought an unbranded eye liner at the
    local drugstore and the apply piece already broke the same day *angry*
    Going to buy that maybelline eyeliner.

    1. Hi Sunaina,

      Before u decide to buy the maybelline liner which is a brush liner, I would suggest u check out a felt tip liner as well – Lotus or Lakme eye artist.As the felt tip is more sturdy and doesnt move, U would just hve to concentrate on the stroke while applying.

      Yes eyeliner takes a lot of practice..even I am still struggling to get it in one go.I have a new experience every time I apply eyeliner. 🙂

  13. I’ve been using liquid liners for the past 15 years and even though i’ve tried many, many I always, always, always come back to Lakme insta liner only. My HG eyeliner. I have faced absolutely no problems with the drying part. I’ve not really cried (my eyes dont water unless something went in) so I can’t comment about the smudge. It comes out like magic with baby oil ( no panda/raccoon eyes ever!!). And it lasts so long!! My current bottle has been used for 2.5 years and I use eyeliner every single day (Sat/Sun included). I hate Maybelline since it flakes. Love love love this eyeliner. My aunt also uses the same (she’s the one who introduced me to this 15 years ago!). She’s been using the same liquid liner since probably 25 years now! Can never think of moving away from this liner for daily office use! :teddy:

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