Microwaving – New Technique for Soft Smooth Underarms

Shaving, using razors, waxing and torching your armpit with many more razor machines can leave you with dark pigmented underarms. There are various laser treatments that help to break sweat and also easily helps to get rid of unwanted armpit hair. One such treatment among them is microwaving underarms! Yes, this is just like other laser treatments that results in soft, smooth and hair free underarms.

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What is Microwaving your Armpit?
No, I’m not saying you should run to your kitchen and heat your armpit in microwave, off course you cannot! Miradry is a procedure that has become the first FDA approved one of a kind technology to give you ultra-smooth and soft underarms. The process focuses on getting rid of armpit hair completely and also helps to control sweat! The good news is now you can kiss your ultra-smooth armpit. Also, microwaving helps to work equally well on all type of skin and all type of hair under your armpit! No worries, if your skin is dark or white, the procedure gives an equal treatment always.

About the Procedure

To start with this, doctors use a gun like machine which exactly looks somewhat like a tattoo machine. They run the machine back and fro to be ensured with even pigmentation and lesser hair. Temporary lines are drawn on your skin which helps to guide the underarm. Now you will be given anaesthesia, so that you don’t experience pain. The whole process takes about an hour (per sitting) and you’re well on your way to smooth, sweat-free underarms.

microwaving procedure

If you are convinced with this technology, you can give this is a try by starting it from a consultation with dermatologist. The current state of popularity is extremely trending for those who are irritated with under armpit hair and also with uneven skin. Using this technology there is stable axillary hair reduction of approximately 70 percent regardless of colour, and these results are based on a non-optimized treatment protocol.

Patients well-versed in laser and electrolysis may recognize the procedure’s form and technology; while laser hair removal utilizes targeted light to gradually eliminate hair growth and electrolysis favours an electric pulse, microwave currents are a slightly different iteration of the same basic hair-removal principles.

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Side Effects
While most of them have enjoyed the results after microwaving their armpits, some reports claim that they can be slight pain and redness post procedure. However, you will be guided with specific ointment you should be using after procedure.

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