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Aruna Asks

Hi IMBB beauties,

I have Normal to Oily skin (oily T-zone). I am currently using a liquid foundation. Would mineral powder foundations work better for oily skin? If yes, I was planning on picking up the L’oreal True Match Mineral Foundation Powder. If there any other choices in powder foundations, I would love to know.

Thanks in advance,


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24 thoughts on “Mineral Powder Foundation for Normal to Oily Skin: Ask IMBB

  1. Actuallyif you have pronounced pores, you should use a very good primer first and then use mineral foundation or it would accentuate your pores on face like anything, i read loread loreal true match mineral foundation is not that good, even many pple advised me not to buy tht when I had written review on streetwear mineral foundation.I think mineral foundation that we get here in India are nt pure mineral foundation and not that good in quality! You may try revlon colorstay mineral foundation though ! ALways buy a shade lighter as then darken with time !! I would advise you to purchase some foundation online .

    1. hi taps, i m also having pores on my face as i m havin superduper oily skin! Can u pls suggest any gud primer 4 my type of skin!
      Rt nw i m usin oriflame giordiani gold mineral foundation! I wt smethng which is sweatproof coz my face sweat a lot resuting in oiliness n enlarged lukin pores! I use oriflame peach me perfect on daily basis! Sry 4 long post! :thanks:

      1. Actually till now I have used only maybelline uv base, which is okied okay not that good for pores !! Nyx hd primer is good but it leaves that white cast tht is very much seen in pics !! Other than this two I have no idea ! I have heard Mac mineralize skin finish foundation is really good! One may try that !

    2. Thanks Taps. I am using the MAC prep+ prime (my most recent purchase) base. I have the MAC pro longwear foundation that I use rarely cos seriously trying to avoid foundation on day to day basis. But I was just confused with oily skin whether liquid was the best option or whether powder mineral foundation would work better. But I see now that a matte foundation will also work well.

  2. Heylo! lol my favorite topic 😛

    Best mineral powder foundation acc to me would be the body shop’s loose mineral powder foundation..use it with their mineral range of brushes as well
    Another suggestion would be bourjois’ mineral matte mousse foundation..blends like it’s air-whipped! N plz don’t confuse it with maybelline’s air-whipped mousse texture! Maybelline’s is quite a blotch on all whipped mousse foundations! :spank: :spank:

    Both these feel weightless pretty much on the skin and are long wear..super blending quality and of course good quality minerals so no skin woes!
    Hope i helped u! 🙂
    But actually Aruna di, u cud easily get away with just a moisturizer n msf! U’ve got clear skin haven’t u?

    1. Thanks Sukanya. I think I have fairly clear skin with a light scar here and there.Nothing too obvious but i do have big pores on my nose which I would definitely like to hide. One of my biggest problematic areas infact. I dont use foundation daily….usually just the primer and MAC pressed powder but on days I want to wear foundation, dont want to use something that will slide off due to my oily skin (T zone).

      I shall try the bourjois for sure. thanks.

  3. hi Aruna !
    i have used loreal one…well its not easy to use.One has to have light hand or else it will be all patchy :yikes: .and the shade was not really working for me as i have yellow undertone.and its not 100% mineral.I think it also has parabens.It also gave me itch in summers or when i sweat because of bismuth oxide in it.Dont waste your money on this on as i did .

    Maxfactor …hmm it litlle less expensve ..but it broke me ..my skin is super acne proned so..discontnued and gave it to my sis …she loves it though.

    Revlon one is ok ok type..not very heavy on pocket.but this fails to match my skin tone again ..(may be i picked a wrong shade) and it is too not 100% natural.

    Now comes TBS mineral foundation …well what can i say ..its a love-hate relationship. In winters this works..summer this is hopeless for me(make my skin too oily) ..i have seen people using this as a setting powder sometimes and ya no to sheer coverage.But i prefer this as i feel its very gentle on my skin as mine is very prone to acne.

    there is one in Bourjois but used brains and found no shade for my skintone..so i dont know if it breaks my skin.
    i have seen streetwear and faces mineral foundations aswelll dont know how good they are..
    there is one from clinique i want to try but i have too many tubs waiting tobe used before i give it a try 🙂

    if you have oily skin and mild acne you can use creme or liquid foundations well.But if these break you then you shud definetly try mineral makeup..Do prep befor using them..Best to avoid them if you dont need them because it difficult to find them here in india.yes she doesnt have any good and full money’s worth mineral foundations. You can also try purchasing them online from other counrties..
    waiting for what others say .. :nerd:

    1. Thanks for putting so much thought into this question Nikita and answering it. i totally understand what you mean. each of these products tend to work differently during diff times of the year. I think definitely need to buy a couple of these foundations, powders etc so that we can use them at the appropriate time. I do use a primer and just powder on a daily basis.

      I think after reading all these posts, i will defy stay away fro the Loreal one. That would have been a bad purchase.

  4. I would also advise you to check the bare minerals one. it is very popular here in terms of mineral foundations… also- if you have open pores try and avoid talc and shimmer as ingredients..

  5. hi..I suffer from oily skin too..I use MAC pro long wear but not everyday..I think the studio fix powder foundation is a good choice..am planning to get it soon..

    1. thats a good option too..recently bought a couple of things from MAC. shud have picked up studio fix too :)..once i landed in the store i was very confused abt what to buy. I asked the SA whether i shud pick up the studio fix concealer. she was no no what you are wearing is fine. One of the few SAs who didnt try to sell me anything. 🙂

  6. And Ladies! watch out for Bismuth oxychloride in mineral makeup, it is a potent irritant which is present in many high end brands,even Bare minerals. It causes clogged pores and zits and leaves an unhealthy feeling on your face after it is washed off.. :scream:

  7. Hi Aruna! this is my fav topic too..

    I would suggest a brand called Lumiere Cosmetics (www.lumierecosmetics.com). Its not available in India but you could buy through paypal. They have over 20 shades of foundations in 4 different finishes. And the best for oily skin is VeenaVelvet. Its soft and velvety and feels like heaven. It gave me no breakouts. :yahoo: !!

    The best thing is that you can order 5 sample baggies for 1 cent :toothygrin: :toothygrin: !!
    Though they charge you for shipping, you can get a credit in your next order.. I am going to order large jars (18 usd each) and some blushes too.. :happydance:

    Their shipping and service are excellent and you could ask them a shade suggestion by sending your pic.. Hope that helps

  8. Bare Eccentuals is the best brand for mineral foundations and mineral foundation is the best option for sensitive skin. 🙂

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