Morphe M508 Smudger Brush Review

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This is going to be a Morphe month for me. I am going to review all the Morphe products which I bought recently and today’s review is on smudger brush. So, let’s get into the review.

Morphe M508 Smudger Brush Review

Product Details:
This short, flat brush has a stiff, rounded tip for effortlessly smudging and buffing out the lower lash line.
Bristle Type: Sable
Bristles: 1/8″
Full Length: 6 3/8″

My Experience with Morphe M508 Smudger Brush:

The brush comes in a matte black handle which is chrome plated to hold the bristles. The brush bristles are made up of sable hair. The brush is sturdy, lightweight and easy to hold.

Morphe M508 Smudger Brush handle

The brush bristles are short, flat and stiff. It has a rounded tip which helps in smudging the eyeliner or khol. This brush is a multipurpose one. Apart from smudging the eyeliner, this can be also be used to pack eyeshadow under the eyes to create a shadow effect or for smokey eye effect under the eyes.

Morphe M508 Smudger Brush head

It does not have any scratchy feel and blends well. This is a perfect
“under lashline” brush. This brush can also be used for creating “cut crease eye makeup” and also for precise lip and eyebrow for applying concealer on the outer corners of lip area and eyebrow to give a flawless effect.

Morphe M508 Smudger Brush

I have washed this brush and there is no bleeding or shedding of the bristles. And it dries soon, after drying; it retains its original shape. Overall, love how this brush performs.

Morphe M508 Smudger Brush bristles

Pros of Morphe M508 Smudger Brush:

  • Affordable.
  • Sturdy, with good length.
  • Easy to hold.
  • Bristles are stiff and short.
  • Picks right amount of product.
  • Smudges the product well.
  • Does not give any streaky application.
  • It is a multipurpose brush.
  • No shedding or bleeding of bristles.
  • Retains its original shape upon drying and dries faster.

Cons of Morphe M508 Smudger Brush:

  • Made of natural hair.
  • Availability.

IMBB Rating:
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