Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Hello Ladies,
Firstly was it the Mother’s Day today? I mean is it supposed to be today, I was wondering it to be on 21st anyways, after seeing some updates and posts I had to upload this gift guide today. I already gifted Mum a few days ago, I didn’t really present something exclusive but I gave Mum a whole day of pamper and relaxation at The Cure, I have given a briefing about it HERE. I will be giving out detailed posts in the coming days.

Here are some gift ideas for making your Mum special not specifically today or on Mother’s Day but possibly any day and every day of your life!
Flowers :

Mothers Day Gift Guide
I basically keep gifting Mum flowers whenever I feel so; I mean may be twice a month or twice a week, whenever I feel blessed and I want to make her feel special. Tag on a “LOVE YOU” or “THANK YOU” note with flowers! Every woman loves flowers and it instantly gets a smile on her face, the smile you would see on your Mum’s face when she sees those flowers is the MOST PRICELESS one!!  My mother loves orchids and red roses the most!

Chocolates :

Mothers Day Gift Guide
Which woman doesn’t love chocolates? Gift your Mother some exclusive chocolates, it would be a sweet treat to her!

Cupcakes/Macaroons :

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day Gift Guide
My mother loves these! She L-O-V-E-S macaroons more over cupcakes! Laduree and Fauchon ad The Dubai Mall make the best macaroons in the WORLD. Trust me try them!

Take Her For Dinner/ Lunch :

Mothers Day Gift Guide
What’s better than a meal together? Spend some quality time with her! Take her for a sumptuous meal of her favorite cuisine.

Take Her To A Spa :

Mothers Day Gift Guide
Pamper her! Let her relax and soothe! I got my Mother pampered and relaxed at THE CURE and she LOVED it! We spent the whole day there! She got her Facial, massage, manicure, pedicure and aromatherapy done! She loved it!

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day Gift Guide

I actually got this exclusive “pamper box” for her from THE CURE. It had a gift certificate for a 3 and half hour spa session, a exclusive essential oil and a body scrub. Oh and I can’t forget the chocolates!I would be reviewing these boxes in detail!!

You can also considered giving her exclusive Mother’s Day Goodies from LUSH, you can check them out HERE.

Take Her For Shopping :

Mothers Day Gift Guide
Nothings make women happier than shopping! Take her for a modest shopping spree (even if the money is your Dads) ! Ask her to splurge!!

Gift Her A Perfume :

Mothers Day Gift Guide
It is said that a scent is a perfect gift! So give her, her favorite fragrance! HERE are some perfumes you can choose from.

Gift Her Makeup :

Mothers Day Gift Guide
Again no woman hate makeup! Add up to her vanity gift her what she’s been eyeing and not picking!

More than anything else give her all the time and love she deserves! Kiss her more frequently and thank her for being around always when no one was ever there!

These are some of the ideas which I could think off, if there is anything else which pops up in your mind, comment below, I would love to know how you spent your day with your mother or what you gifted her!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mommies around the globe!

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