NARS Lipstick in Pigalle (Semi-Matte) Review

NARS Pigalle($24.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a semi matte lipstick in a brownish pink colour. The NARS website describes its semi-matte formula is a “A highly pigmented matte, non drying formula that provides a long-wearing, full bodied velvety finish”.

NARS Pigalle Semi-Matte Lipstick

Although, I am usually not the high-end lipstick buying customer, but I was tempted into buying a NARS lipstick since it always gets great reviews as the best lipsticks in beauty magazine’s annual top lipstick category. So I ended up buying the Nars Pigalle since it was a lovely matte colour meaning it would be opaque and long-lasting. I ordered it online via Amazon while I was in the US. I had personally not tried it out but was merely judging the lipstick by its promotional photo. After ordering the lipstick I googled to find out the meaning of the word “Pigalle” since NARS is well known for naming its products sensationally and I was curious to know its meaning. So I was not surprised when I found out that ‘Pigalle’ is the name of an area in Paris, France  famous for being a touristic red-light district, containing the famous Moulin Rouge. Back in India, naming a lipstick after a red-light area would not find you many takers!

NARS Pigalle Semi-Matte Lipstick Look

After unwrapping the parcel, I was greeted by the packaging of the lipstick which was the tasteful minimalistic look with its black matte rubbery feel material. Its got a very great  velvety feel, but in long term it tends to display more finger-prints than other metallic  lipstick containers. {Pic-1} {Pic-2}

My first reaction after receiving the lipstick was the colour of the lipstick which seemed a bit too dark brown for me. But after trying it with a quick swatch on my hands( we all are impatient to find the real colour, aren’t we?), I was relieved that it was a lovely pinkish brown color and not a dark-on the brink of emo-ish colour like I imagined it to be.

I tried it on and it looked pretty nice colour not as brown as I had imagined and not as pink as the website describes it. I would describe it as a lovely mix of pink and brown.

Depending on your complexion colour and your lip natural colour, this could be your holy grail -your MLBB lipstick especially for Indian complexions.

Its pretty opaque, so there is no need for a base or a lip liner at all. I would suggest applying a lip balm before applying the lipstick since its a matte lipstick and hence will highlight all the lines on your dry lips, if you have any. For a perfect lip shape, I would recommend applying the lipstick with a lip brush for that exact velvety desired effect. Since its a rather good opaque lipstick, one swipe is good enough to get the colour of the lipstick. If you want a darker shade than the original intended shade, you would swipe it on for a couple of times more.
NARS Pigalle Semi-Matte Lipstick Swatch

The colour lasts pretty long, maybe not as long-lasting as those specialized long-lasting lipsticks, but will last for a good 5-6 hours and then slowly fade off. It tends to get a bit drying for your lips especially if you are dry skinned. I tend to put a translucent lip balm over it so that it tends to be less drying over time and give a bit of shine. You could try it with a lip gloss on the top for a good colour and gloss combination. I love wearing it often and this would well be a daily use formal not-in-your face lipstick(well its on your face, but you get the point!) . I think this colour also makes for a great simple nude category lipstick when you are going for a dramatic smokey eye look.

NARS Pigalle Semi-Matte Lipstick on Lips

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To sum it up-

Pros of NARS Lipstick in Pigalle

:yes: Great colour for Indian skin tones.
:yes: Great semi-matte for a velvety lip look.
:yes: Good colour for a neutral lip to compliment a smokey eye look.
:yes: Opaque enough to camouflage any natural lip colour imperfections.
:yes: More colour payback from using less quantity of product.

Cons of NARS Lipstick in Pigalle

:no: A bit drying to the lips. It could have a more moisturizing element to it as
had been promised by the NARS website.
:no: Might give a washed out look if combined with the wrong brown skin tone.
:no: Cost on the pricier side.
:no: Packaging prone to finger-print stains.


I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It earns the good reviews top beauty magazines give NARS. For me its almost my MLBB catch. Its great for people who do not like shiny lip colours and want a more natural sophisticated look. Although its pricier than most lipsticks, I think it’s worth it, with a good payback.

Its converted me to give more pricier lipsticks a thought. Now that I am in India, I would like to find out if we do get NARS cosmetics in any city in India- Anyone has any ideas?

Those outside India can buy it from Nars Website or Amazon

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  1. Niki, It’s a very pretty and wearable shade . I am not a fan of nars packaging myself. They get these irritating finger print marks every time you touch them. I loved the packaging.

    Plus, Fantastic photos. :clap:

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