Nars Siam Matte Multiple Review, Swatches

Nars Siam Matte Multiple

Hello Ladies,

Today I bring to you one of the best sellers and a fairly new release from Nars. It’s the Matte multiple stick in the shade Siam.

About The Product:

What it is:
A modern matte multipurpose makeup stick for lips and cheeks that may be used wet or dry.

What it does:
This innovative formula—the next wave makeup artistry for lips and cheeks—delivers vibrant pops and sensual sunkissed modern matte hues for lips and cheeks. Used dry it delivers a burst of high-impact color; used wet, color melts into skin with an imperceptibly smooth, sheer finish


Suggested Use:
-This product may be used on both lips and cheeks and wet or dry for different effects.
-Used dry it delivers a burst of high-impact color; used wet, color melts into skin with an imperceptibly smooth, sheer finish.
-For dry application, apply directly to cheeks or lips and pat with fingertips to blend.
-It can also be applied with fingertips.

Price: $39


My Experience with Nars Siam Matte Multiple

I am a huge fan of multi-purpose products. On hectic days, it really helps to have one product perform all functions for you which is what this product claims. It can be used as a blush, lipstick and even as an eye shadow if needed.


This product comes in a sleek matte black tube with a very secure cap. Even though it looks very classy it is very prone to attracting finger prints and other makeup which can start making it look dirty very quickly. The tube itself is very travel friendly.

Another thing I would like to mention which has enraged a lot ofNars customers is the fact that the matte multiples (.26 oz) are half the size of the original multiple stick (.50 oz) without any difference in price. So basically you are only getting half the product for the same price which makes this product highly expensive. You can see the difference yourself in the pic below in which I compare it side by side to Nars regular multiple.


Color: Nars describes the shade “Siam” as “poppy red” and the shade is true to its name. It is a very vibrant red with hints of coral-orange which even when sheered out can look loud if you are not careful. I decided to pick this shade up as this was the most pigmented shade in all of the matte multiple blush shades. There are many contour shades too which are possibly more pigmented. The way I like to use and wear this is that I “dab” not “drag” the tube on my cheeks and blend it quickly with my Elf small stipple blush which is the best brush in the market to use with creamy products like this.
I usually only like to keep one aspect of my makeup bold therefore when I wear a loud color like this I tend to keep a very neutral eye with a winged liner and MLBB shade of lipstick with a gloss which counter balances the matte nature of the shade.

Even though this shade is completely matte without a hint of shimmer, it still gives a very radiant, healthy look to cheeks.
Texture: This product blends beautifully and evenly without any problem and does not look patchy. You can use a brush or fingers to blend it and both will work.

Staying Power:

The staying power of this is very impressive. It easily stays on my cheeks for whole day which for me is 7-8 hours and never loses it vibrancy. It will stay put till I remove it with a makeup remover at the end of the day.
Performance on Lips:

I do like this color on my lips. It pairs wonderfully with a cat-eye. It brightens the whole face. The only fact I do not like is that it can feel drying on the lips and accentuate dry cracked lips. If I exfoliate and moisturize my lips well before application it stay looking good for 4 hours after which my lips start to feel parched. It does survive snacking. It does stain my lips slightly after it wears off.
Fragrance: As far as I can tell its completely fragrance free.

I would not recommend using this as an eye color as due to it creamy nature it can crease.
Overall,Very pleased and head over heels in love with this shade. I am definitely tempted to try other shades in this range.


Pros of Nars Siam Matte Multiple

• Sleek travel friendly tube with secure cap.
• Very creamy and blends easily with fingers or stippling brush
• Looks very natural and give a healthy radiant glow to cheeks without any shimmer
• Very pigmented, Little goes a long way.
• Staying power is very good. Stays all day without losing its vibrancy.



Cons of Nars Siam Matte Multiple

• Expensive considering the fact that it is half the size of regular multiple without any change in price.
• Very easy to go overboard with this shade and end up looking like you have “Clown Cheeks”
• Feels very drying on my lips
• Cannot be used as a eye color as it will crease.

IMBB Rating 4.5/5

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23 thoughts on “Nars Siam Matte Multiple Review, Swatches

  1. That looks gorgeous on your lips *woot* *woot* *woot* *woot* and plus the effect which it gives for the cheeks is soo damn cute *drool* *drool* agrred it will make the cheeks look like a clown if applied in excess *hihi* *hihi*

    1. *thankyou* Saloni *puchhi* yeah it really requires skill to apply such a tricky shade .. So easy to go overboard if not careful

    1. So true..Nars had been on my wish list for so long.. I finally got couple of products from them *pompom* *pompom*

  2. Great swatches! This color on the lips would look soo sexy with a cat eye. 😀

    That was a sneaky move by Nars, but then, I guess the intense pigmentation makes up for it?

  3. you people are making me envoys….I want nars nars nars……ufff wow looks gorgeous on lips….loved it….btw these are two separate?

    1. I know i name Nars makes me go *drool* too .. The product u see applied in the FOTD is the same on the cheeks and lips which is Siam.. They look diffrent as it applied more concentrated on the lips and sheered out on the cheeks

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