NARS Velvet Eyeliner Curacao, Suqqu Duo Liquid Eyeliner Pen 01, Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder Yellow Review

NARS Velvet Liner Curacao


USD 24/ INR 1500 approximately.

I have been obsessed with these velvet eyeliners from NARS. I have reviewed the green shade called Kaliste here. This one is called “Curacao.” It is gorgeous turquoise blue eyeliner. The packaging is matte black on the outside with a coloured tip in the coordinating color at the end. Trust me, I have 5 of them and the coloured end really makes life easier. These are sharpenable pencils, so you have an option to work with very fine tip. Also, it keeps the pencil hygienic. The pencil is very pigmented and one stroke gives a bang-on color.

NARS Velvet Eyeliner Curacao, Suqqu Duo Liquid Eyeliner Pen 01, Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder Yellow Review

In the eye makeup below, I have used it on the upper lash line. You can wear these pencils on your waterline, on upper lash line and even as a base for your eyeshadows – they work! And with the incredible staying power that they have – even on waterline- these have become my favourite eye pencils these days. I have worn them for good 7-8 hours and the eyeliner is pretty much there on my waterline at the end of the day.

NARS Velvet Eyeliner Curacao tip

NARS Velvet Eyeliner Curacao color indicator

It’s not perfect, but it does not disappear or move all around. If you are very specific about your eyeliner looking perfect at all times, you could do a quick touch-up somewhere during middle of the day and you have your liner in place or all day long. For upper lash line, I do have to make sure that I have a primer underneath and I do set it with a bit of loose powder if I don’t want my liner to move, but if you smudge the liner a bit with your finger tip, the staying power is incredible.

NARS Velvet Eyeliner Curacao

It doesn’t sting the eyes and sharpens well without breaking. It is creamy but just the right consistency that it doesn’t tug or pull your eyelids. This color is absolutely gorgeous if you have coloured eyes as well. Totally on my top list of eyeliners.

NARS Velvet Eyeliner Curacao eye makeup

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Suqqu Duo Liquid Eyeliner Pen 01 Review:

Suqqu eyeliner pen

$30.50/INR 1900 approximately for 1 ml.

I am always on a lookout for a good eyeliner pen. I find them easier to use and that’s probably the only way I prefer to use a liquid eyeliner. This is a duo liquid eyeliner pen. There are two versions available for this one. One version of the pen 01 is black and brown liner and the other version 02 has a black and burgundy liner. I am reviewing the 01 version for you all.

Suqqu eyeliner

This is all black, the gold rim side of the pen is black and the other side is brown. The felt tip is the finest I have come across in liquid eyeliner pens so far. I mean you can draw the thinnest imaginable line with this pen and with just a bit of pressure, you can thicken the liner depending on your preference. Also, the felt tip is firm enough to give you enough control and soft enough that you can press and bend it a little to draw perfect lines. The thin pointy end also makes it easier to fix any mistakes.

Suqqu liner pen

Suqqu liner

The color intensity of both the black and brown liner is bang on. One stroke and you get a lovely pigmented color on the lids. The finish is somewhere between matte and shiny and that makes it look quite elegant. It does not take long to dry. Also, it gives you enough play time to fix and go over the liner again.

NARS Velvet Eyeliner Curacao swatch on hand

I have been using this pen for almost a month now and I reach out for it quite often and honestly, I am obsessed. The quantity is quite little and I end up using the black side more than the brown one. I would have preferred if the pen came separately with just one color as well. The staying power is incredible. It has never faded or crumbled or peeled on my eyes ever even with 6-7 hours of wear and that is what makes it absolutely incredible. The only con would be that Suqqu is a “hard-to-find” brand. It is a Japanese brand and available in London and Japan, of course. Suqqu is definitely one of the finest brands I have discovered this year so far. Loving every bit of it!

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Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder Yellow:

Bobbi Brown yellow powder

USD 28/INR 1800 approximately.

Skin Type : Normal to Dry
Skin Tone : Medium fair / olive
Foundation Reference : MAC NC 35/ Giorgio Armani 5.5/ NARS Barcelona, Chanel 40 beige

Bobbi Brown yellow powder full

Bobbi Brown has recently launched retouching powders. They are basically color correcting powders. Let’s say if you have very sallow undertone, you could use a lavender one. If you want to correct the dark greenish undertones, especially under the eyes and around your chin area, you could use a peach powder. I picked up the yellow powder because my skin sometimes has a tendency to look a bit greyish/purplish, especially around my mouth area. You can read more about color correcting HERE. I literally call it my secret magical powder.

Bobbi Brown yellow powder open

It literally saves me from looking all kinds of shades with just one touch. This powder comes packed in this little transparent jar. It’s a bit messy since it is a loose powder and it is ‘yellow’ so makes it a double mess. 😛 Sometimes when I use just a tinted moisturiser and no peach corrector, my skin can look insane, I just do a quick touch up with this powder and boom! My skin looks fresh and even like a magic. On other days, I mix it with my regular loose powder and use it overall to get that fresh look to the skin.

Bobbi Brown yellow powder shade name

The powder is quite thin and fine and does not get cakey at all. I use very light wash with this powder or else it can be a bit drying especially on my normal to dry skin, but this is a very specific powder and if you have no troubles with your skin, you can totally do away with just your regular powder. A lot of olive skin tones can also benefit from their rose and peach powder as well. The only thing that you have to be careful with these powders is not to use too much. These are coloured powders and they would start showing up if you are not too careful. I suggest that you always mix with your regular loose powder and then use it. And best, if you use it only on targeted areas. This way you don’t have to worry about spoiling the perfect foundation/ concealer base.

NARS Velvet Eyeliner Curacao, Suqqu Duo Liquid Eyeliner Pen 01, Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder Yellow

Not a must have but a good one to have. A cheaper version of this powder is Ben Nye Banana Powder and NYX Banana Powder.

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  1. That EOTD is to die for!! Fantastic!! I wanna try that – soon!! Don’t know if i can carry it off or not, but would definitely wanna try!!

  2. I love the color of the eyeliner, Rati! Reminds me of this Laura Paige eyeliner pencil I used to have years ago (think that was the subject of one of my very first articles on IMBB). Ah this brought back memories! 🙂
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