Neha Dhupia at the promotion of Pappu Can’t Dance Saala.

I like how fresh and comfortable Neha Dhupia is looking at the promotion of Pappu Can’t dance saala.

The green skinny belt around the waist with a cream dress is something to keep in mind. May be better shoes but overall I like it.What about you?

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34 thoughts on “Neha Dhupia at the promotion of Pappu Can’t Dance Saala.

  1. Her makeup and face and dress looks very good Rati. :toothygrin: .. but i feel she could have selected a dress that flattered her figure..this luks a bit bottom-heavy, na? :methinks: :methinks: :methinks:
    But i loved the fresh and simple makeup.. very chiquita luk! :toothygrin:

  2. She is a knockout 😐 also i think her attire looks very feminine and complements her beauty, I am the one to think our hair should always be prettier than our shoes anyways :lol2:

        1. he he ask me abt it!
          btw shoes it is for me, its easier than my unruly locks :p
          throw in some bucks and u gotta head-turner. cant do it with my hair u c esp when the world thinks hair=straight silky 😉

  3. i like her style most of the time except one recent pic i saw of hers in some horrendous yellow tights and green top I think..and yahan dosent she look kinda busty? not that its a bad thing but somehow i thot she was very lean.

    1. i think its’ the dress aruna. I tried a similar dress at mago recently and I almost went in shock how much volume it added. 😐 😐 😐 I thought it was just me but now i feel, it’s the dress as well. :tongue: :tongue:

      1. right right..those layers + the belt almost kind of splits the body so instead of looking at it in totality the eyes dosent see it as one piece.. :woot:

  4. i loved her dress……n the makeup too…but i feel she shud hav gone in for something that is more flateering to her structure…this dress makes her bottom look all the more heavy….. :-/

  5. She has very glowing n clear skin…right from her miss india days!…i think she could have sported shoes same as the colour of her belt n necklace. Her flat hair is making her face look longer.
    she has such a gd figure….i always like her in tight fitted both short n longdresses.n not to forget she looks gd in sarees as well…..overall i’ll like 2 see her in some upcoming bollywood films!gd luck ‘Neha-Dhupia’

  6. I like her in these pics. :preen: Cute outfit. :pompom: :shying:
    But she could have done something more with her make up. :haanji:

  7. Bandage dresses suit curvy figures better. maybe this high empire line and flaring skirt of the dress makes her look a bit bottom-heavy as someone rightly pointed out previously – otherwise i agree ,neha dhupia has a great figure – no way should she look out of place in anythng meant for the type of figure she has.lively,light,flowery – very spring 😛 loved it

  8. she looks sweet. she is hot anyways! but i personally think she can do WAYY better than this. somehow not sure the matching thing works for me 🙁

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