Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturiser Review

Body Type: Normal to dry
Hello ladies!

Winter will come soon and as I have dry body type, I am preparing to fight against dryness. Nivea has recently launched a new body cream and today, I am talking about the Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturiser. Let’s get into the review.

Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturiser Review

Product Description:
With the benefits of organic Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E, this moisturiser naturally and gently provides skin (even sensitive skin) with absolute hydration and nourishment, leaving it feeling silky and smooth. The Nivea Aloe Body Cream moisturises the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue, meaning it’s suitable for all skin types, including oily and impure skin. It also helps to support the skin’s defence system against premature ageing caused by free radicals. Freshness in a jar, this refreshing moisturiser keeps your skin soft, supple and smooth

  • Fast-absorbing formula with no sticky feeling
  • Soothes, heals and restores moisture to dull, dehydrated skin
  • Leaves skin smooth and fresh all day long
  • Vitamin E & aloe vera formulation
  • Suitable for all skin types

Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturiser Review Product


Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturiser Review Ingredients

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INR 90 for 50ml

My Experience with Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturiser:

Nivea aloe body cream is available in two sizes and it comes in a round white plastic jar with a cap. I am not fan of jar packaging as this is not so hygienic. But, as it is a small 50ml jar, it is quite easy to carry around, like I always carry it in my handbag which is much essential during winter.

Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturiser Review Packaging

Body cream comes in a soft medium creamy texture that glides smoothly on skin and with a little massage, it nicely gets absorbed into the skin that leaves a soft silky finish. It feels light and non-greasy as well. It instantly provides a great relief to dry skin and it also has a fresh soothing effect. It also has a nice fresh fragrance of Aloe Vera and I love this pleasant smell but, it doesn’t stay long that much.

Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturiser Review Package Open

As a body cream, it does provide that desire hydration to skin. It makes it soft, smooth and healthy. Now, I have quite dry body and I always need rich hydration. As it is a light body cream, I require extra amount of cream to cover my body deeply. Initially, it provides a soothing relief to rough texture and cures the dryness as well. It also repairs the texture and adds a nice silky glow to it.

Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturiser Review Cream Texture

Now, the softness stays for a good time on skin. I mean, the hydration stays for around 5-6 hours and then, I need a reapplication. But the time period is quite good for my dry body. I think extremely dry rough skin will need more hydration than this.

Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturiser Review Taking Cream in Hand

It is definitely a good body cream and if you have normal skin then, it is a nice lightweight hydrating body cream for you. Even it works well during this pre-winter season. Earlier, I had used their Cocoa Nourish Body Cream which will last throughout the day and worked great on me.

Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturiser Review Cream Swatch

Overall, it behaves like good hydrating body cream that feels light and non-greasy. But, I wish it stays little more on skin that is much required during winter. Also, it should have minimum SPF as well.

Pros of Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturiser:

  • Travel-friendly jar and affordable.
  • Comes in various sizes.
  • Soft texture glides well.
  • Absorbs quickly.
  • Lightweight non-greasy cream.
  • Provides that soft moisturized skin.
  • Cures dryness and improves the rough texture.
  • Feels fresh and soothing on skin.
  • Adds a silky glow to the skin.
  • Hydration stays for decent time on skin.

Cons of Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturiser:

  • Unhygienic jar packaging.
  • I don’t like its smell.
  • Will need reapplication during winter.
  • No SPF.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturiser?
If you want something lightweight and hydrating then, it is good. But winter needs long lasting effect so, I will definitely repurchase it during other season.

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