Nivea Cool Sensation Whitening Body Lotion Review

Body Skin Type: Normal to Dry

Hello, beauties!

I love Nivea body lotions and have tried so many variants. Recently Nivea launched this ‘Cool Sensation Whitening Body Lotion’. Let’s get into the review.

Price: INR 95 for 75ml

My Experience with Nivea Cool Sensation Whitening Body Lotion:

This Nivea lotion comes in a nice white plastic bottle with a blue flip cap. This is a very common Nivea packaging and I like it. This lotion is available in many sizes but I chose the smallest one since it was travel-friendly. The lotion has a medium creamy consistency and it glides smoothly on the skin. It feels extremely lightweight. It is easy to spread and massage the lotion and it gets absorbed quickly. It is a non-greasy and non-oily body lotion, which is perfect for summers.

It has a very nice and refreshing menthol smell in it, which will be liked by everyone. This mild scent feels very pleasant and very refreshing. I always love such fragrances. This body lotion is specially designed to provide a cooling sensation to the skin, and yes it provides a slightly cooling effect. It actually feels very soothing and fresh to the senses, hence it instantly energises me.

Now let’s talk about how it works on my normal to dry skin. It instantly makes my skin soft and smooth skin. It also provides a good amount of hydration to the skin. It makes skin supple and healthy, too. It has never made me sweat, hence will suit all skin types during summer. My skin looks healthier and glowing ever since I have started to use this lotion. Regular usage has repaired my skin. But I don’t believe in its whitening claim. It can’t make your skin “white” at all! It has repaired dryness and made my skin brighter but I do not see any whitening effects.

It is packed with SPF 15 but it is not enough for the Indian summers. Hence, I need extra sun protection. The effect stays on the skin. This lotion keeps the skin hydrated and fresh for long. I generally don’t have to reapply it but it is not a winter moisturiser. Also, it can’t provide rich nourishment to extremely dry skin. Overall, I like this refreshing body lotion as it keeps my skin soft and fresh. This is a perfect summer lotion but it does contain chemicals, like alcohol, which is not great for the skin.

Pros of Nivea Cool Sensation Whitening Body Lotion:

• Nice packaging.
• Affordable.
• Spreads smoothly on the skin.
• Has a fresh menthol scent.
• Feels very soothing and refreshing.
• Provides a slight cooling effect.
• Non-greasy and non-oily.
• Lightweight.
• Gets easily absorbed.
• Makes skin soft and smooth.
• A perfect summer lotion.
• Contains SPF 15.

Cons of Nivea Cool Sensation Whitening Body Lotion:

• Is not intensely moisturising.
• No whitening effects.
• Contains alcohol.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Nivea Cool Sensation Whitening Body Lotion?
If you want a lightweight and fresh summer lotion you can go for it. I have already ordered a bigger bottle.

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