Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion Review

Body Skin Type: Normal to Dry

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Nivea recently launched Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion, which seemed quite refreshing to me. Now, let’s see how it fared.

Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion Review

Price: INR 80 for 75 ml
Product Description:
The tropical Indian weather can cause your body to lose water, leaving your skin dehydrated. Dehydration of skin is also aided by lifestyle triggers like long hours in AC, beauty treatment like waxing etc. Hence your skin needs hydration from within even in summers. NIVEA Aloe Hydration lotion has goodness of Aloe Vera that keeps your skin healthy. It hydrates your skin to give you soft, smooth skin. It is infused with the Nivea Deep Moisture Serum and aloe vera. It absorbs immediately and leaves your skin soothed, refreshed and pleasantly fragranced – after just one application. Apply the lotion daily all over your body.
Rehydrates skin and keeps is moisturized

Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion Claims

My Experience with Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion:

Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion comes in their standard packaging – all white plastic bottle with a blue flip cap. This lotion comes in various size options and I picked the smallest one, which is totally a travel friendly bottle.

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Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion Packaging

This lotion has a medium to thin white creamy consistency that glides smoothly on the skin and feels extremely light. It is easy to blend the lotion on the skin and it also gets absorbed pretty quickly. It is a non-grassy and non-oily body lotion which is perfect for summers.

Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion Top

Since it contains aloe vera it feels so fresh. It has an amazing fragrance that makes me feel so good. I love such strong scents that have a floral touch to them. But it is an artificial smell and few might find it too strong for their liking; it starts to fade within an hour, though. So, it will not bother much.

Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion Front

Now let’s talk about how it works on my normal to dry skin. It instantly provides soft, smooth skin and adds a good amount of hydration to the skin. It is a lightweight moisturiser that never causes sweat and it is a perfect lotion for summers.

Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion Open

It can heal slight dryness but it is not a rich moisturiser for dry skin and is not ideal for winters at all. It needs to be reapplied every 3 hours during the dry season. If you have extremely dry skin on your body, it can’t repair it, and it can’t provide enough nourishment.

Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion Cap

It’s perfect for normal to oily skin, and on my normal hands, it works quite well and keeps them soft for long. But I have extremely dry skin on some parts and this lotion cannot provide enough hydration or nourishment to them.

The effect stays around 5-6 hours on my normal body skin and on dry parts it lasts around 3-4 hours. So, the claim of ’48-hr hydration’ is not true at all. It’s not winter anymore here and I still need to reapply the lotion.

Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion Swatch

Overall, it’s a refreshing body lotion which keeps my skin soft and fresh without making it greasy. I love its fragrance a lot as well. But wish it worked better on my skin. It is a perfect lotion for summers and I will enjoy using it on hot summer days but it lacks SPF.

Pros of Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion:

• Nice packaging.
• Affordable.
• Medium thin consistency.
• Blends smoothly.
• Beautiful floral scent.
• Refreshing.
• Non-grassy, non-oily.
• Lightweight lotion.
• Gets absorbed pretty quickly.
• Hydrates the skin well.
• Makes skin soft and smooth.
• A good summer lotion.

Cons of Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion:

• Strong scent; not for sensitive nose.
• Not hydrating enough for dry skin.
• Can’t survive winter days.
• False 48-hr hydration claim.
• Needs reapplication.
• No SPF.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion?
If you want a lightweight summer lotion you can go for it but I won’t recommend it for dry skin.

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