Nomarks Face Wash Review (Youth)

Nomarks face wash – Youth Review

  • Superior cleansing with sun protection
  • Active encapsulated beads
  • For a flawless lighter complexion
No Marks face Wash
No Marks face Wash

Some couple of months back; I saw a few new no marks face washes in three variants in stores. I have quite liked the no marks face wash in the past, the one with multi colored beads and a transparent tube. It used to smell quite fresh and never ever dried out skin. it unbelievably softened skin, a huge change from other drying face washes. Since these have been launched, I have never seen the old one again☹. I had to pick on the three new variants. I am not sure when these were launched but I have seen very few advertisements for these on TV. Correct me if I am wrong.

Variants: to the best of my knowledge, the variants are youth, teenage and 25+
I am 25 nevertheless I picked up youth :P. as a matter of fact I wanted to pick up teenage one (lol) but I thought I must leave some for the teenagers.

What the pack says:
In your youth, excessive exposure to the environmental factors coupled with hormonal activities functioning at their peak, make your skin vulnerable to damage due to pigmentation, uneven skin tone and tanning

No Marks face Wash

This face wash is especially formulated to maintain even skin tone, by superior cleansing and providing effective sun protection. The encapsulated beads gently dissolve to release activities that not only deep cleanse but also counter harmful effects of both UVA and UVB rays.

Directions for use:
Moisten the face. Apply no marks face wash all over face in circular motion. Wash off and pat dry.

Result: regular use prevents darkening of skin and keeps it flawless, even toned and supple.

Active herbal ingredients:
Neem, lemon, clove

Compositon :
Aloe vera,neem, lemon oil, clove oil, camphor, mint, gel base

Price: Rs 60 for 75 ml (including 25% extra)

My take on Nomarks Face wash:
➢ I want everyone to take this product seriously. The claims mentioned on the pack are 75 % true. I am almost finishing the tube now and hence writing this review. This product DOES even out skin tone, DOES lighten tan, and DOES leave skin supple. In a long time, I have not been disappointed by the high-flown claims of a product.

No Marks face Wash
No Marks face Wash

➢ I have oily skin; I like something gel based for a face wash. Most gel face washes are mild and I don’t feel they remove grease effectively after a day’s work. But this product leaves skin fresh without being dry and removes oil effectively

➢ I have been using the face wash for 20 days, WITHOUT exposing my skin to the sun. So on that front; I will not be able to comment as I am dead against direct sun exposure. Apart from darkening, it reddens my skin and kind of burns it quickly.

➢ Having said that, I DID feel my skin toned evened out every time I used this.

➢ It left my skin supple enough

➢ You will need an average quantity of the gel to lather and remove dirt and oil from the skin

➢ It WILL be effective on pigmentation on normal skin. Sensitive skin can not take chances with this, it may be strong for them.

➢ The ingredients spell magic for oily skin: neem, clove, lemon.

➢ I did not get a single eruption or pimple all the while when I was using this. That said, I did not expose my skin to extreme dust and sun while I was using this face wash.

➢ I am not saying it’s meant for oily skin only, but oily skin club will like it better than other skin types.

➢ The beads dissolve when it lathers very mildly, god knows for what though.

➢ The green little beads look cute:)

Downside of Nomarks Face wash
➢ It smells VERY STRONGLY of CLOVE OIL. It does not smell all nice and fruity like other face washes. It’s almost like balm for headaches or clove oil for tooth ache. After a hard day, you may like the smell and find it relaxing for a heavy head.
➢ The strong smell may be too much for sensitive skin. I don’t recommend it to dry or sensitive skin.
➢ The beads “the encapsulated beads gently dissolve to release activities”, please some one ask no marks what on earth do they mean by this statement.
➢ Its gel based so doesn’t expect it to lather much.

The other two variants, for 25+ and teenage may be suitable to other skin types as well but I am yet to try those. The teenage one targets acne and those two are blue and yellow tubed as far as I remember. I AM willing to try them and repurchase these, especially on days when I break out.

No Marks face Wash
NoMarks face Wash

Last word: These are worth a try. I recommend it to oily skin club and acne prone pimple skin. If are looking for a solution to lighten tan and pigmentation and skin tone and mainly to even out skin tone, it’s a good product. If you are looking for a solution to fight acne and oil, without being harsh and looking for some thing for the long run but something that will not strip the moisture off your face, I will suggest giving it a try, ONLY if you are okay with the smell of clove oil!

Have you used Nomarks face wash? Please rate in the box below.

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37 thoughts on “Nomarks Face Wash Review (Youth)

  1. I have pigmented skin….and I don’t mind the strong smell if its working :-)) :-))
    thanx for review Neha….will surely give this a try :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  2. I have never tried anything form nomarks except one teeny meeny Rs 2 face pack. It smelt of some medicines. did nothing to my skin. But that was ages ago. I think they have come a long way since then- good packaging and promising products.

    What free thing you got with this. The tube says something “free free free” 😛

    1. 25 % extra :rotfl: :rotfl:
      han no marks is like all medicianl but the earlier face wash was good too
      but i DREAD their creams :tremble:

      2 rupaiye ka face pack ata hai kya sachi?

    1. waiting for the slightest contraction and i will rrrrruuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnn to the hospital
      and shout and scream at everyone arnd speacially my hubby…if he does not pick me up in time :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

      thanks for askin ramya
      weather is so nice these days :-))

      ya Himalaya is milder ramya i feel

  3. I hve used the old NoMarks facewash before. The one with transparent tube and colorful beads…never saw any variants. I guess they are not really meant for dry skin, though it didn’ t mention a skin type. Poor dry-skinned me!! :-((

  4. Sounds really promising. Unfortunately I have oily, but sensitive skin, so not sure if I can take a chance with this. Clove oil is after all, quite strong.
    Also, I didn’t understand this part Neha, “Apart from darkening, it reddens my skin and kind of burns it quickly.” What were you referring to – sun exposure?

  5. hi..nice review..i agree with all the points….
    i have the gel scrub too and it works great!!!
    nomarks is sort of a hidden brand..probably it gets understated cos of the new brands and not very well marketing department…
    but works great and cost effective too!!!! :-))

  6. Hey neha,
    Is this the same brand NO MARKS which also has face pack ?? It comes in a faint brown very fine powder that you’re supposed to mix with rose water ??

  7. iv tried the teenager one! dat is also nice! i have oily skin and it took good care of that and left my skin squeaky clean and fresh…

    though dat one too has strong smell..
    but its citrus-y so i dont mind 🙂

  8. Neha, nice one,… :-)) :-))
    i remember buying nomarks cream as a teenager :silly: :silly:
    at that time i had itsy bitsy pimples and when i hit twenty it stopped :giggle: :giggle: sigh…….. am 25+1 now :evilgrin:

  9. I just can’t stop adoring two face washes- nomarks ‘youth’ and lakme fruit blast face wash in citrus rain. I have combination skin and they are best suited to me. :yahoo:

  10. hii …
    i hve so many acne spots on my face.. anyone plz tel me, is nomarks cream n facewash really works to remove acne spots on my face…????

  11. its the best face wash i have ever used.i had used almost all famous brands and product, but it the only one whose results are absolutely stunning. it is the excellent face face wash which you can easily keep up in your pocket without burning a hole in it.

  12. I hv tried No Marks Neem face wash. Although its a nice face wash for acne & pimple prone skin & makes ur skin clean, but I hv dry skin, & I found it to be drying & after a few days felt my natural glow fading. So its not suitable for me. Also it doesnt lather much.
    Its gud for normal to oily skin ppl.

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