NYX Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss Beige Sparkle Review,Swatches

NYX Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss Beige Sparkle


Get a perfect pout with NYX Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss. Chic or classy, fun or sober, a casual meeting or night out – there’s a shade for every mood and occassion. Dab some color and let your lips do the talking.


INR 450-600, varies online.

When I was in a serious gloss phase, I picked up few NYX glosses. Many had a sparkle but they still looked very pretty. I have another pink one but meanwhile I ordered this one thinking it will be a great beige or nude gloss with a hint of sparkle for all lipsticks. This turned out to be a golden yellow gloss with some silver to it, take a look:




I like how the gloss looks, nice tube and slanted longer wand picks up the right product.The gloss looks slightly orange gold in the tube but when you put it looks like a milky dirty golden yellow kind of color.The shimmer is dense but very very fine so you could wear it in the day also.If you wear very little it would not make your lips very shimmery.



The gloss is very very thick, it not at all runny which I love.When you place it on the lips, it stays.It does not bleed nor does it leave a watery liquid.When you use your lips, it might get little subtle and the density would decrease and the fine shimmer is stuck to your lips. The shimmer might spread out on the lips after it fades say after a meal.This could be disliked by many.



You could use this color over a lot of lipstick. One coat is also pigmented, two coats would look yellow gold.Overall for the thickness and the natural beige color, this gloss could do wonders for shimmer and non shimmer lovers.It stays much more than a regular gloss.Pigmented lips could use more than one coat or a base.




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