Best Orange Lipsticks Available in India

We have been orange lipsticks addicts at some point or the other, I am sure we have a couple of oranges in our collection, we look for a suitable orange which will be face brightening as well as not OTT, so here is a list of orange lipsticks that will help you determine some shade of orange that is just right for you:)

coral lipstick collage

Faces Moisture Rich Lipstick French Rose:

Very dear to me and had been suggested by an orange lippy addict friend. These are very smooth and pigmented but a little on the sticky side, these last long.


Colorbar soft touch touch lipstick Citrine

It is a bright orange color little neonish with a tinge of red. It brightens up my face instantly. So if you are in hurry and don’t have time to apply much of makeup just eye pencil and this lipstick is enough to make you look gorgeous. The best part is that it will suit almost all Indian skin tones. I am not sure if one can carry off this color on simple Indian costumes like kurtis though nevertheless it all depends on person to person.


Lotus Herbals Floral Glam Lipstick O orange

It’s a true orange colour. You have to have a lip liner underneath this colour or it would bleed.


MAC Morange Lipstick

Morange is a bright bright bright neutral toned orange . It is an amplified creme lipstick. Morange is the color that is not for everyone but if you can pull it off, you can make heads turn. 😉 This would work on most skin tones ranging from light to dark. It is an extremely pigmented lipstick with amazing lasting power (around 5+ hours). It is creamy and does not settle in fine lines. It also does not feel drying on lips. I just feel that it fades pretty weirdly. It is best that you have a lip liner underneath this so that even when the lipstick is fading, the color on your lips doesn’t look patchy.


Inglot Lipstick 105


Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick – Obsessed Orange

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Obsessed Orange

Obsessed Orange is a true orange shade; not coral, just plain bright orange. In the tube, it is super bright but when applied on the lips, its actually quite flattering and I’m guessing almost every skin tone can pull this off which is a plus point since not everybody can pull off coral shades.

Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Wicked orange

ColorbarWicked orange and is a true orange but more red than the burnt orange shade.None of the mentioned lipstick have shimmer or frost, they are just creamy. this shade looks more red on me. The shade is a creamy orange and extremely pigmented and saucy, great for dry and thin lips. The shade is very party and bridal and the finish which is glossy makes it a great night wear IMO,the color would suit warm skin tones and it really brightens up skintone and complexion. Again, it has average staying power, transfers everywhere an stains my lips!


Colorbar Creme touch lipstick Tangerino

Tangerino shade, again looks awesome in the tube but it is very hard to carry, it really looks bright on me.I think it is very bridal and the fact that they are so saucy makes them so glossy and stand out, you really cant wear it in the day, it is super pigmented and stains the lips. It makes lips look plump and it stays on for quite some time, the creaminess makes them transfer to the teeth as well .


Colorbar Creme touch lipstick Burnt orange

Burnt orange, this one is the thickest out of them and the most pigmented, you really need to use it well or as a stain may be, it is a very deep orange shade and since it is thick, it looks even more glossy and the lips look plumper. Needless to say great for dry and thin lips but for me it stains big time! The staying power is pretty good for these since they are so pigmented bit the sauciness makes them transfer all over the place.


Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick – Rusty Orange


Streetwear California orange

this is a gorgeous true orange color and has some multi-colored shimmer, which aren’t very obvious and impart a shine to the lips when applied. I had fancied creamy orange color without shimmer, but this is how the lipstick looks when seen closely.



Lakme Absolute Lip Tint – Orange Tease

There is only 50% lipstick in that big tube. The lipstick bullet is only half an inch bigger than any average size lipstick. Basically, 50% of the space in the tube is empty. I feel cheated; I was expecting the bullet to be as tall as the tube. But, overall, my lips stayed hydrated and soft all day. This is a perfect orange, with a touch of red in it. You don’t having to worry about sharpening, because the pencil is retractable. The price was what stopped me from buying a few more.


Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick Orange Plus

Orange plus is a true orange lipstick. It is not yellow yellow toned so it does not make your complexion look sallow. When I want the shade to look more refreshing, I mix it with a tad bit of cool toned red lipstick and the shade looks just great.


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick – Abstract Orange

The shade resembles a lot with Loreal colour riche brazil nut & cinnamon toast but both Loreal shades are pearl free while this one is pearly shade. Coming to texture it is really creamy and hydrating as it claims. I tried it on my bare lips and I was surprised to notice its silky texture. Even my MIL says that she never felt any need of wearing lip gloss or lip balm after applying this lipstick. This lipstick keeps her lips hydrated and soft for pretty long hours. It has good staying power of 6-8 hours on her lips with heavy meals and water sips. Even the fine shimmers in the lipstick do not look odd or spread over whole face unlike other shimmery shades. She is pretty satisfied with this lipstick and she says she will keep on purchasing Revlon super lustrous lipsticks in future.


Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick: Orange Flambe

The lipstick looks a dark orange, almost red. It glides on easily, especially considering its a matte lipstick. It gives an almost opaque orange finish. I know the colour looks a little washed out in the swatches, but it looks like a perfect orange on my lips. It manages not to look out of place despite my dusky complexion and gives opaque colour to my pigmented lips.

orange flambe

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick – Orange Vif

The color is pure matte I have to give it to them, it is superbly pigmented, one swipe gives an intense orange shade which many might find over the top, the color is saturated and I would say this is more like an reddish orange shade very festive an bridal, and very deep, it instantly brightens the face up, have to say this, when you wear this you look two tones lighter!


MAC So chaud

Mac describes it as a reddish orange. It’s more red than mac ‘morange’. Morange is purely orange, while it’s fun.. it may look like you just stained your lips with a barf ka gola (ice candy) , it’s fun and casual. But I love how the extra reddishness in “so chaud” makes it more sophisticated , slightly more formal and regal. It somewhat looks like mac lady danger , but on subtler side. Lady danger is more prominently on the shocking side. While this too has the shocking edge, it is relatively subtle. So this ones a win win for me.


Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick – Saffron Gossip

On application it appears to be a little too bright. But it settles into a beautiful matte shade within 10 mins. It tends to be a little drying after a couple of hours but I am not complaining because only dry / matte lipsticks stay longer. The lipstick contains a little shimmer which stays behind even after the lipstick has been wiped off. The lipstick settles in to the lip lines and makes the lips look dry. A coat of a lip balm or a clear gloss solves this problem. But the other shades that I’ve tried from the Lakme 9-5 range are not so drying.


Mac sheen surpeme Korean candy

I recommend this to fair skin and to medium skin tone as well, it really brightens the face and you need to keep eye makeup less. It is super glossy so take care you use your lips. Dry and pigmented lips will love it too.


Diana of London’s Flamingo (left)

flamingo is a glossy semi-matte lipstick.• Flamingo is a bright orange shade (hanuman ji ka tikka type).


Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro – #401 Tibetan Orange

When using this colour, you better ensure that it takes centre stage – meaning, everything else needs to be subtle. I could use NARS TajMahal with this but prefer to use a bronzer so that there is nothing competing with this colour. It won’t like or accept competition!Alternatively, black liner and this – you are done!


Maybelline bold mat3

It is a summer colour so can be incorporated with any bright shades or neon shades, clearly gives a oompf factor if you pair it with the same colour coral dresses. Apart from that you can use it with dresses of beige, off-white and white colours. A monochrome look goes well too and finally palazzo pants with coral lips. Again the colour is bright so neutral eyes do well.


Lakme Lip Love Lipstick – Tangerine Flame

The lipstick is a pure orange, it is a creamy and very glossy, it seems like it bursts with moisture when you swipe it on, the color saturation is amazing. One swipe will give you full color.


Lakme 9 to 5 vermillion fired

it is a popping bright orange in a matte base but it has these tiny golden shimmer particles to it, hence I would not call it all matte, the gold makes the lipstick look yellow.the texture is smooth and applies well but feels a little gritty, it will accumulate into chapped lips/lines so you need to ge rid of flaky lips first. The finish matte but somehow it looks uneven, dry lips, pigmented lips, medium to dusky skin tones, please skip it.


Lakme lip love mandarin crush

The color is a shimmer orange, you can find it out only when you swipe it on and on, and the shade is a pale silver orange the worst part is that the shimmer feels gritty, its like some silver powder is added to it, omg, I hate to swipe it on, since i am a creme lippy lover,this is a torture for me with the grit.


Kryolan Professional Lipstick – Classic L007

This is one wearable orange which would suit almost all skin tones without looking too loud. The color is a bit towards rusty orange (just a tinge of rust) with a beautiful sheen.


Bobbi brown creamy matte lip color Valencia orange (extreme right swatch)



Loreal Burning sunset:

Burning Sunset is a shimmer color, absolutely orange and full of silver and gold shimmer. I would say the shimmer is definitely noticeable, which would make “non-shimmer lovers” cringe. The shade is such a glamorous orange with sparkling silver shimmer in it. I can also picture a matte orange of this kind and drool, but this in itself is very pretty.

burning sunset

Inglot refill lipstick 19

The pigmentation is awesome, the shade needs a little to brighten up your face, the shade leaves a stain behind,but not much considering it is so deep.the texture is smooth creamy thick and buttery and lasts easily for 4 hours on me like some kind of color at least and the finish is creamy shiny, not matte.It might bleed a little if you put on a lot.


SO there you go! When ever you think you need to add an orange to your collection, take your pick among all finishes, prices and brands available above 🙂
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