O3+ Brighten Up Tonic Review

By Anwesha Biswas

Hello everyone!

Today, I am going to review another O3+ product for you. I was not aware of the importance of a competent toner or tonic before using this O3+ Brighten Up Tonic. We all know the great significance of a proper CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturizing) routine. But, most of us choose to ignore it. Many of us still use only Rosewater to do the toning part. Rosewater is good, but in today’s polluted atmosphere where our skin gets suffocated with smoke, dust, extra sebum, we definitely need something better!

O3+ Brighten Up Tonic Review

I know people who think using a strong face wash or soap will help in getting rid of all the dirt and grime from their faces. Of course, they are right, but what they don’t know is that the facial skin gets devastated if such harsh cleansers are repeatedly used. Therefore, a good toner is A MUST in every girl’s kitty!

Product Description:
This high potent tonic minimizes discoloration and increases skin clarity. Excellent product to be used a substitute of a cream.

Our skin is often exposed to environmental pollution and harmful rays of the sun which take away the natural radiance and moisture from it, rendering it dull and darkened. O3+ brighten up toner is an excellent product that combats these problems and gives you a smooth, even toned and glowing complexion.

Concerns: Deep cleansing, de-pigmentation and tan removal.
Skin type: Dull, extra oily.
Benefits: well cleansed skin which is free from dullness and tan.

How to Use:
Take a wet cotton pad, put few drops of tonic on it, dab on the face and leave on.

Shelf life:
3 years from the date of manufacture.


O3+ Brighten Up Tonic Review

INR 740. But, I got it at a discounted price of 650.

My Experience with O3+ Brighten Up Tonic:

First of all, I love its packaging! Nothing fancy, but simple and sophisticated. The bottle is quite sturdy and it has an additional plastic stopper to stop any kind of leakage. I would have lost my mind even if there was a little spillage.

O3+ Brighten Up Tonic Review

The toner has a mild fragrance that I think most people will like. It does not contain alcohol or parabens and is a very good point for a dry skinned girls like me! Please do adhere to the instructions of using it. For a few days I ignored the wet cotton part and was left with absolutely sticky, greasy skin. I was so frustrated with it that I wanted to throw it out. Then, my elder sister told me to use it with a wet cotton ball and the results were completely different. Also, using a wet cotton ball reduces the quantity required. Only 2 or 3 drops are sufficient. I think this one bottle will last both of us 6 months easily.

The toner has deep cleansing properties. Even after washing my face using AHAGLOW Skin Rejuvenating Face Wash Gel, it pulled out black pollution particles. I was astonished to see how much dirt a good face wash like AHAGLOW had failed to clean. The toner does not dry out my already dry and my sister’s normal skin. Instead, it provides a beautiful conditioning effect. It preps my skin to absorb the maximum benefit of O3+ Dermal Zone Meladerm Lightening Cream. I can’t afford to skip the mositurization part, but my sister does it sometimes. It gives a sufficient dose of moisturization to normal skin because it has potent humectants like glycolic acid and glycerine. I do not know how it will work for oily skinned girls.

O3+ Brighten Up Tonic Review

It is one of the best tan reducers I have ever seen! Due to the presence of lactic acid, glycolic acid, Vitamin c and cucumber extracts, it along with O3+ Dermal Zone Meladerm Lightening Cream, removes tan pretty fast with regular use. Aforementioned combo has also lightened my sister’s acne marks up to two shades. No such effects were seen on my skin, though. Yes, this toner contains quite a few acidic substances, but it has never caused any irritation to my sensitive skin.

Pros of O3+ Brighten Up Tonic:

• Provides deep cleansing without drying out the skin.
• Gives skin a radiant complexion by fading suntan and acne marks.
• Mild and moisturizing.
• Nice fragrance.
• Preps skin to get the best result out of creams.
• Economical.
• Elegant and travel friendly packaging.
• Contains AHAs and Vitamin C.
• Free of alcohol and parabens.

Cons of O3+ Brighten Up Tonic:

• Availability is a major issue for me.
• It is not really a con, but I would have liked it more if could remove acne marks from my face.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend O3+ Brighten Up Tonic?
A big yes! It is a very good toner. Maybe a little pricey, but it is worth every penny. Your complexion will really brighten up!


7 thoughts on “O3+ Brighten Up Tonic Review

  1. looks like a great product anwesha i am def gonna get this just one doubt i have 🙂 is it a routine AHA facewash+O3Toner+O3 Dermal zone moistruiser??????if so then will buy the combo 🙂 thnx

  2. Hi,
    How can i use both O3+ Dermal Zone Meladerm Lightening Cream and O3+ Brighten Up Tonic together. Will this be safe on my sensitive dark and tanned skin… Kindly suggest me to get these products with discount,,,

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